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Ethiopian Defense Chief, TPLF rebel military leaders to meet in Nairobi 

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Redwan Hussien , middle, briefing diplomatic community in Addis Ababa on November 5, 2022 (Photo : Public Domain)


Ethiopian Defense Force Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, and TPLF rebels military leader, Tadesse Worede, will be meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday.

Redwan Hussien, Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and who led the Ethiopian Delegation at the peace talk in South Africa, briefed members of the diplomatic community in Addis Ababa. 

The brief focused on the outcome of the peace talk, the agreement that was reached, and its implementation.

According to Mr. Redwan, the two military leaders already had a phone conversation after the agreement was announced. 

Their next meeting in person is expected to discuss ways of disarming the TPLF combatants as per the agreement reached in South Africa. It is unclear why it is taking place in Kenya when the two leaders could meet in Ethiopia. Also unclear is whether the United States will attend their meeting as an “observer.” 

It was on November 2 that the Ethiopian government and the TPLF rebels reached an agreement, in South Africa, that ended the two years of bloody war. 

The rebel groups renounced their claim of government power as “Government of Tigray” and the Tigray region is to be under transitional administration until the regional election is organized by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. 

The rebels also agreed to the principle of a single national defense force in the country and recognized the constitutional rights of the National Defense Force to be deployed anywhere in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Mekelle city, seat of the regional government, is to be under the Federal forces with immediate effect. 

Ethnic Tigray activists based in the Diaspora are rejecting the agreement and putting pressure on the TPLF. On the other hand, Ethiopians, including in the Tigray region, are saying that they are relieved that the agreement ended the war. 

The Ethiopian government has embarked on efforts to restore services in the region and planning reconstruction of  infrastructures damaged during the war. 


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  1. According to the signed peace agreement military leaders of both sides are expected to hold a meeting with 24 hours after the day the agreement was signed to come up with a plan of disarmament of the TPLF forces down to light guns. I can understand why it feels comfortable and safe for the TPLF commander to hold the meeting outside Ethiopia. It is not too anyway. It is next door. I am not too credulous to believe the agreement has all wiped out the consequences of this stupid conflict. Beside death and destruction it has wiped out the trust between brothers and sisters. It is recoverable but it needs to through steps. The mistrust is still high. That is why both sides, the leaders in particular have to watch their language and steps. Nobody is the sole winner from the agreement and nobody lost. The entire 120 million people from Moyale to the borders with Eritrea and from Dewele to Asosa are the winner. Their children will not be marched into ujuum anymore. The two top commanders of both sides are expected to chart out the disarmament process of the TPLF forces and their subsequent rehabilitation into the ENDF or back into civilian life. These two are both seasoned generals and fully understand what their success or failure to come up with a doable plan means for the suffering citizens. What they will come up after the meeting could shame them or honor them for the rest of their lives. The reputation of the old country is in their hands. There are no excuses for failure. None! I will be holding both of them responsible if their meeting is adjourned without a soon-to-start practical disarmament. Let’s go guys!!!

  2. How gullible are these people to really even entertain the idea that TDF could really put its arms down. The Eritrea vengeance and amhara chauvinism has far complicated the issue, any viable peace is just pipedream. Mark my words 10 days from today, ERITREA will continue its invasion, TDF will continue to resist and ENDF would just be an observer like a vulture to claim the carcass.


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