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TPLF’s negotiating team in South Africa 

TPLF _ South Africa _ negotiation
Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF chiarman ( Image : Reuters / file)


TPLF’s letter, purportedly a response to the African Union, is being widely circulated in social media. As usual, it is signed by Debretsion Gebremichal, chairman of the organization. 

The letter listed about seven negotiating team members and five security personnel.  Only two of them, Tsadkan Gebretensae and Getachew Reda, were earlier disclosed as negotiators. The rest of the delegates are not that known. 

According to the letter that is circulating on social media , which is yet to be confirmed, the list of the seven negotiators is as follows : 

Getachew Reda
Tsadkan Gebretensae
Ambassador Wondimu Asamenew 
Dr. Fisseha Hafetesion 
Tewolde Gebretensay
Kassa Gebreyohannes
Assefa Abraha

Debretsion’s letter also disclosed the names of five other individuals that are described as Security Personnel : 

Alemu Teka Reda
Mulay Teklay Hailemariam
Teklewoyni Gebreghiorgis Gebru
Lemma Berhane Welaye
Yohannes Gebrezgi GebreEgziabher 

TPLF’s team on Sunday has arrived in South Africa, as confirmed by Kindeya Gebrehiwot former Mekelle University president who is currently serving as TPLF’s spokesperson.

Debretsion Gebremichael, clearly, is not in the team based on the letter although several Ethiopian news sources earlier reported that he is one of the TPLF officers who is traveling to South Africa.  Most of TPLF’s negotiators are not known as political heavyweights within the TPLF.

The African Union-led negotiation between the TPLF and the Ethiopian government is starting today.  

The Ethiopian team arrived in Pretoria, South Africa where the negotiation is taking place, on Monday. 

Demeke Mekonnen (Deputy Prime Minister) , Redwan Hussien (advisor to the Prime Minister), Gedion Timotios (Minister for Justice) and Temesgen Tiruneh ( Director of Ethiopia’s intelligence) were among the negotiating team members designated by the Ethiopian government. 

However, it is unclear if all of them have headed to South Africa. 

Vocal Ethiopians who are known for expressing their opinions on social media are increasingly questioning the relevance of sitting for a peace talk with the TPLF when the rebel group is almost finished. 


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  1. I don’t see any harmful issues with the scheduled piece talk. The question I have is will the federal government allow for Debre’s delegation to return? The aircraft that will carry them must fly over the space of the sovereign country of Ethiopia. The other scenario is if all these claims of success on the battlefields by the federal forces are true and Mekele falls where will Debre’s delegation return to? This is getting interesting and weirder. But I am all for peace for the sake of those young men and women being marched into raging fires. I am for peace for the sake of those heart broken and wailing mothers and loved ones. I am for peace so the besieged and displaced citizens will finally get enduring peace and stability so they can return to their destroyed homes and start rebuilding. I beg for peace in their names.

  2. I just got a buzz from my home boy Walrus Getachew. He is in Pretoria when he game me a ring. It goes like:
    Ring, ring!
    Hey Ittu? What’s up bud?
    Hey Debre! Whadabilike nigga?
    What it is, what it is! Oooweee!
    How is that?
    I’m here in SA finally reunited with my triple stacked golden fried chicken sandwich, bro! That was my favorite when I a student at Alabama University.
    I did know that.
    You should have looked at my bio on Wiki.
    What else did you have on your plate there?
    For breakfast I used to have a stick of butter 6 fat biscuits, 12 strips of beacon, 6 extra large eggs unscrambled, a load of mayo, ketchup and mustard sauce along with a 40 oz sweetened tea. For lunch I used to have a 16 oz fillet mignon slobbered with butter sauce and 40 oz milkshake to wash it all down. For dinner I used to munch down the slap of barbecue ribs, a jug of whole milk and a pint of vanilla ice cream. It was my daily routine to gabble up a 12 inch pizza with everything on it before I go to bed. And I graduated with the highest honor in the history of that school.
    With the highest honor in the history of the school you said? How come that was not mentioned in Wiki?
    Because those anti GOLD RACE Oromos and Amharas keep changing it.
    So when you gonna return to you region.
    I can’t tell you now. But I am chillin’ here right now enjoying my fried chicken, barbecue ribs and whole nine yards.

  3. Make that: For breakfast I used to have a stick of butter 6 fat biscuits, 12 strips of bacon, 6 extra large eggs unscrambled, a load of mayo, ketchup and mustard sauce along with a 40 oz sweetened tea and a bowl of grits made with lard.

  4. Rumors about the exile of the fascist leaders of the TPLF are rife. Many hope that the ongoing military operations in Tigray will uproot fascism from the region and usher Ethiopia and the region into the era of peace and stability. The military victories also negate the false TPLF mobilizing and misleading narrative of Tigraian superiority and invincibility. Exiling these fascists instead of summoning them to the court of justice is painful but can satisfy their western supporters and campaigners.

  5. BTW, I give Envoy H.E. Mike Hammer a roaring round of applause for being able to bring these two stubborn sides to the negotiation table. Others before him had all failed. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong in bringing warring factions to a round table. Whether this peace talk will succeed or not that rests solely on the shoulders of Abiy and Debre. If it fails I will be holding those who gave up first responsible for the failure. If this news of continued success on the battlefronts by the ENDF is true and Mekele falls that is a different bowl game. Even then the talks must continue to avert another guerilla warfare which is going to be a war of attrition. You think the current conflict is brutal but wait if Debre and his cabals are driven out of Mekele and went back to their old device. We should never underestimate the fact that for one reason or another there are thousands of fanatic riff raffs who take Debre and cabals as their sacred deity. They will charge into fiery ujuum for them, no questions asked. These fanatics have surrendered their Allah gifted thinking power and let their leaders do all the thinking for them. That why Debre and his predecessors have been able to wage a sheer human wave battle tactics since the 1970’s. It will not be a cake walk. So I hope and pray that AU, UN, USA, Uhuru, Olusegun Obasanjo and IGAD will somehow be able to forge up the silver bullet and help bring this senseless conflict to an abrupt end. Enough with sending those young men and girls to their inevitable demise! Enough with the wailing by grieving mothers and loved ones! Enough with the internal displacements of innocent civilians! Enough, enough, enough!!!!


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