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Eritrea’s goal in the war with the Tigray rebels forces 

The war is continuing in multiple fronts according to Eritrean government Minister for Information 

Eritrea _ TPLF _ War
Yemane Gebremeskel, Eritrea’s Minister for Information (Photo source : TesfaNews )


Latest report by the BBC regarding alleged mass mobilization including mobilization of “reservists” put Eritrea in the limelight.  It was reported, earlier this week, that Eritrea called reservists up to 55 years of age. 

As it turns out, the report was a fake one based on a remark from Eritrea’s Minister for Information – Yemane Gebremeskel.  He dismissed BBC claims about “mass mobilization.”  In his words, it was “a tiny number of conscriptions.”

Asked as to what Eritrea’s goal is in the war with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in an interview with Ulrich Coppel ( which is cited by Tesfanews ),   Mr. Yemane said that “Eritrea has no special interest in the Tigray Region.” 

He explained his government’s point of view further in a way highlighting that Eritrea’s action manages from a duty to self-defense and defending its sovereignty. 

He said : 

“The 2018 Peace agreement is between Eritrea and Ethiopia and it naturally includes the Tigray region as well as other regions in Ethiopia. But the TPLF – not the people of Tigray – has an entrenched hostile agenda against Eritrea that includes the incorporation of Eritrean territories; regime change, and sometimes the destruction of Eritrea’s national identity to incorporate Eritrea’s highlands and the eastern lowlands into “Greater Tigray.” 

He also insinuated that the United States and the European Union have an agenda in the region when he said that “The EU and the US are well aware of these toxic TPLF policies, but they prefer to accommodate it for their own agendas.” 

It has been over a month now since the TPLF opened its third round of fighting against Ethiopian Forces, rejecting the unconditional call for a peace talk which was meant to take place in Kenya.

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information interview with Ulrich Coppel confirmed that the war continued on multiple fronts. 

The Ethiopian government has been silent about the state of the war – gains of losses. However, there are indications that the war is going on in some parts of Tigray too although the TPLF has controlled areas in Kobo (Amhara region) and parts of the Afar region. 

Last week, two conflicting pieces of information were released by the TPLF forces. 

General. Tadesse Wolrede, who is said to be commander of “Tigray Defense Force,” said that his forces lost territories including Zalambessa, Adarkai and the Dedebit area – the traditional TPLF military ground.  

Just two days after his statement, Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson, claimed that TPLF forces annihilated over 100,000 Ethiopian and Eritrean forces. 

Meanwhile, a new video shared on social media purportedly reveals that hundreds of TPLF forces were captured as they attempted to sneak into the region from Sudan. 


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  1. The Tigray defense force (TDF) is finalizing their preparations to reverse and defeat both the Abiy and Eritrean armies who are to commit genocide in Tigray. This time the TDF will not stop short of marching into Asmara and Finfine. The Tigray government has given diplomacy a chance but our enemies (Abiy Ahmed, Eritrea and the Amharas) see it as weakness and are invading Tigray. The Amharas have the ambition of invading Oromia after Tigray because it will be easier to defeat the OLA after weakening and defeating the TDF. The senior commanders of the TDF who led the operations against the OLF in the early 90s believe that the Amhara forces can easily defeat the OLA if the TDF loses this war.

  2. These Eritreans are at it again. They are everywhere, man! Their soldiers have been harassing me and others like me whenever we go to grocery shopping here in the US, Europe and even on planet Mars. They just invaded The UN and EU recognized country of Tigray, Botswana, Senegal, Finland, Malaysia and New Zealand. They are everywhere, dude and no one has any clues or the power how to stop them. Them rascals!!!

  3. In all seriousness I agree with H.E. Yemane bin Gebremeskel. With peace accord finally signed with Addis/Finfine, I don’t see any thing significant for Eritrea to have any interest in Tigray. It is going to be a financial burden that will bleed its national coffers bone dry. It will get nothing in return economically. As it is, our dear Eritrean brothers and sisters have their hands full to make their country livable after decades of destructive civil war, drought and denudation of its arable land. Most importantly we should never be remiss about the glaring fact that Eritrea is a UN member and globally recognized sovereign nation. It has an inalienable right to protect itself and fight back when attacked. Our brothers and sisters there were minding their own business when suddenly deadly missiles started raining on top of them. Debre and his cabals was cruel and demonic when they lobbed deadly missiles on innocent civilians in Asmara and cities in Amhara region. Just imagine if those missiles were crudely fitted with WMD’s. Just imagine. You never know what despots like Debre and his cabals would do when they are left alone with their own device. All they care is their personal political power ambition. They don’t care what will happen to those upright citizens in Tigray. If they really do care about the citizens there they wouldn’t have started the destructive war, the war they should have known that they will never win. Two years and counting they still send their youth to awaiting flame while the despots get fatter and fatter by the day. The average citizen there should ask the cardinal question: ‘What did I gain from the war I did not start?’ Death and unimaginable destruction, that is what they gained. Their sons, daughters, spouses and other loved ones left in one piece but either came back maimed and unrecognizable or died denied of dignified burials. They were either left to die a slow and agonizing deaths after being seriously wounded or their dead bodies were left to rot in places they never heard of just to be devoured by wild predators. Is this war really worth fighting for the common citizens of Tigray? What depressingly unfortunate people!!!


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