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Ethiopia’s peace talk in South Africa concluded, TPLF to disarm

TPLF has agreed to the principle of a single national defense force in Ethiopia and is to disarm

Ethiopian News _ Peace talk South Africa
Parties to the peace talk and African Union mediators pose for picture after the signing ceremony in Pretoria, South Africa on November 2, 2022

Updated on November 2, 2022 at 3:00 P.M. Toronto time

After ten days of intense peace talks in South Africa between the government of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the African Union on Wednesday announced that it is concluded. 

The two parties have issued a joint statement after the signing ceremony between the two parties.  The two parties have agreed to end hostilities. 

Despite the relentless effort by the United States’ government to influence the talk in favor of the TPLF, the rebel group that has caused the conflict has agreed to disarm. The group has accepted that Ethiopia should only have a single national defense force. 

The group started to use the name Tigray Defense Force (TDF) after the outbreak of the war in November 2020.

Special forces in the regional states, which are based on ethnicity, have been causing public concerns. It is unclear if the Ethiopian government is abolishing all the “special forces” in the regions. 

The Ethiopian government is to continue restoring social services to the Tigray region of Ethiopia – an activity that it has been doing in the past two weeks after clearing strings of towns and cities from the TPLF forces. 

Olusegun Obasanjo, African Union Special Representative to the Horn of Africa and chief mediator, remarked that the agreement would allow humanitarian supplies to Tigray and restoration of services. 

He also announced that a high-level African Union panel is to inspect the implementation of the agreement. 

The African Union, the government of South Africa (host to the talk), the United States and United nations have congratulated parties to the agreement. 

The United States and United Nations were attending the talk as “observers.” 

The war broke out two years ago when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the unsuspecting Ethiopian Defense Force of the Northern Command posted in different posts in the region.

The Ethiopian government or the TPLF rebel forces have not yet released the number of casualties from the war but it is believed that hundreds of thousands of people have died from both sides. 

Properties and infrastructures worth billions of dollars had been destroyed including social service-providing institutions like health centers, schools and universities. 

After the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in July 2021, which the TPLF ridiculed as a “sick joke,” at the time, the rebel group controlled vast areas in the Afar and Amhara regions where it carried out massacres. 

Thousands of civilians were killed including women and children. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in the Afar and Amhara regions. 


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia’s peace talk in South Africa concluded, TPLF to disarm” by, November 2, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 02 Nov 2022
    a) “The two parties” — Ethiopia and a PART of Ethiopia (Tigray) have agreed to end hostilities.

    b) Very Good news ! We shall see the reality. That by itself is interesting.

    c) One can’t help musing about another province, for example – Oromo going through the same ‘show’

    d) And to stretch the absurdity to its limit, Ethiopia has NINE occasions to deal with.

    e) Deception is NOT a new phenomenon in our beloved Black Africa [forgive me, please]

    f) But then it is not the fault of Africa. Blame it on the Mighty WHITE Western Civilization

    g) Black Africa — whether we like it or not — will always remain the domain of the WHITE RACE

    h) WE Black Africans are destined to just witness the White Man’s Adventure in our own own space of the Globe.

    i) And the WORST OF ALL WORSTS is the fact that WE BLACK AFRICANS struggle to IMITATE the Whitman’s
    Civilization blindly, at any cost.

    j) NO wonder we love to have a string of a cloth around our necks, as a testimony of our blind imitation of our


    (*) Actually, to have correct history, it is the initiation of ONE very admirable, dis-grunted, supremely educated individual!

  2. I found this phrase in this article as unfair and patently based on false assumption: ‘Despite the relentless effort by the United States’ government to influence the talk in favor of the TPLF..’. That is just village rumor and innuendo. Let’s not scratch where it does not itch. I can tell you this. Without all hand on deck involvement in the chasing of peace by the USA this agreement for peace signed by the two parties would not have been possible. All this was done without the shipment of a single M-16 or anti aircraft/drone guns. This was done without a declaration of a no-fly zone in Tigray even though all this was possible. If some officials had misspoken that was nothing but their shortcoming. Let’s not try to muddy the already muddied water from our comfy homes at safe distance from the bloodshed and destruction. Being aroused and possessed by gerersaas, zeraafs and laloyes will not further the accord for peace and stability starving citizens of that gem of the colored. I have said this to you on several occasions before. That gem of the colored called Ethiopia did not just drop from the sky. It was meticulously forged and put together by The Almighty Our Creator. It would be unforgivable sin to take it apart. Those who tried to wipe it off the map are themselves no more. Those of you who are trying to do the same will meet the same fate. Every time you bedevil that gem your breath smells so bad the stench gags the buzzard(You go Dan). You are sick and I have the right medicine for you. The time you stop demonizing groups of people using Neftegna, Oromummaa and Woyane you are healed. So I harangue this from the top of lung to chase the devil out of you. Heal! Heal!! Heal!!!

  3. 1). How should ENDF disarm TPLF? Let the ENDF stay put watching its back! Let the TPLF ‘Generals’ disarm their combatants and submit the weapons. Put the recalcitrant on notice! Then, seize their weapons and prosecute them for illegal possession of fire arms.

    2). What kind of weapons and how many of each kind does TPLF have? Only the TPLF and the TPLF’s Egyptian sponsors and Egypt’s White Supremacist West masters know. During TPLF’s 27-year of Terror, TPLF was the purchaser and the store keeper, too.

    3). How many combatants does the TPLF have? When the TPLF started the war, the conservative estimate was about 450k with 250k of it commandoes and special forces. Top that up with those it trained in the past two years and the pro-TPLF in the old ENDF.

    4). Where are the combatants? About 250k changed in to civilian clothes and blended with Mekelle’s residents. About 30k fled to Sudan after massacring 600 Amaras at Maykadra. Unknown thousands accompanied TPLF leaders to Tembien Mountains.

    • Yes, that is what I was thinking myself man. TPlF will disarm and demobilize its combatants voluntarily or can be accountable to binding agreement or anything under the sun. I won’t bet on it. It just unobtainable dream. They just weasel out any responsibility in way or another . If caught in difficult spot as if late ,they would say anything and will negate everything next morning or make U-turn in the earliest opportunity. That is the MO of this group in very long time.

  4. Contrary to our undying hope for lasting peace and traquinly in he country , don’t be fooled and don’t fall folks for said peace accord¡ This notion that TPLF will be easly comply to and disarm itself accordingly is easier than said than done. Given the decades’ old track record and poltical OP of the TPLF, it sounds more fantasy than being credible fact. First, it is so elastic and vague that tone can scretch from one ocean’s corner to another. Second, they are more likely than not and sooner than later willing to active its hydreahead affiliates such as TDF and other nationalist Tigirian factions that were not mentioned in the said agreement. They are already saying that the TPLF group is represents only for political aspect of the conflic in Tigrai, but not the armed groups such as TDF. Listen to today’s the Stream Program of Al-Jeezira , where a mouthpiece TPLF cadre named Gebrekristos was claiming exactly that He is getting clues from the top I guess. Third , the maneuver itself was all about buying a time and catching precious breath from many recent devastating losses of military and political fronts.


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