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South Africa conveyed wrong information about the Ethiopian Peace talk 

Vincent Magwenya, spokesperson of the President of South Africa, described the TPLF as “Tigray” while talking about Ethiopian Peace talk.

Vincent Magwenya _ South Africa
Vincent Magwenya, spokesperson of the President of South Africa, during briefing on October 25,2022 (Photo : screenshot from News 24 video)


There has been a concerted effort by the United States and the European Union to portray the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebels as government entities. 

At times the TPLF is described as the “Government of Tigray” and at other times it is described as “Tigrean authorities.” 

Vincent Magwenya, Spokesperson of the President of South Africa, conveyed a similar message. When briefing the media, on October 25,2022, regarding the peace talk in South Africa between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF representatives, he portrayed the TPLF as “Tigray.”

Mr. Vincet Mgwenya stated “South Africa is hosting peace talks to end the conflict in the Tigray region. In this regard, President Ramaposa is honored that the government of the Republic of South Africa  has been requested to host the African Union-led peace talks between the government of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and Tigray[emphasis added].” ( You may watch video below starting from 9:27 minutes)

It is unclear if the description used by the spokesperson reflects the position of the government of South Africa. If so, it may constitute an indication that South Africa is used by the United States government. 

The African Union has released a statement about the commencement of the peace talk and its disclosure correctly describing the TPLF for what it is – TPLF. However, its description of the government of Ethiopia is a little inaccurate as could be seen from the image of the letter below. 

Ethiopian News  _ Peace talk

The Ethiopian government has not yet reacted to South Africa’s description of TPLF as “Tigray.” 

The United States has been recently claiming that it is “supporting the African Union-led peace talk.”  

Many Ethiopians, on the other hand, think that the United States and the European Union have been attempting to make the TPLF relevant political actors in Ethiopia. 

The reason is, as many Ethiopians seem to think, that the TPLF is a mercenary force and loyal to its western masters. 

This past Saturday, massive demonstrations were organized across Ethiopia to condemn the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Western Interference in the international affairs of Ethiopia. 

In the United States and Europe, Ethiopians and Eritreans organized protests to condemn western support for the TPLF. 

Some TPLF supporters have started tweeting “Tigray” in a way to connote that the peace talk is between the Ethiopian government and “Tigray.”

And it does not seem to be noticed by Ethiopian activists. 

Haile Gebrselassie, one of Ethiopia’s legendary long-distance athletes and Olympic gold medalist, seems to be concerned about the peace talk.

He told DW Amharic that “Ethiopia without Tigray is unthinkable.”  For him, Ethiopia as a country has to be a priority in the peace talk. He is implying Ethiopia’s existence and territorial integrity should not be questioned. 

The African Union peace talk is expected to end on October 30th. Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is currently serving as African Union high representative for the Horn of Africa, former South African Deputy President, Dr. Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka and former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta are facilitating the talk. 


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  1. I think the spokesman might have made an honest booboo. There has been just so much effort to have the region of Tigray as a standalone constituency by Debre and his predecessors for decades. They have been referring or describing citizens in that region as the ‘people of Tigray’ and you rarely hear them using the phrase ‘citizens of Ethiopia’. So that has stuck out there. But what I am betting more from this talk is lasting peace. I hope the suffering citizens in that and the adjacent regions will be graced with just that, peaceful and stable places to live. Insha’Allah!!!

      • Dear editors,

        Thank you for cutting this South African brother well deserved some slacks.
        Regarding the current conflict in Tigray I read various reports of success on the battlefronts by the ENDF. You know these days it is hard to take such reports at their face values. I am counting on you to utilize all of your resources and verify for us. I have been asking my relatives in the capital to find out what they hear about it and they are on the same wagon with me not to believe everything they hear. Thank you for invaluable service.

  2. The involvement and engagement of the US as a purported `facilitator` of peaceful resolution of the conflict sparks doubt and suspicion since there are or were not any such equivalents elsewhere in Africa. How ever, I believe that South Africa has the backbone to resist and withstand any pressure from the US or EU to twist the hands of the Ethiopian government. As known some leaders or countries in the continent can be amenable to US/western manipulations and interference.

  3. Amhara representation must be on the front and center of this meeting. As the Peace talk is in progress Amhara Genocide and looting Amhara properties is in full gear in Wellega and Addis Ababa. Amharas dozens and hundreds of Amharas are summarily executed daily in Wellega while the government puts the lid on and zipping their mouth.

    Government supplied Shene is getting modernized weapon including Snipers and heavy war machines including open field training. and summarily executed dozens of civilians in

    Amhara and the whole world must keep eyes on the Amhara atrocities and Genocide in Ethiopia. While taking about Peace talk, Abiy Ahmed and his party are plotting for more Amhara Genocide, Economic and Intellectual Genocide against Amharas as we speak.

    Abiy Ahmed and his party are known for never stopped lies and every Amhara must keep their eyes open and fight against tyranny and fascism.


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