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Ethiopia confirmed capture of few cities in Tigray, coordinating aid 

Shire airport, now under Ethiopian forces, will be used to  delivering Humanitarian Aid to Tigray region 

Ural military truck is seen with Ethiopian Flag in north Ethiopia. (Image from SM )


On Tuesday, the Ethiopian government confirmed that it had controlled Shire ( in the western part of the Tigray region of Ethiopia), and Alamata and Korem ( in the south). 

The Ministry of Government Communication services said Ethiopian Forces adhered to strict military discipline to avoid war in urban centers and had managed to prevent harm to civilians. 

Shire, Alamata and Korem cities were captured without any fighting in the urban centers, the government added. 

The statement also said that the Ethiopian government is making preparations to coordinate with aid organizations to ensure that humanitarian aid is reaching the areas that are under the control of the Ethiopian Forces. 

It is working on opening delivery routes from the West and from the south.

“The Government, in coordination with humanitarian operators, is making preparations to expand the routes through which humanitarian assistance could be reported. A concerted effort is underway to open the North Gondar route to the Shire as well as the Kombolcha-Dessie-Woldiya-Kobo-Alamata route,” it said. 

Based on disclosure from the government, a task force is established to facilitate the work and coordinate with relevant actors. 

The United States, some of its western allies and the United Nations itself have been projecting an image of disaster in the Tigray region of Ethiopia due to Ethiopian Defense Force’s response to the TPLF’s latest offensive which was launched on August 24. 

They all asked for an immediate cessation of hostilities.  They painted an image of the massacre of civilians. The TPLF reactivated the “Tigray genocide” propaganda soon after losing control of Kobo last month. 

The Ethiopian government does not seem to buy the outcry from state and non-state actors. “The ENDF [Ethiopian National Defense Force] has averted the grim scenario some have predicted by echoing TPLF propaganda, it said. 

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Ethiopian forces have advanced further north from the south direction and controlled Maychew which is only about an hour and a half drive from Mekelle.  The Ethiopian government is yet to confirm it. 

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government has announced readiness for the African Union-led peace talk with the TPLF rebel groups.  

The conflict in Northern Ethiopia has caused extensive damage in the Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia. Thousands of civilians have been killed and millions displaced. 


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  1. Is this what commies and their deacons/darasaas call when they are in trouble on the battlefronts as ‘tactical withdrawal? If these demons congregated at the center of the TPLF are the last remnants of murderers and bullies who have been riding on the backs of those upright people for more than 45 years are shown the door for good, it will be God-sent reprieve for them. Why not? When the average citizen there had no clue where the next meal would come from even it was all peaceful in his region, those on top and their entourage were becoming filthy rich sending their children to the best schools in the country and abroad. Debre and his predecessors have never felt safe of their rewarding and lucrative status. These brutes seem to know their possible loss, losing their grip onto the top of the food chain. They knew if they lose their base they are doomed. That is why they did everything to spark hatred between the noble people of Tigray and the rest of the country. They placed their most trusted coolies in the top echelons of the military and every institution of the central government. Then they started telling the citizens in that region that they were/are being besieged by the rest of the people of the old country. Opposition inside the TPLF has been unthinkable. If you say something to the contrary you better have your last rite because you will disappear in thin air. During their days in the bushes if you say or do something that does not jive well with what you are told then you would not know what has just hit you. They set you up at the front row of the battle and bang! Suddenly you will drop like a hot potato. I did not make this up. One of their former field commanders who was extremely lucky to be alive after leaving the outfit had told us during one interview. He told us how every fighter had look over his shoulders the whole time worrying that he might have said something that might have aggravated his bosses. That is called total and unconditional submission. That is what you see in Xi’s China. That is what you behold in North Korea. That is what you see in bully Putin’s Russia and his lapdog’s Belarus. Mengistu tried that but was successful only in urban areas after he slaughtered hundreds of thousands of citizens who opposed him. Now you know why I have such beyond repair disdain for commies and their breeds/variants. And I am not alone about that.

  2. This latest news from the Northern part of Ethiopia about the fall of towns and territory into the hands of the federal forces has rattled every bigot you can imagine in our midst. I am sure many of you have read a news article by the usual Ethiopia-hating suspect and the monarch of sensationalized news, the BBC. It tells a story of hyenas having a feast on dead soldiers’ bodies abandoned by fleeing Debre’s riff raffs. Guess who BBC brought aboard for a spin. One is a well known prodigy of the late Ziad Barre, the af-mishar dreamer of Somali Wayne!!! Greater Somalia that covers the whole territory from Djibouti and Caluula in the east and to the banks of the Awash River in the west, that is. Now he is a US-based Horn of Africa analyst. He was not alone. BBC has located another such analyst nobody heard of until this hyena news report. These two claim more than 500,000 soldiers have been killed in the conflict. How did they come up with such number? I think BBC has found its own classification/description of ‘analyst’. According to BBC anyone who can comment is an analyst. One of these so-called analysts even has the nerve to belittle the triumph our great grandparents achieved on the battlefield Adwa in 1896. He claims that the only reason our forefathers achieved that glory was because they have the upper hand in numbers. By that he implied that those Ethiopian patriots were not that smart to come up with a war plan and just ran into the invading army with overwhelming sheer numbers and over run their enemy. Well, well, well! Shaka kaSenzangakhona had the number advantage. Omar al-Mukhtar had the same advantage. The monarchs of Benin had overwhelming advantage in numbers. China of 1895 has number advantage over Japan. Commanders of the Boxers Rebellion of 1899-1901 had numerical superiority over the invading imperialist forces to the tune of 17 to 1 which means there were 17 Chinese combatants for each imperialist soldier. According to this BBC anointed ‘analyst’ bigot all these lost but somehow and by some Adwa magic that ‘king of Abyssinia’ won. Please note the term used to call the country: Abyssinia. That is the name all these bigots prefer to call that gem of the colored. So dear countrymen/women! Next expect BBC to hire Winnie the Pooh and a member of The White Citizens Council as its Horn of Africa Analysts followed by the QAnon, Stop the Steal, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, The Base and to cap it off National Socialist Movement. Just be ready to be lectured by these on BBC.

  3. That is it! I’ve had it, man! I’ve got it up to here about them Eritreans!!! I just teamed up with my college law professor friend to take Brother Isaias and every Eritrean to court for killing 16 million citizens of the sovereign state of Tigray in just two days this week. Every Eritrean should expect a bill worth $10 billion in US dollars each. Our witnesses will be the two BBC Horn of Africa analysts.


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