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Ethiopian PM says the hand stretched for peace not yielding result 

“To teach the Ethiopian government about peace is like to teach fish how to swim or a bird how to fly,” Abiy Ahmed said in his Meskel Holiday message 

Ethiopian PM _ TPLF _ War
In this undated picture, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is posing for picture in his office. (source : Abiy Ahmed FB page)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday conveyed a message on the occasion of the Meskel Holiday. It has now been customary for the Prime Minister to convey long messages on the occasions of religious holidays ( Christian, Islamic or for the Oromo Waqe Fena religious tradition.) 

In his message today, he highlighted what his government has achieved in project execution, including in the third filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and the reversal of, as he thinks, the drought situation and economic challenges.  

Setups attempted to weaken Ethiopia ( unspecified but implied that from external forces) to weaken Ethiopia and put the country in “darkness,” as he put it, is reversed.  

He also seized the occasion to talk about the war – without revealing the state of the war and without mentioning the warring Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) by name. 

The message appears to be not only to Ethiopians but also to powers attempting to interfere in Ethiopian affairs by branding themselves as mediators while tacitly emboldening the TPLF. 

While maintaining a pacifist tone, the core of his message seems to reject pressure on Ethiopia and rhetoric about the importance of peace. 

He said that the Ethiopian government has done more than its share to ensure that the conflict is resolved peacefully. In that direction, he went further to the extent of demonstrating the circumstances under which the TPLF ( again he did not call it by name) launched the third round of invasion and attacks against Ethiopian forces. 

“Our patience was mistaken for fear; our pursuit of peace was regarded as weakness and the third round of attack was opened against us,” he added. 

The Ethiopian government has paid the ultimate price for peace and no one has paid like the government of Ethiopia. However, he added, our effort for peace is not given due credit and the other party’s belligerence is not condemned as much as it should. 

In what appears to be a response to rhetoric by western powers,  he said “to teach the Ethiopian government about the importance of peace is like to teach a fish how to swim or a bird how to fly.” 

We are forced to embark on defence to ensure that Ethiopia’s existence is not ended, the disintegration of its people not happening and our children and grandchildren inherit a sovereign Ethiopia. 

He described the response after the failure of the peace initiative as an “effort to discharge historical responsibility and defend [Ethiopia’s] national interest.” 

Because the hand we stretched for peace is not yielding results, it is forced to hold a spear. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also expressed optimism that the struggle this year will resolve Ethiopia’s challenges once and for all. 

It has been well over a month since the TPLF started the third round of war against Ethiopia on alleged grounds of breaking the siege. 

Although the TPLF has been claiming victories on multiple fronts, there are no clear signs of making military advances on all war fronts.

The Ethiopian government is not revealing the state of the war too. Not much is known as to what is gained and what is lost militarily. 


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  1. Abiy Ahmed is under the Eritrean dictator and invader Isaias Afewerki and receives orders from Asmara. He is just a toy. It is not for the first time that Isaias Afewerki has invaded Tigray. He violated the sovereignty of Tigray During his 1998-2000 aggression and was taught a lesson by the heroic Tigray forces. The Tigray forces then were ready to oust him but the TPLF leaders with Eritrean blood (the late Meles Zenawi and aboy Sebhat Nega) stopped them. The pure Tegaru such as Siye Abraha and others wanted to remove the the regime in Asmara. Time has vindicated this true Tegaru leaders and the Isaias regime survived and has now invaded Tigray because of the disastrous decisions of the Late Meles and co. Tegaru will defeat both Isaias and his puppet Abiy soon.

  2. To stretch hands for peace is acceptable but to whom will be the question. The TPLF never accepted and stood for peace from its inception because its guiding politics is fascism. Fascism and peace are diametrically opposed and prime minister Abiy Ahmed`s gesture for peace led to emboldening of the TPLF and launching of its latest attacks. The TPLF has destroyed the bridge to peace and must face the consequences. The TPLF should be forced to surrender and face justice. The government should find ways of denying the TPLF its main source of logistics (food aid).

  3. Ethiopia is very lucky to have pragmatic, intelligent, farsighted, and very humble leader. PM Abiye is young, and represents the majority whose future is ahead rather than behind. He is at par or better than the best leaders the country ever had.

    The junta is cancer of Ethiopia, and that cancer has to be surgically removed to attain sustainable peace and economic development; no doubt about it. It designed and implemented ethnic based federalism to divide and destroy the nation as precondition for controlling the nation’s resources to benefit exclusively the Tigre ethnics. In the process it also hoodwinked the international community (America and Europe) into believing the federal system it designed and implemented was meant to promote democracy, a la the American federal states system, rather than the hidden intent of dividing, destroying, and exploiting Ethiopia dry. Esayas Afewrqi of Eritrea understood all of that, and told the mother of junta named Melles Zenawi the draft constitution Melles shared with him will harm Ethiopia and perhaps even Eritrea as well. Of course, Eritreans knew the snake Tigrians very well, and what Esayas told Melles had its basis on that understanding. Ethiopians did not know Tigres as much, and paid heavy price for that ignorance, but that will never happen again in the future.

