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What Ethiopia hopes to attain out of new 12 grade exam arrangement

Nearly one million high school students are writing Ethiopia’s grade 12 examination 

Ethiopia’s Minister For Education, Dr. Berhanu Nega, speaks to journalists (Photo : Public Domain)


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education this year has introduced a new system in connection with the Grade 12 national high school leaving examination. 

Unlike before, this year grade 12 students are required to travel to University campuses to write the national exam. 

It is devised due to cheating and stealing exam papers.  

There were allegations that regional-level authorities were involved in stealing exams and the purpose was to enable a high number of students from that particular region to join universities. 

It has been something that has been contributing to the poor quality of education in the country. 

Dr. Berhanu Nega appeared on the state’s own television earlier this week. Asked whether the new system will be effective in terms of reducing cheating, he said it will significantly reduce cheating. 

He cited two reasons. Exam codes used to be only four. Now there are twelve exam codes. The second reason, he added, is that the exam will be administered in a university setting by Federal authorities. Regional will not have contact with the exams. 

Yet, he did not say definitively that there will be no cheating. What he said is that the system will be assessed again to see if there were ways that made cheating possible and will be addressed in the future. 

A security arrangement is put in place ( federal authorities ) in all the universities to ensure the safety of students – the ministry has announced. 

A total of 976, 018 students will be writing exams this year. The number is said to be higher by 300,000 compared to last year but the reason is unspecified. 

The Ministry also said students who are unable to write the exam now due to security an arrangement is made. They will write it in one month’s time. 

Most Universities have accepted students. Orientation for invigilators is provided. 

Students’ orientation was delayed by one day to enable Muslim Students in the country to celebrate Mawlid. 

The exam will start on Monday, October 10 across the country. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Sunday conveyed a message for Grade 12 students. 

“In you,” he said in Amharic and Oromigna language, “Ethiopia sees hope. I hope you will prove that the exam you are writing is proof that you are true of Ethiopia…” 


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  1. Berhanu Nega aka Chilemaw Meta

    He is an accomplice of the extremist radical Orommuma Abiy Ahmed, in Education Genocide.
    We thought only uneducated greedy thugs and tyrants were the problem for the failing of education standard who bring havoc and chaos in the country but that was not the only truth. Every Ethiopian thought Berhanu Nega had seen the light of civilization and benefit of Education when he was teaching in the US. God knows what was he was teaching and wonder if any of his students has benefited at all from his teachings, He kept them ignorant and wasted their time and money with hiss useless and fake politics. Time will tell when those students will show up and expel their anger..

    This chameleon has never shed his evil skin. He is full of hate, inferiority complex and evil thoughts just like the TPLF, OLF and Orommuma Prosperity Party thugtatorship criminals and pillagers regime. When power was in TPLF hand he kissed the ground Meles Zenawi walked on until he get kicked out of Addis Ababa. Cried at every Eureopean parlamentary how TPLF was brutal and undemocratic but now with the Former EPRDF, ABIY and Co who are the same people but even more worse than the TPLF ( in Amhara Genocide, War, Starvations, Oromo Terrorism, humans rights abuse and Crime) Berhanu/Chelemaw Meta is serving Abiy Ahmed as a tool spouting off the extremist radical Oromo’s despicable propaganda.


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