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Ethiopian Airlines unveils new strategic growth plan 

Ethiopian Airlines plans to double the number of destinations and fleet size in about 13 years. 

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Ethiopian Airlines passengers plane (Photo : SM/file)


Ethiopian Airlines this week announced its new strategic growth plan.  In an interview with the state media, Mesfin Tassew, the CEO, said that Ethiopian Airlines plans to generate $25 billion by 2035. 

The strategic plan is hinged on two factors.  Growing the number of passengers it is serving across its destinations and increasing the volume of cargo service. 

It aims to transport over 65 million passengers ( doubling the current figure) and transport over 3 billion tonnes of goods in cargo services. 

Based on the remarks from the CEO, the focus of the strategic plan is maintaining the growth pattern in the industry and enhancing it. 

Currently, Ethiopian Airlines has about 131 destinations around the world. 22 of them are local destinations.  Domestic service has demonstrated remarkable growth.  This week, the airline announced that it has finalized plans to resume flights to different destinations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

By 2035, Ethiopian Airlines aims to have over 207 destinations across the world. In terms of fleet size, the airline currently has 140 planes. 

It aims to increase it to 271 planes by 2035. 

Ethiopia has the plan to build a $5 billion worth largest airport outside of the capital Addis Ababa.  It will be located near Debre Zeit ( Bishoftu) – only about 44 kilometers South East of Addis Ababa. 

The current airport has seen an extensive expansion in response to growth in the number of passengers transiting through Addis Ababa.  About $363 was injected into the project. The terminal is now capable of handling up to 22 million passengers. 

Ethiopian Airlines contributes the lion’s share of Ethiopia’s revenue from the service sector. At a time when the airline industry was hit with the Coronavirus pandemic, Ethiopia managed to avoid layoffs. 

The management came up with a plan to convert passenger planes to cargo to enhance cargo service. The target was to tap into the rise in cargo service delivery demand due to the delivery of coronavirus supply kits. It even became profitable. 


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  1. This is a company conceived and started by geniuses 8 decades ago and has been run by the best of the best that country could produce. Mengistu tried to interfere in managing it but gave up because he was too dumb to understand the complexities of macro or micro economics. Hats off to all CEO’s, middle and lower management and above all every employee past and present who worked very hard to make this airline the choice of millions of travelers from every continent. Go get’em tigers!!!!!

  2. Q: Why did building/upgrading domestic airports stop and the Bombardier Q-400 plane order soar right after the Ethiopian Airports Authority came under the Ethiopian Airlines?

    Q: Why build a $5 billion dollar airport 44 km away from Addis? How will passengers come & go? Doesn’t it put the Air Force [AF] at risk? Why would the AF allow that?

    The Ethiopian Airlines [Ethiopian] is also Ethiopia’s Achilles heel. Its planes, simulators and engines are all purchased from the anti-Ethiopia White Supremacist West [WSW].

    When the WSW sided with TPLF and imposed sanctions/embargo on Ethiopia, Lobbyists were also soliciting for embargo on Ethiopian. What a coup de grâce it would have been!

    So, Ethiopian should diversify partners. Fleet Wise: ≥ 100-seater; ≤ 25 planes per type; twinjet/fuel-efficient/longer Checks/short runway; multi-plane engines/simulators; …

    በነገራችን ላይ – አንዳንድ የሙያ ዘርፎች – አሁንም የFamily Business ይመስላሉ – አስቡበት!

  3. Ethiopian Airlines is simply one of the few greatest Airlines in the world. Do I sound emotional ?
    Yes I do, with experience and knowledge. It is a magnificent Airline.

    One thing should be mentioned, in all fairness. Ethiopian Airlines was built — with the assistance of Americans in the profession of airline field of business — from the ground up to the admirable success, making Ethiopian Airlines the reflection of INDIGENOUS HARD WORKING AIRLINES — the PRIDE of Ethiopia — that nobody can deny. At the risk of sounding emotional, it must be said Ethiopian Airlines is the most successful Airline of the highest level around the Globe

    Indeed, it is the humble pride of ETHIOPIA, being one among the top highest successful Airlines around the Globe. It deserved to be — and IT IS — THE PRIDE of ETHIOPIA. Indeed — emotional as it sounds — the pride of Black Africa.
    (!) Please note, I have never been part of Ethiopian Airlines as am employee, nor am I for any motive, what so ever.

  4. How will passengers come & go? Doesn’t it put the Air Force [AF] at risk? Why would the AF allow that?

    It’s not too close to Air force .


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