    By now Tigres had demonstrated amply how much they hated Ethiopia and Amhara. At best, the wound inflicted in the process will probably take decades to heal, perhaps not until the yet unborn generation. At worst, Ethiopians will want Tigres to leave the federation all together and be confined in their tightly defined region; neither Ethiopian nor Eritreans will welcome them. There will then be a new tiniest country in Africa named Tigrai, which will the worse economically than Somalia post Saide Barre.

    • Agree with you on the last part of your comment. The TPLF as a fascist organization has fascistized the Tigray community to a great extent and ridding Tigray of fascism will not be an easy task ahead. But Ethiopia can draw lessons from the de-nazification and de-fascistization of Europe after WW11.

  4. I tell you what. The motto that drives Debre and others like him in other regions is this that demonic fatwa ‘self determination including and up to secession.’ Nothing less! More is fine but never less! They are even now more emboldened to get it through after officials in the EU and some others in the UN addressing their outfit of riff raffs as ‘government’. For Debre and others like him from other regions with similar ‘master plan’ such designation is the greatest moral support they ever got. It is like a jackpot suddenly hit. This with the other one that goes like ‘political power comes out of the barrels of the gun’ have sealed off every venue of negotiations. It is going to be a miracle which I will call out every one of them gushing with all sorts of accolades if that miracle really happens. Meanwhile, the unfortunate youth is being marched into an awaiting inferno instead of marched into schools like his contemporaries in Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda and many African countries. He is given Putin made AK47’s instead of smart phones. He is being deafened with songs praying wars instead of hits of romance, harmony and peace. What worse predicament is out there to match what the youth in Tigray is living it in his region? What a predicament just because a few brutes riding on his back for more than 45 years have said so. Debre and his cabals seem to be taking the last lap before they go like their mentor fat pig told the world 73 years ago with this ‘Dear comrades! Today, I hereby declare the formal establishment of the People’s Republic of Tigray and its Central People’s Government!’

  5. Whose clean hand is Abiy going to stretch? He has no clean hands. His fingers are soaked in blood.
    The Undesirable mendacious Abiy Ahmed has no clean hand to stretch or to offer peace. The psychopath knows no peace.
    The last 4 years are marked with war, human misery, Genocide, horrific and barbaric crime spree of OLF/Shene aided and supported by OLF/Shene Abiy goverment.
    It was only for few months Ethiopians lived in peace after Abiy took power and that is because Abiy was new to power and wanted to buy time until he prepares and has full control of the power. Then soon started the silent Amhara Genocide.
    His hands are soaked with many innocent people blood while he was a servant of TPLF and during the 4 years of his government.

    He started the War with TPLF and to eliminate TPLF he perceives his #1 enemy that could come between himself and his power seat.
    He pushed and ordered Amhara and Afar people to rise up and fight against TPLF only to inject hate and poison between Tigreas, Amharas and Afars.

    Amhara and Ethiopians blood. He will never stretch for peace unless it is to poison or slaughter.

    The 4 Years of Abiy government has brought curse, DEATHS, GENOCIDE, war, destructions, calamity and misery in Ethiopia that has never been seen before even worse than the time of invasion by Fascist Italian force.

  6. እንደምናችሁ!

    1. TPLF belittled Ethiopia’s endless plea for peace ena.et/en/?p=18951 . It even crossed the Red Line and massacred ENDF’s Northern Command in their sleep. I remember a member of Mothers for Peace that knelt in front of Debretsion the Butcher.

    2. Hunt down TPLF leaders to the last cave and bring them to justice for Crimes against Humanity and TPLF’s 27-Year Ethiopia-wide Crime Spree of the Millennium:

    Genocide is Crime Gambella, Amara, Affar…! Murder is Crime Oromo, Amara, Affar…! Torture is Crime Oromo, Amara…. Rape is Crime [Amara, Affar, Nuns…]! Robbery is Crime [CBE, Amaras, Affars…]! Pillage is Crime [Amara, Affar, Oromo, monasteries…]! Property destruction is Crime [hospitals, clinics, schools, homes, cattle…]! Using child soldiers is Crime [Tigray]! Using civilians as human shields is Crime [Tigray]! Starving civilians for propaganda is Crime [Tigray]! Domestic Terrorism is Crime! Sponsoring Inter-Ethnic Clashes is Crime! Partnership in crime is Crime [OLF-OLA…]! Displacing civilians is Crime [Amara, Affar, Oromo…]! Illicit financial flow of ≈36 billion USD [1991 – 2018 (TPLF Reign)] is Crime…

    3. The TPLF left Ethiopia with NO Money and NO Army. So, Ethiopia was broke and defenceless. TPLF looted Ethiopia so bone-dry that there was no money for government employee salary. Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat with USD $ 1 billion from UAE’s Prince MBZ. Mind you, Abiy is a millionaire [Nobel Prize] and could have walked away from troubled Ethiopia! Abiy chose to stay and do his best! Hats off to Abiy!

    i_Mognu / don_Q


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