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Ethiopian PM confirms foreign interference with peace talk in South Africa

Ethiopian Prime Minister says there is strong foreign interference in the Peace talk between Ethiopian government and the TPLF

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed talking to a reporter, on October 29,2022 (Photo : Public Domain)


There have been rumors that the TPLF enablers have been trying to influence the outcome of the ongoing peace talk between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF forces in favor of the latter. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy confirmed it when he spoke to the CGTN reporter in Ethiopia. 

He told the Chinese Television network that the peace talk is still going on but that there is strong foreign interference from left and right. 

The African Union that is entrusted to lead the talk did not say anything about the interference.  Last week, the chairperson, Moussa Faki, met with the United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinked in Canada just days after the talk between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF kicked off in South Africa.  

Apart from speculation that the United States is pushing for a ceasefire as Ethiopian forces are advancing to Mekelle, no concrete evidence was available hinting about the United States pressure on the African Union. 

Although not naming names, the Ethiopian PM made it clear that there is strong interference in the peace talk. 

He  told CGTN “We are trying to convince the TPLF to respect the law of the land, to respect the constitution, and to act as one state in Ethiopia.” 

“If we respect our culture and values, and work, we can achieve peace,” he added.  

The Prime Minister also accused the TPLF of not respecting the constitution it wrote. He called on the group to respect the law of the land. 

Furthermore, he said that his government is working on convincing the rebel group to accept to operate as a region within a state and if that happens peace will be achieved.  

His statement appears to be somewhat murky given the situation that the Ethiopian parliament designated the rebel group as a terrorist organization. 

Also, a regional election that the group conducted just months before it attacked several posts of Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, an incident that led to the war, is not accepted by the national electoral board of Ethiopia. 

The TPLF is yet to remark on the words of the Prime Minister. 

Ethiopia has informed the international community at the UN forum about the ongoing pressure which seems to have the intent to make the TPLF a relevant actor in Ethiopian politics. 

There seems to be a predetermined, as Ethiopia’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Taye Aske Selassie, said this week during the Third Committee of the UNGA, action against Ethiopia in support of the  TPLF group. 

Taye Aske Selassie,the representative said,  “We might look powerless in the face of a block of countries; which we have faced in the 2nd World War. But I want to assure you Mr Chair, the spirit of our soul is strong!,” he said. 

Ethiopian troops have reportedly controlled over 70 percent of the Tigray region of Ethiopia and services are being restored in those areas. The Prime Minister himself confirmed that his government is working to restore services in Aksum, Adwa and Adigrat.  

The Peace talk in South Africa 

The Peace talk that was intended to end, based on the Spokesperson to the president of South Africa, on October 30th is extended. 

However, the African Union Commission chairperson spokesperson on  Monday reportedly said “there was no date limitation.”

It is unclear when the talks are ending and what items are being discussed. 

 Last week Ethiopians across the country took to the street demanding the TPLF be disarmed – something that western powers – primarily the United States – do seem to be opposing. 

The United States is in the peace talk as an “observer.” Uhuru Kenyatta, one of the facilitators at the talk, is believed to be an agent for the United States’ interest. He did not deny the accusation so far. 


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  1. I hope this peace talk will not end in a blame game rather than ending this utterly stupid conflict. Both sides should rather look at their own face to see how ugly they look in perpetuating this senseless bloodshed between brothers and sisters. The West and for that matter did not start the stupid war. It has not been a US marine or a NATO soldier doing the fighting but everyone pulling the triggers of the guns in their hands are all black folks born in the same country, Ethiopia. Stop blaming the US or EU and better regain your Allah given senses to end it all for the sake of those wailing mothers and wasted lives of priceless young men and women. This blaming others is just another cop-out or passing the buck, so to say.

    Your Excellencies PM Abiy and TPLF Chairman Debretsion,

    You should stifle all these excuses and end this senseless and destructive war. Both of you are bright enough to realize that this conflict brought nothing but death and destruction to the innocent citizens in that country. It has to end and end now. If not, I and history will hold both of you responsible for the death of the youth and destruction of property.

  2. There will never be peace as long as Abiy Ahmed and Oromo People Democratic Organization aka OPDO or OLF or Prosperity Party is in power. There is absence of government in Ethiopia. OPDO or Prosperity Party does not represent all Ethiopians. It is a violent, Genocidal group that must be removed before more people are killed.

    Arsi and Wellga Oromos are indiscriminately killing Showa Oromos because Showa Oromos who lived and intermingled peacefully with Amharas and others are not aligned with the barbaric, radical and extremist twisted views of OLF or OPDO
    Genocide against Amhara has intensified because Shene is the hidden wing of OPDO/Prosperity Party that is commuting the Massacre. Economical and intellectual Genocide is going on where ever Amhara lives.

    Weaponized, funded and well fed by OLF or OPDO/Prosperity Party , Shene is now freely massacring Amharas in Wellega, Benishangul Gumuz, Showa and robbing Banks without any resistance. The aim is to scare Amharas with Shene savagery acts, destroy Amharas, steal more Amhara land, wealth to expand Oromia land and control Power forever.

    The good news Amharas are well aware of Abiy Ahmed and OPDO evil actions and are counting Amhara Genocide perpetrators so they will never escape facing justice and deny them a place or a country to hide.


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