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Ethiopia’s cost for reconstruction of war-torn areas $20 billion 

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Damaged hospital in the Tigray region of Ethiopia (Photo source : VOA)


The two years war that ended last week with a peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is said to have claimed well over half a million lives. The victims include vulnerable groups including children, elders and women. 

However, the two sides have not yet released a figure. They did not confirm or deny the reports from different local and international sources. 

Damage to properties, livelihoods and infrastructure is colossal too. 

Redwan Hussien, Security advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian government representative at the peace talk, this week said Ethiopia needs $20 billion to reconstruct schools, health institutions and infrastructures in the Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions of the country. 

According to sources, it is the Ministry of Finance that released the cost estimation. 

The livelihoods destroyed in the three regions mentioned above are not included in the cost estimation. 

DW Amharic cited Christian Meyer ( he describes himself as an Economist in the Oxford Centre for the Study of African Economies) as saying that Ethiopian policymakers will face tough challenges in that regard. 

For him, key issues will be restoring macroeconomic stability, addressing the looming debt crisis, and investing in reconstruction and recovery. He tends to think that it is a near-impossible task to undertake all those at the same time. 

Meles Alem, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday said during a biweekly briefing that countries and international institutions are pledging support for the reconstruction effort. The countries and/or organizations are unspecified. 

Millions of People have been displaced as a result of the war, and the majority of them were not getting adequate humanitarian aid. 

Despite domestic economic mobilization to cater to logistics,  Ethiopia’s economy was severely impacted by the two years of bloody war. 

The war started in November 2020 when the TPLF forces attacked a string of posts of the Northern Command post which was mostly in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The African Union-led peace talk emerged successful when the two sides agreed on November 2  to end the cessation of hostilities. Ethiopian allied forces were about to control over 85 percent of the Tigray region when the TPLF agreed to an unconditional peace talk. 

Currently, the two sides are discussing the implementation stages including disarmament, restoration of services in the Tigray region and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region.   

The peace agreement has got the support of people in the Tigray region and the rest of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Dear Editors,

    I applaud you for inking and posting this timely article. It shows what has to be told at this time. Please join me is Praising The Almighty Our Creator for bringing the leaders of the warring factions back to their senses. That has been in my daily prayers that somehow they regain their Allah given conscience and it means my prayers were answered. Guns are silent now in that part of the country. The hopes of those upright and innocent people in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions are alive and kicking and their lingering fears shall finally be buried. The rebuilding is enormous but with hard work in peace and stability along with our assistance both materially and morally those destroyed schools, clinics, hospitals, bridges, roads, electric and communication lines and above all homes of the innocent citizens shall be rebuilt shinning in glory. Let’s help this noble cause by preaching forgiveness because our glorious people are legendary in their magnanimity. No party won or lost in this peace agreement but it is the innocent millions of citizens of Tigray, Afar and Amhara who won. It is the entire 120 million black folks who finally came out triumphant. All these senseless zerraafs, laloyes and gerersaas should be silenced indefinitely. Those people need to have our support. Those who are willing and ready to help should receive our constant encouragement. Meanwhile I call upon the two top leaders of the warring factions, Brothers Abiy and Debretsion to watch their language and steps. Everything they say and do should only be that will contribute to the regaining of trust between brothers and sisters. That is all possible now with this historic peace deal. Insha’Allah!!!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. The rebuilding will be done brick by brick. One asset the old country has is a huge young working force. It will not be a day’s work. It will take years and the victimized have learned how to be patient from the ordeal they had to go through just like the Germans, Italians, the Benelux, Brits, French and Japanese after WWII. Germany did not start seeing the full light of the day from the rebuilding until the early 1960’s and they even had to import labor from outside the country by millions(Turks) because most of its youth was slaughtered in the war. Our old country does not have the labor shortage. Good Ole USA is a country of very generous philanthropists and it will be there to lend its hands. EU countries will do the same. Above all Ethiopia’s own citizens will pitch in the last penny they have into the effort of reconstruction just like how they amazed the world and those super power wannabes in Al-Qahirah for the GERD dam. Let’s not paint it as something unbearably gloomy. It is now the time more than ever to do our part to throw in the last penny in our pocket into the coffers of that gem of the colored we still hold dear to our hearts. Let’s go!!!!

    Let’s only hope and pray that the historic peace agreement will hold and the guns will go silent indefinitely for the people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions. The guns are unusually silent now and let’s all wish that will continue to be so. Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. Every Ethiopian and the Donors must follow up and check where every cent or penny has spent and gone because the corrupt so called Adversity Party aka “Prosperity Party” are a well known thieves salivating to steal from the war torn and devastated Amhara, Afar and Tigray people.

    Why is Abiy begging and salivating to donated money if he is exporting (LOL) wheat when Ethiopians are starving ?

    • Hi Abdul-Fataል Ad-Nauseam Al-Egypty,

      You always ‘forget’ to mention the WFP’s first food shipment to Tigray: “Country of Origin: Egypt!” You tell Egyptians to eat leaves and send wheat to Tigray? Why would Egypt spend its annual USD $4 billion American Bread Subsidy to arm-and-feed Tigray?

      BTW, the cell between Ramzy and Khalid at Guantanamo is free! Are you interested?


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