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How Ethiopian PM erred on the issue of Wolkait


As is the case often times, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made numerous statements that angered the public during his latest appearance at the parliament earlier this week – the least of which is not Wolkait.

He said “I hear a lot and I read a lot about Welkait.” He described some of them as conspiracies. Then he went on to absolve his government that it is not part of it.

One of the questions he was asked about Wolkait was that it was militarily annexed by the TPLF before even the controversial constitution was written.

And his answer was “My will is not to repeat that same mistake. It will not bring lasting peace.”

Worse, he made unnecessary and wrong remarks. He claimed “Wolkait, whether we like it or not, is people that speak broken Amharic and broken Tigrigna. It is a bridge for the two people [for Amhara and Tigray]”

Ethiopians from the Wolkait region, including the leaders of Lisane Gifuan, are shocked by his remark. In an interview with EMS service, one of the leaders from the aforementioned organization could not believe that the prime minister said what he did (Watch the second video below.)

Of course many Ethiopians tend to view that the only way to deal with disputes about ethnic land is to end ethnic federalism itself and ending ethnic ownership of regions. But the prime minister clearly did not say it from that perspective clearly.

It appears the tendency is to resort to the constitution (which is essentially the work of TPLF) as a means to resolve it (of course there are rumors that Wolkait is one of the issues over which the U.S. government is putting pressure on Abiy Ahmed administration)when it is clear that the constitution is the huge part of the political problem in the country.

What people in Wolkait are saying is that it is unfair to hold referendums on their land when it is crystal clear that the TPLF annexed it by force and later settled hundreds of thousands of ethnic Tigray in the area.

(video embedded from EBC channel)

Video 2

Video : embedded from EMS Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. The duplicitous, mendacious and unprincipled, so called PM, often dubbed as Pastor Ayalkebet by many, has been in a quagmire since his sudden ascension to power 4 years ago. With sleight of hand, foolish and rubbish though it was, he duped the Ethiopian public by transferring power “peacefully” from TPLF dominated EPRDF 1 to OLF dominated EPRDF2. The “peaceful” transition soon showed it’s true color, just like the “Bloodless Revolution” of 1974 with butcher Mengistu at helm turned bloodiest before everyone’ eyes.

    The legacy of Pastor Ayalkebet is hundreds of thousands deaths and murders of innocent Ethiopians and the displacement of tens of millions defenseless elderly, men, women and children. This cursed individual, drunken with ephemeral power and status has revealed his true self: callous, ignoramus, and with a great flawed moral character, with no moral compass, corrupt to the core, unethical, ethnofanatic and always power hungry and power conscious.

    His pipe dream of prosperity and political demagoguery have blinded the suffering and pain of the average Ethiopian before his eyes. At 40% inflation, a currency devaluation of close to -200%, Abiy refuses to see the writing on the wall: failure of his Oromumma grandeur of delusion, illusion and psycho mania. He is presiding over a failed state. Each day, his PP sycophants and thugs, who think of themselves as men and women of steel and power are losing control by the hour. His Shimeles Abdissa’s, the incompetent cadre mayor of Addis Adanech and all other riff ruffs are reaping what they sowed.

    Bottom line, the reforms and changes envisioned for Ethiopia and the rule of law for which millions sacrificed and fought for for decades will not be realized on the watch of Abiy Ahmed. This is an individual incapable of abandoning his puny and sickly Oromumma fascination and idolization and growing into a statesman for Ethiopia. He neither has the insight, education or experience to grow into a statesman. He is a byproduct of the TPLF saga, after all, is he not a protege of TPLF, molded in their image and grown up under their tutelage and cajoling and coaxing???????

  2. Subject: “ How Ethiopian PM erred on the issue of Wolkait”. Borkena, November 18, 2022“

    Humble suggestion, 25 Nov 2022
    a). Let Ethiopia be what it has always been for time immemorial

    b) The disintegration of Ethiopia and Ethiopians will only create animosity, hatred and liquidation of human beings.

    c). One can’t help musing as to HOW ETHIOPIA fell to such a level

    d). The answer is not difficult to decipher & individuals of immense personal ambition are squarely responsible for the
    upheaval, leading to the loss of LIVES of countless innocent citizens.

    e). It is the greatest crime perpetrated by ambitious leaders and followers.

    f). Trying to blame the Prime Minster of Ethiopia is a rush judgment. One can’t help noticing that certain
    quarters who became the unfortunate target by other quarters are squarely blaming the Prime Minster

    g) The TRUTH can only be determined by rational analysis and determination for the overall benefit of
    ETHIOPIANS & NOT emotionally fragmented actions.

    h). Fragmented emotional actions can only lead to the DISINTEGRATION of ETHIOPIA into pieces —
    and NO Ethiopian can benefit out of that upheaval. NEVER.

    — THE END —
    One can be sure, the fragmentation of Ethiopia will be accepted with hidden delight, by certain quarters in terms of Black Africans being their victims. History remembers when the Continent of Black Africa was divided among colonial forces.


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