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Police investigating the death of Popular singer Madingo Afewrok 


Ethiopian Police investigating the death of popular artist Madingo Afework. He died on Tuesday in the morning in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Ethiopian State Media announced that Police are investigating the causes of his death. 

What is known so far is that the singer drove to a private clinic in Lemi Kura sub-city of Addis Ababa woreda 10 and saw a physician he used to see ( police did not name him) around 7: 30 a.m. local time. 

He was complaining about breathing problems and chest pain. Around  9:30, he was pronounced dead. It is also known that the singer was given a pain killer. 

At this point, and based on a report from state media, the investigation is launched to see if his death has something to do with medical error- a common problem that has claimed many lives in Ethiopia.  

Video below is from state media 

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel

Cover Photo : screenshot from the video 


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  1. Police investigating itself, its own crime is like a Predator investigating its prey/meal. There is no government in Ethiopia but gang of Criminals holding power.

    In todays Ethiopia Police does not Protects life and property through the enforcement of laws & regulations.
    Police responds to Abiy Ahmed Orommuma greedy and unfair agenda. Police is a tool of repression to the Orommuma, Oromo controlled Police and government.

    Police targets Amharas, arrests, abducts sues and argued its case in court against Innocent journalist, the well Respected and known 80 Year Old Historian/Journalist Mr. Tadios Tantu, Political activist and other Amharas suspected for not supporting the Orommuma Oromo greedy and ruthless government agenda.

    In every single Amhara death there is Abiy Ahmed’s and the Orommuma Oromo blood washed hands in it.
    Abiy Ahmed Orommua are notorious to never catch murderers, criminals of Genocide against almost 1 million Amharas.
    It is notorious to harass, imprison and abuse innocent Amharas.


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