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TPLF captives tell their stories : Documentary


It is now confirmed that in a span of one week, the TPLF has lost control of Alamata, Korem, Shire, Aksum and Adwa.

Tens of thousands of TPLF forces have surrendered to the Ethiopian Forces. What do they have to tell about the war and the TPLF leadership?

Watch the following documentary from the state media – EBC

Video : embedded from EBC Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. My long time home boys Debre and Walrus Getachew just gave me a buzz a few minutes ago. They told me that all these so-called captives are not members of the world’s strongest army of the People’s Republic of Tigray. They are not even blacks. They are Filipino domestic workers who were just expelled from the Gulf States. They told me that Abiy and that traitor defense minister personally painted the faces of these Filipinos to make them look like blacks. First of all, the citizens of Tigray are not black but they are the gold race, they told me. They said they have just captured 650,000 Eritrean and 950,000 Ethiopian soldiers. They are moving along just 20 miles from Asmara and 15 miles from Addis. There will be no peace talk but they will go there just to give the instruments of surrender not only to Abiy but also to every Amhara and Oromo, they told me. Then the deportations of these two trouble making people will start in earnest.

    Who do I believe now?


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