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American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee Statement on Recent Reports of Ethnic-Based Violence in Ethiopia

Ethiopia _ Committee Statement


American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee Statement on Recent Reports of Ethnic-Based Violence in Ethiopia

In response to the recent reports of ongoing ethnic-based violence against ethnic Amharas in Wollega, Oromia region of Ethiopia, and the failure of the Government of Ethiopia to tackle attacks, the American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee has released the following statement:

“In recent years, we have unfortunately seen the Government of Ethiopia turn a blind eye to the harrowing events in Wollega, Western Ethiopia despite consistent reports of attacks on and killings of ethnic Amhara citizens of the country. The OLF-Shene terror group has intensified these attacks since the start of the conflict in Ethiopia in 2021, resulting in tens of thousands displaced, with billions in property damage.

“While the Government’s attention has been seemingly focused solely on the TPLF, OLF-Shene has been able to act with near impunity, to the cost of many lives. To our dismay actions taken by the Ethiopian Government against OLF-Shene have failed to tackle the terror group.

“AEPAC unequivocally condemns these attacks. Barbaric ethnic-based violence has no place in a civilized world and must stop immediately. The OLF-Shene perpetrators must be brought to justice. AEPAC also deplores the killing of all other innocent Ethiopian civilians including citizens of Oromos who have rejected the extremist views of OLF-Shene.

“The international community has a role to play in ensuring this happens, but the primary responsibility rests with the Government of Ethiopia which has sadly been found wanting in this regard.

“AEPAC again calls on the international community and the US Government to label OLF-Shene as an international terrorist organization.

“American Ethiopians have been resolute in our advocacy in support of Ethiopia and the need for the USA and the wider international community to support its democratically elected government in the face of insurgencies. However, our support is first and foremost for the country and its people. In the face of such colossal failure, we plan to use our voice to call for action where it is needed. 

“We strongly urge the Government of Ethiopia to step up its effort to self-correct and take actions to save the lives of civilians – of children, mothers, and fathers across Wollega and other areas where OLF-Shene operates to protect those whose lives are at-risk. We further urge Ethiopia’s leaders to take every action to bring the perpetrators of atrocities to justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.

“The world is watching, and the global community of Ethiopians rightly expects that their fellow countrymen and women will be kept safe. Failure to do so is likely to lead many to question the commitment of Ethiopia’s Government to the peace and security of all its citizens.”



The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee is dedicated to promoting a positive, synergetic relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC’s core mission is to strengthen and enhance the century-old relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC strives to build a strong partnership based on the common interests and mutual benefits of the two countries.

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  1. Ethiopia has no government that a govern as a real and responsible government. Abiy Ahmed government is a blood thirsty, an imposter and a cover for Oromo Liberation Army terrorist aka Shene blood and money thirsty terrorist.

    When Oromia Zone is slaughtering Amharas and is washed in Amhara blood Abiy Ahmed now is abducting and running around to mass arrest concerned Amhara journalists and human right defenders in bid to kill the massacre and misery news.

  2. Let us be frank
    Let us be very frank
    How come there is special concern for ‘specific’ society in the Country — at this ‘specific’ point in time?
    Let ETHIOPIA be HONEST To JUSTICE for ALL, and ALL, ETHIOPIANS, REGARDLESS of petty racial issues.
    Humble Note to
    If you find the above unacceptable, I am very sorry. Needless to say it is your prerogative to cancel it. And I still continue reading and enjoying with pleasure.

    • Thank you for your professional and fair journalism.

      The specific society that is specifically targeted for massacre and ethnic cleansing for 4 years are Amharas,
      Entertaining and presenting news from all side is a professional journalist approach and practice. That is where the voiceless Amharas death and massacre can be heard because Abiy government shuts the internet and all kinds of communication before and during Amhara Genocide operation in Wellega Oromia Zone Ethiopia.

      Even cell phones are searched and confiscated to kill Genocide news from coming out.

      Amhars are daily massacred in hundreds and thousands by one ethnic Oromo terrorist groups sponsered by Ethiopian Goverment Abiy Ahmed.

  3. Time is of the essence for many ethnic Amharas suffering and faced with Genocide in Wellega and Oromo Zone Ethiopia.
    Being the voice is the least one can do to save at least one previous life currently faced with well armed, weaponized, well encouraged, and supported by Ethiopian Abiy Government barbaric Oromo murderers.

    Oromia Zone Force and Police are murdering innocent Amharas by working with the Terrorist Oromo Liberation Army/Shene who still claims to fight for freedom when the government itself is controlled by the same Oromo extremist groups.

    It is not secret any more and Ethiopia is without a Government. Abiy and PP in Ethiopia are the Murderous Oromo Group with Guns and Plan to Kill ALL Amhara first then the smaller ethnic population next.

  4. ለመሆኑ – ኢትዮጵያ አሁን ባላት የጦር ኃይል – በስንት ግንባር መዋጋት ትችላለች? አሜሪካ እና ምዕራባውያንስ – ወያኔ አማራን ማይካድራ ላይ ስያርድ እያዩ “የትግራይ ጄኖሳይድ” አሉ አይደል?

    የኦነግ ሸኔ ተልዕኮ:- ሽብር መንዛት፣ የንፁሐንን ደም ማፍሠስ፣ ፍርሐት ማንገስ፣ ሥራ ማስተጓጎል፣ ንብረት/መሠረተ-ልማት/ሰብል ማውደም…- እና – ኢትዮጵያን አንኮቷክቶ ለጠላት ማስረከብ ነው!

    የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች – ቤንዚን እና ክብሪት – አንሁን:- የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ዋና ዓላማ – ኢትዮጵያን በዘር እና በሐይማኖት ከፋፍሎ – ግጭቶችን አቀነባብሮ – ደም አፋሶ – ደም ማቃባት – ነው!

    የዚህ – “ደም አፋሶ – ደም ማቃባት” – ዘመቻ ዓላማ – ኢትዮጵያን አናግቶ እና ኢትዮጵያን አምሶ – ኢትዮጵያን የማትወጣበት አዘቅት ዉስጥ ዘፍቆ – ኢትዮጵያን እርቃኗን የጠላት ራት ማድረግ ነው!

    ከእኛ የእርስ-በርስ ፍጅት – ተጠቃሚው ጠላት ብቻ ነው! እኛ ስንፋጅ – ግብፅ እና ምዕራባውያን – ወይ – ኢትዮጵያን ሊቀራመቷት ነው – አልያም – ባቋራጭ የሚፈልጉትን ገዢዎች ሊጭኑብን ነው! አስቡበት!


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