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UN Secretary General claims, like TPLF, “indiscriminate attacks” in Tigray 

TPLF _ United Nations _ Ethiopia _ guterres
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres remarking about the situation in Ethiopia on Monday October 17, 2022 (photo : screenshot from the video)


The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres remarked on the situation in Ethiopia. 

He made claims, like the TPLF, about “indiscriminate attacks” targeting “innocent people.”

The Ethiopian government has been announcing that the military operations against the designated terrorist group – TPLF – is being carried out in a way that avoids civilians casualities. 

The remarks from the United Nations Secretary General reads as follows : 

“The situation in Ethiopia is spiraling out of control.   

Violence and destruction have reached alarming levels.   

The social fabric is being ripped apart.   

Hostilities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia must end now – including the immediate withdrawal and disengagement of Eritrean armed forces from Ethiopia. 

There is no military solution.  

Civilians are paying a horrific price.   

Indiscriminate attacks — including in residential areas — are killing more innocent people every day, damaging critical infrastructure and limiting access to vital services. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes since hostilities resumed in August, many of them for the second time.  

We are also hearing disturbing accounts of sexual violence and other acts of brutality against women, children and men. 

All parties must adhere to their obligations under international humanitarian law.  

Civilians must be protected – and, so, too, humanitarian workers who are being attacked – and even killed — delivering lifesaving humanitarian aid. 

The level of need is staggering.   

Even before the resumption of hostilities, 13 million people required food and other support across Tigray, Amhara and Afar.  

Deliveries of aid into Tigray have been suspended for more than seven weeks, and assistance to Amhara and Afar has also been disrupted.  

All parties must allow and facilitate the rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief for all civilians in need. 

The United Nations is ready to support the African Union in every possible way to end this nightmare for the Ethiopian people. 

We need the urgent resumption of talks towards an effective, lasting political settlement.   

The international community must rally together now for peace in Ethiopia.  

Thank you. “


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  1. Subject: “UN Secretary General claims, like TPLF, “indiscriminate attacks” in Tigray” October 17, 2022

    Humble Opinion,
    Ethiopia, as a sovereign country for time immemorial, is — needless to say — doing what it is necessary to solve its own problem by any means necessary. It is the norm of any country to take its own affairs, responsbily, maintaining its Sovereignty.

    Reading and watching at news items, one can’t help wondering and being sad to notice why responsible international supreme official and stratospherically highly advanced Nations around the Globe would glaringly take sides against Ethiopia. It is amazingly sad.

    One hopes, the African Organization would note the matter — in its broadest context — and take whatever action is necessary to maintain the dignity and independence of each and every African State.

    What else can be said?

  2. Antonio Guteress, what a LOSER!! He disrespected the higher office of the United Nations, by being an errand boy to the hegemonic Westerners. The most underrated and disrespected Secretary General in the history of the the UN, a disgraceful and slobbish personality ever.

  3. The UN secretary general may have been misinformed and mislead by the representative of the TPLF Teodros Adhanom.
    He should be careful with his sources and exercise caution because the credibility and neutrality of the UN should be maintained.


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