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Over 100 civilians  killed in Horo Guduru Wollega in the Oromo region of Ethiopia 

EHRC thinks Ethiopian government is not taking adequate measures to protect civilians from armed groups operating in the Horo Guduru area of Oromo region 

Horo Guduru Ethiopia
Google map shows Horo Gururu zone in East Wollega zone


Over 100 civilians are killed in the Umuru district of Horo Guduru zone in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Monday said the civilians were killed since August 31, 2022.  

Private properties including cattle were plundered too and several thousand were displaced from the area to find themselves without any essential emergency aid and in a difficult circumstance. 

The rights group said it had confirmed it from affected people who escaped the killing in the area. 

The group is linking the killing to OLF-Shane, what it called irregular forces from the Amhara region and individuals. 

It also recalled its statement from September 6 this year, in the aftermath of massacre of civilians, in which it called for government authorities about continuing security threats for civilians in the region. 

EHRC asserted the measures the Federal and regional authorities are taking to reverse ethnic-based attacks in the region are not a match for the magnitude of the security problem in the area. 

Daniel Bekele, the Director, called for authorities to consider enhancing security measures to the level that is needed to tackle the problem. He said authorities should discharge their responsibility of protecting the security of citizens. 

Earlier this week, the government admitted that the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group killed civilians in the Horo Guduru area. It did not, however,  specify the number of deaths from the attack and those who were wounded. 

However, it has been claimed that it has killed one of the leaders of the rebel groups whom it identified as Jal Urji. Abiy Ahmed’s administration claimed that the latest attack on civilians in the region is meant to be a retaliatory action over the killing of the leader – among other factors. 

The rebel group operating in the area, which calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army, has announced that it has formed a military alliance with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  

It is something that the TPLF military commander, General Tadesse Worede, confirmed during a recent press statement with media operating in the Tigray region. 

There has been a recurring massacre of ethnic Amhara farming communities in the Horo Guduru area. Thousands of civilians have been killed in the Oromo region in the past four or so years. 


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  1. Seriously??? Pleading for the safety, protection and humane treatment of defenseless elderly, men women and children in the cursed land of the blood thirsty vampires of Wollega and environs, with the Oromumma cult leader, butcher, abettor and enabler in chief, the asinine and unethical, and morally repulsive and inhumane mafia thugs of the Abiy gang is tantamount t begging Satan for the keys to heaven.This buffoon, impostor and sham of a premier is incorrigible. He does not have the ethical standards or the intellect to discern what is right. His puny mind, over inflated ego, his lack of understanding of the indispensability of the rule of law for a functioning society are the collections of anathema to be carried on the shoulders of Ethiopians. The impostor and his thuggish sycophants, the yes men and women surrounding “ Emperor Nero” has hijacked the decades of aspirations of Ethiopians for a democratic system of governance, the rule of law and the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for each and every individual Ethiopian, as inalienable natural rights of the individual citizen.

    It is highly doubtful here that the 21st Oromumma Nero would practice the political self immolation vis a vis the paradigm of Emperor Nero back in the year 0068 AD upon his being declared enemy of the public by the Roman. Senate. How ridiculously can history repeat herself in the 21 st century 2 millennia later, where the Great Fire of Rome is manifesting as the Great Bloodshed of Ethiopians on the watch of Abiy the Terrible!!!!!! Then many believed Nero instigated it all for his “Golden House “ project. Today’s “Golden House” project is “Oromumma”, ironical as it may seem.

    Now four years of the track record of the demagogue and imposter in chief point to an individual consumed with self adulation,who always has put his fat thumb on the scale of justice, who has consolidated power for another political experimentation of his ideologue, his nonsense, his mambo jumbo and his PP gluttonous, self serving ethno fanaticism like his beloved mentors, the TPLF and their predecessors, the Derg.

    Nearly half a century after the fall of the government of Emperor Haile Selassie,a Constitutional Monarchy, the Separation of Powers in government, the independence of the Judiciary, the legislative and executive branches of government has still been unrealized. In fact, the three pseudo governments after Emperor Haile Selassie’s, namely, the dictatorship of mengistu hailemariam, the ethno fascist regime of memes zenawi, and the current oromumma ethno fascist regime of abiy ahmed, all have proven themselves to be nothing but wanna be depots and absolute dictators of the Ethiopian people.

    The reason why the reform agenda for Ethiopians has been hijacked by the abiy cult and thugs collection is owing to the accountability demanded from the butchers and the irreconcilable ambitions of the Oromumma thugs for usurping what they did not work for, and the humble demand for accountability and the quest for the establishment of a meritocratic society where efforts, talents, hard work, education must be the norms for, recruitment and advancement, not ethnic background or clan and sub clan affiliation as envisioned by Abiy and his sycophantic cultist collection of clowns.

  2. try your last luck tpf by organizing oromo-speaking tplf killers posing as shene. What a sham you never learn.
    At least be human and don’t kill children and women – you also have mums isn’t it crazy monsters????

  3. When will this state sponsored genocide be exposed worldwide for what it is? The nakedness of it has no precedence. All it takes is a 10 minute coverage on one major media outlet. Period. The maniacally criminal government of Abiy cannot lie or deflect afterwards.


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