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Ethiopia: new appointments for state media board 

new media board _ Ethiopia
Tesfaye Beljige proposing nominees (Photo : public domain)


The Ethiopian Parliament on Tuesday approved the appointment of a board chair and members for the state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and Ethiopian Press-Enterprise (EPE). 

Tesfaye Beljige, senior authority in the ruling Prosperity party, told the parliament that the candidates are selected based on educational background and experience, and are “ready to serve” the public. 

The House voted on the nominated candidates. 

Those elected EBC Board Chair and members are as follows : 

Legesse Tulu (chair)

Abdulwasa Abdulah 

Tarekegne Bulbulta

Jafar Bediru

Mesafint Tefera 

Negussie Tefera

Yusuf Ibrahim

Amelework Hezkiel 

Muna Abubbakr (Assistant Professor) 

And those elected for Ethiopian Press Enterprise board  members are as follows 

Mihereteab Debebe (Chair)

Daniel Kibret

Maeregu Bezabih 

Negeri Lencho

Hanna Aryaselassie

Ustaz Abubekr

Mekuria Mekasha (Assistant Professor)

Nebiyat Mohammed

Keyredin Tezera 


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