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U.S. manufacturer wins bid to supply 200,000 tons of sugar to Ethiopia 

Osirius Group is purchasing the sugar it will supply to Ethiopia from Brazilian Market 

Image source : Capital Ethiopia


Ethiopia has awarded Osirius Group to supply 200,000 metric tonnes of sugar, according to a report by Capital News earlier this week. It is the Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group that made the decision. 

The company is based in Birmingham, United States. 

The source reported, “…the latest restricted bid that was opened on November 8 sees Osirius Group winning the bid over Agrocorp International and ED and F MAN who also produced a technical and financial document for the bid.” 

It is said that Osirius is to supply the requested sugar at the cost of $545 per ton.  Installed payment arrangement over a period of one and a half years is agreed.  

And the group was to complete the delivery by January next year after eight rounds of shipment. 

Based on searches from google,  Osirius Group is rather prominent for manufacturing. It claims to provide “Agile solutions for complex engineering challenges.”  ( 

Apparently, commodity goods trading is a side business. ( 

From the capital report, Osirius Group offered the cheapest price from competitive bidders. 

The company is purchasing the Sugar from Brazil and the eight rounds shipment via Djibouti will be directly from Brazil. 

It is unclear if Ethiopian government authorities were unable to outsource the supply directly from Brazil.  


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  1. How come the government itself does not buy the sugar directly from Brazil? Is it sanctioned from buying agri products such as sugar by itself? I don’t get it. And the product happens to be sugar; a health hazard. What happened to all those hyped up stories of sugar plantation this and sugar processing plants that? Shane and Fano have torched them to the ground? That is what you are about to tell me?

  2. On another development, the daily COVID-19 new cases both here in USA and the old country are surging again. These numbers for the last 3 days almost quadrupled in the old country, 71, 69 and 95 in that order. It used to be in 20’s and 30’s. It may be needed to be headlined. The calming side of this new surge is it has not raised the number of patients that need intensive care. This pathogen is not going anywhere soon. It is playing trampoline on us.

  3. This is very bad news, how did the U.S. get involved in our sugar industry? We have plenty of sugar, supposedly. Maybe it was all a lie. I really don’t trust Western countries! They might do something to the sugar. They want us to have diabetes so they can sell us insulin for thousands of dollars. Something about this doesn’t feel right.

  4. It’s a shame to import sugar instead of producing in Ethiopia.
    Especially considering the shortage of foreign currency of the country.
    What went wrong?

  5. COVID is bouncing back now over there. There are 84 new cases today. That was 4.6% of the total tests for the day. That was 1.1% just three weeks ago. It is a concern but not alarming because the recovery number has also been increasing. But it needs to be given covering. The numbers here in the USA have also spiked. Wear your masks when in crowded indoors. And you young folks, you think you are tough. But think about others in your families and what will happen to them when you bring the pathogen home. It can still be lethal to others.

  6. Enough with me talking about king of cavity sugar and will go on talking about World Cup 2022. How about our darling Morocco? It beat Portugal and their ‘supermodel’ Christiano. Two of mg favorite teams are now one win away to the final; Croatia and Morocco. I hope they will meet at the final. If that happens I will still remain rooting for Morocco of course. For now I will be watching the thriller England vs. France clash. Viva Morocco!!!


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