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Rebel groups lost stronghold in Metema, many neutralized 

Google map shows Metema area of Ethiopia


Rebels stronghold in west Ethiopia along the Ethio-Sudan border is now under the joint Ethiopian Forces. 

According to sources, the areas with a fortified trench and military significance were reportedly under the joint rebel forces, from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces who crossed to Sudan soon after the TPLF lost the war in December 2020 and Kimant rebel groups, for two years. 

DW Amharic cited residents from Metema district as saying that most of the rebels are killed and the remaining have retreated back to Sudan. 

But the number of deaths is not quantified. 

The rebels’ strongholds were near Tiya, a place on the Sudanese side of the border. According to sources cited by DW Amharic, there were about three fortified concrete trenches that the rebels used as a stronghold for nearly two years. 

The rebels were linked to recurring attacks on investors engaged in agriculture in the area. 

Ethiopian government sources have not yet remarked on the situation. 

Meanwhile, the battle between the TPLF forces and Ethiopian joint forces is continuing on many fronts in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Local sources say that the TPLF is under military pressure and losing many places. 

The “international community” has renewed pressure against Ethiopian and Eritrean governments for the offensive against the TPLF but their statements are framed in a way that appears to be advocacy for human rights.  

On Wednesday, Australia, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States issued a joint statement condemning Eritrean and Ethiopian government forces over alleged human rights violations. 

The Ethiopian government has been saying that its military operations are carefully executed to avoid civilian casualties. 


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  1. These gangster westerners do not learn from history thy are losing the world and want to hang on with their faded liberalism. They advocate genocide and human rights in their own foolish way. The Chinese and Russians are catching up with their dirty liberalism, Here the pretext of Eritrea is to belittle the bravery of Ethiopians who defeated their Italian friends at Adwa Shame on you westerns go to hell with your fat bodies.

  2. This news of triumph is a suspect. Most of the rebels were killed and the rest just ran away with none of them captured? That dog don’t hunt for me! It has become customary these days by both side to claim victory/success right after victims are reported by other media outlets. ‘O we chased them back to Mekele’ is followed by news of Kobo being overrun by Debre’s riff raffs and the subsequent massacre of innocent civilians. This reminds me a story one of my life long Issa friends told me how Ziad Barre’s radio station was reporting his army’s daily triumphs on the battlefield. He told me that at one point the total number of Ethiopian soldiers killed by Ziad’s army seemed to be more than the population of Ethiopia at that time. The radio was still reporting success even after the invading army was driven out of the Ethiopian territory. Fast forward four decades later you’ve got a slew of story tellers. The mantra seems to be ‘tell me what I wanna hear!’ Meanwhile, the suffering of innocent civilians goes on unabated. What a heart wrenching predicament for the unfortunate people.

  3. The question is who will believe the Orommua Shene Abiy fake triumph and lies? Now he is made himself the only source of fanning lies and fake news.

    Afraid of the real news and reports Shene Abiy gave his Shene Police to abduct and keep innocent Amhara journalists in prison.
    Shene Police salary is being paid from the collection bail bond money from innocent Amhara journalist, human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience.


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