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What Getachew Reda had to say in an interview with BBC Hard talk


Getachew Reda gave an interview to BBC for the second time after the signing of the peace agreement but this time to the Hard Talk host – Stephen Sucker.

Listen to what he had to say

Video : embedded from BBC Hard Talk Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. These are hard hitting questions by the host to Getachew. I take all his answers as just politicians’ talk. Members of the peace delegation sanctioned by the AU are in Mekele and I am sure some of the first questions they will ask the leaders of the TPLF to be about the latest status of the disarmament. The peace agreement signed in Pretoria on November 02, 2022 stipulates very clearly that TPLF to complete disarming its soldiers within 30 days from then. It is November 25, 2022 today with only 7 days left. We have been told over the years that the TPLF fighting force is one of the most disciplined army the world has ever known. Therefore every soldier is expected to follow the orders of his/her leaders and disarm. One side of the mouth brags about the ‘most disciplined’ and the other side telling us ‘our soldiers are not willing to disarm’ is nothing but an excuse, all politician’s talk. I was surprised though by how the host told Getachew that TPLF was the one that started the war. Getachew’s response to that was nothing short of comical. I mean the one of the funniest setup for a punchline I’ve heard lately. What was all that ‘imposed on us’ jabberwocky? That has been a typical answer of all so-called ‘liberation fronts’ of our old country going all the way back to the 1960’s. When asked why they did not choose the peaceful way for their struggle every one of them used to say ‘we are not left with any other choice but to raise arms in order to protect our people’. That has been the main reason for me that I have never been a fan of the so-called ‘liberation fronts’ since their inception in our country 6 decades ago. Hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of deaths later the success has been all on paper only. For Eritrean, Amhara and Afar forces the cardinal advice now is patience and restraints.

  2. The peace agreement’s was signed to please the participants of the peace talk! Unless the Ethiopian troops take over as agreed the entire Tigray region with no conditions taking TPLF”s word should be consider a locker game. The goal must be to save the people of Tigray from their own so called representatives TPLF , bring food medicine, drinking water & clothing to do that Ethiopian troops must disarm TPLF ASAP.

    Second TPLF has started talking about Eritrea it’s not TPLFS responsibility to tell Eritrean government it’s the Ethiopian government responsibility meaning GETACHEW or any TPLF leader asked on the South Africa/ Nairobi agreements should accept the federal government of Ethiopias responsibility running Tigray region& it’s territories period.


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