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Ethiopia says People of Tigray stand on the right side of history 

TPLF accuses the Ethiopian government of assigning non-ethnic Tigray government to the region 

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Photo : file/public domain)


The Ethiopian government this week said that the “People of Tigray have proven that they stand on the right side of history.”  The disclosure came as the TPLF is suffering further military losses in different battlefronts in the region. 

According to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Communication Services, the Ethiopian Defense Force has garnered support from people in the region. 

“The hospitality of the people of Tigray for the ENDF is extraordinary. From accommodation to logistics support to the providence of information about the whereabouts of the lone wolf TPLF soldiers and concealed arsenal…” the statement from the ministry, which was released on Sunday, said. 

It also called on people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to “scale up” cooperation with the Ethiopian Defense force in its operation against the TPLF rebels – whom the Ethiopian Parliament designated as terrorists.

Earlier this week, Tadesse Worede, whom the TPLF forces describe as “Commander of Tigray Defense Force” made allegations that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is sending a governor who is not of ethnic Tigray origin. 

In fact, Mr. Tadesse mentioned Alemu Sime (Dr.) as one who is heading to the Tigray region to govern the country. Ethiopia’s administrative regions are based on ethnicity and there is essentially no chance for Ethiopians to work in the public service, especially in high offices, outside of their designated ethnic regions – a development that Ethiopia has been facing for the past three decades. 

The Ethiopian government sees TPLF’s claim, which is not substantiated, as disinformation propaganda for the rebel group is losing support in the Tigray region. 

It said, “The TPLF has now started a disinformation campaign alleging that the government of assigning non-Tigreans as guardian ad litem.” 

Some social services, including banking, and electric power are reportedly under restoration in the parts of the Tigray region that came under the ENDF. 

When the Ethiopian Defense Force took control of Tigray by early 2021 after crushing the TPLF forces following the unexpected attack against the Northern Command of the Forces, the rebel group swung to guerrilla warfare including in urban areas by dressing its forces in civilian clothes.  

A military response to the guerrilla groups disguised as civilians were usually portrayed as evidence of the “Tigray genocide.”  The group at times launched attacks from positions within the premises of churches. 

In the current phase of the fight which started on August 24 when the TPLF broke a five-month-old humanitarian ceasefire, the Ethiopian Defense Forces are said to have control over 70 percent of the region. 

There are also reports from local sources that indicate that the Ethiopian Forces are in the outskirts of Mekelle, the seat of the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

While the war continues ( and this time the TPLF is said to be once again fighting a guerrilla one as it has lost its forces) , the rebel group is sitting in for peace talks with the Ethiopian government in South Africa. 

The African Union is facilitating the talk. However, there are reports, on social media, that the United States is manipulating it with the aim to secure a cessation of hostility to help the TPLF group recover from the Military loss. The United States denies it and makes claims that it is supporting the AU-led peace talks. It is sitting in the talk as an “observer.” 


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  1. Them Eritreans! According to Mukesh Kapila the main reason them Eritreans are in Tigray is because the ‘Ethiopians’ don’t have the power to fight any war. Ethiopians under PM Abiy don’t know how to fight and are historically certified cowards. I teleported myself yesterday to Tigray and guess what I saw. I witnessed while every Tigrayan being shot and killed by them Eritreans. I saw them killing 16 million 250 thousand Tigrayans in a span of 8 hours. 16 million people gone like that! There isn’t a single Tigrayan left alive now! All gone!!! Genocide! Genocide! Genocide!!!


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