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No Peace While People Live within Sacrilegious Ethnic Boundaries Since the Will of God and Satan’s Project Would never Co-exist!

Ethnic Boundary _ Ethiopia _ Mussolini

By Belayneh Abate

As history has shown, the most common causes of conflict and war are the pursuits of territories and resources. [1] Territories and resources are demarcated with physical, religious, or ethnic borders, and the higher the number of borders, the higher the number of conflicts and wars. Religious and ethnic boundaries are the most dangerous boundaries on earth since they are the most common reasons for ethnic cleansings and genocides. 

The colonialist empires have been using complex ethnic and religious boundaries to weaken the colonized through ethnic or religious conflicts previously during the epoch of colonialism and now in the era of neo-colonialism. The five- thousand years old Ethiopia has been defending herself from these mischiefs of colonialists until 1991 when the children of former traitors (Bandas) took power supported by the West and the rivalry powers in the region. 

Unfortunately, the children of the traitors accomplished what their traitor forefathers and their colonialist masters were unable to achieve. The traitors looked at the colonialists’ map drawn to divide and conquer Ethiopia and built blood-shedding ethnic boundaries throughout the country. Perhaps, these traitors are the only morons in the universe and history who divided the people with ethnic boundaries following the mischievous maps of their unsuccessful colonialist masters, and scarified tens of thousands of their followers to make their own country land locked.  

Since these ethnic boundaries were installed between the very people that lived in harmony for thousands of years, Ethiopians have been deprived of living in peace let alone exercising their God given rights. As the well-compiled graphic documentaries show, Amaras and Guragaes were thrown into cliffs alive in Bedeno right after the cursed hands drew the lines of ethnic boundaries. [2] 

Similarly, the Agnwaks were slaughtered to rob their fertile lands in Gambella, and their dead bodies were left for scavengers on grass lands for weeks. [3] The Oromos were imprisoned in masses to the point the flea and lice infested prisons “spoke” their languages, and some were incapacitated or amputated their limbs.[4] The Somalis were massacred in the deserts, and family members were forced to drag the dead bodies of their loved ones on sandy grounds. [5]

The primary targets of the ethnic boundary swards, the Amaras, have been subjected to an ongoing genocide in their communities, churches, and mosques throughout the country. Their birth rates were intentionally significantly reduced through special birth control programs for more than two decades. The list of the barbaric atrocities committed on Amaras is too long to address even in five volume books.[6-22]The ethnic cleansing and genocide of Amara will continue unless they establish strong and complex organizations and fiercely defend themselves until the elimination of these devilish ethnic boundaries. 

The traitors copied and implemented their master colonialists’ strategy of divide and rule through ethnic lines to stay in power and amass wealth and ship it to the West. Their evil plan failed to last forever, and they were removed from power under public pressure. Unfortunately, their former serfs and the satanic ethnic boundaries remained in place, and they continued causing endless wars and intensifying ethnic cleansings and genocides of ethnic groups, especially Amaras throughout the country. 

Hand in hand with separating the people with ethnic boundaries, the traitors have been eradicating the prestigious cultural assets such as the national conscience, forgiveness, repentance, confession, witness, friendship, neighborhood, nationalism, unity and so on.  As a result,  the nation which was known for its spiritual wealth and Just Men since the era of Herodotus started to borrow mediators even from countries who recently came out of slavery and started to exercise relative freedom for no more than sixty years. 

The borrowed mediators and their neo-colonialist masters continued meddling in the internal affairs and strengthening the traitors that drew the satanic ethnic boundaries. As history demonstrates, the colonialist and neo-colonialist empires love fractured and weak countries since they are easy to manipulate and use like hand tools.   

The borrowed mediators and their neo-colonialist masters fully understand that the causes of the wars and conflicts in Ethiopia are the dangerous ethnic boundary lines drawn by the traitors who were sitting on the either side of the “mediation” tables.  Instead of pressuring these traitors to erase the blood-soaked ethnic boundary lines, the mediators brought them together and handed them more markers to repaint the lines. Ethnic boundary lines are not the wills of God or the works of sane minds. Ethnic boundaries are the evil deeds of Satan and his wicked followers. Peace and Unification (Tewahido) are biblical chapters, but Ethnic boundaries are Satanic verses. As long as these satanic verses and the sacrilegious lines that butchered the country into TEN ethnic dysfunctional states exist, even the arch angles could not deliver lasting peace let alone these mischievous mediators since the will of God and Satan’s project  can never co-exist. Thank you.


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November  25,  2022.  



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    Okay continue.
    Here is my proof. You can see it right here on the map above.
    Where? I don’t see where it shows ‘Republic of Oromia’.
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