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The Art of Dominance: divided we fall

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Aklog Birara (Dr)
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It is almost two years since the TPLF-led axis of evil triggered a civil war, caused the deaths of between 600,000 and 1,000,000 Ethiopians, most of them young, stole, captured, destroyed, or damaged billions of dollars in social and physical infrastructure. TPLF continues to do these criminal acts in collusion with and direct and indirect support from Ethiopia’s adversaries. 

The West led by the government of the United States, the EU and the UN system they fund, and control have failed to pressure the TPLF and demand that it abandons its insurgency and negotiates for peaceful settlement. Blaming TPLF victims is no longer credible. 

I am dumfounded and dismayed by the hypocritical statements on the part of the US government that it is supports Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity; and defends peace, stability, the rule of law in the Horn and Eastern Africa. How do you reconcile this preaching with the fact on the ground that the TPLF is the primary cause of mayhem in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa? How many Ethiopians must die before Western powers stop appeasing the terrorist TPLF? 

War is not the solution to the Ethiopia crisis. Peaceful negotiation is. For this to happen, TPLF and its allies must be asked to abandon insurgency and agree to peaceful negotiations without preconditions.  

I do not agree with several aspects of Ethiopian federal government policy, for example, the current ethnicity and language-based constitution. But I am convinced that the Ethiopian government is committed to peace, stability, sustainable development. It is genuinely committed to ending the war through peaceful means. It is unwise, however, to expect the government of Ethiopia not to fight; and if capability allows not dismantle the TPLF and OLA militarily. Ethiopia will never have peace unless it dismantles TPLF. At stake is Ethiopia’s survival. 

The West led by the US and UN specialized agencies must acknowledge that it is not the government of Ethiopia that does not want peace. It is TPLF and its cohort of foreign supporters including the Tigrean Diaspora. 

UN specialized agencies, including the so-called International Commission of Human Rights Experts must stop taking sides, supporting, and empowering TPLF. They need to do this now. 

In this connection, I agree with a press statement issued by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 9, 2022 (below) describing the Commission’s one sided and pro-TPLF assessments and conclusions as politically motivated. Sadly, this is not the first time UN specialized agencies have failed Ethiopia. I have not found any evidence of fairness and impartiality on the part of UN specialized agencies since TPLF’s treasonous war started in November 2020, none. “

Readers would recall “Tigray genocide, Tigray Famine, Tigray encirclement” and the like repeatedly that Western corporate media such as CNN, think tanks, policy and decision makers and UN institutions paraded. 

Repeated references by the West of the government of Tigray, Western Tigray and so on emboldened TPLF and made sound invincible. 

Tragically, the victims of make-believe stories and empowering pronouncements by the West are Tigrean and non-Tigrean Ethiopians.

The make-believe story line of Tigray this and Tigray that gives the mistaken impression that Tigray is no longer part of Ethiopia. Has anyone asked patriotic Tigrean Ethiopians whether they are part of Ethiopia or not? Not really. 

If one repeats lies repeatedly, the international community tends to believe that lies are truths. They are not. 

At minimum, one ought to consider the fact that Tigreans, Eritreans, Agars and Amhara are neighbors. They cannot change geography. They have no option but to live side by side respectfully and with tolerance of each other’s differences. 

Ethiopian insiders have been reporting about unparallel civilian deaths and destruction of immense property since TPLF initiated the war in November 2020. Ethiopian experts estimate that close to 600,000 Tigreans, most of them young have perished. The number of those killed in the Afar and Amhara region is often understated but believed to be huge too. All told close to one million Ethiopians including civilians have perished. 

What the West is not saying 

The social, economic, political, and psychological cost of the war is immense. I estimate the death toll of this senseless war exceeds the number killed during the Eritrea Ethiopia and Ethiopia Somalia wars combined. Currently, Ethiopian, and foreign experts estimate that over nine (9) million Ethiopians in the Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions require humanitarian food assistance. 

TPLF initiated its reckless and immoral third war during the farming season. The consequence ahead will be catastrophic, including famine and starvation for millions. 

What am asking

  1. I urge the international community—UN specialized agencies, the UN Secretary General, members of the AU and EU, the US Congress and Government, human rights organizations—to condemn TPLF insurgency; demand immediate cessation of the war and further belligerency; and urge for peaceful negotiation among the warring factions. Unless the international community pushes for restoration of peace, the bloodbath will persist. This will have a ripple effect in the entire Horn. 
  1. These same bodies must also urge Egypt, Sudan, and other external forces to cease fueling the war by supplying arms, intelligence, finance, and coordination to the TPLF and other terrorist groups. 
  1. Ethiopians within and outside the country must unite, speak from the same script and condemn foreign intervention and TPLF insurgency.
  1. The federal government of Ethiopia must no longer be wishy washy; it must dismantle the TPLF and OLA. 
  1. In the long-term Ethiopia must address the institutional and structural issues that cause human insecurity, instability, and massive destructions. 
  1. In the medium term, Ethiopian political parties, civil society, key federal government institutions must call for an all-inclusive conference for peace, national reconciliation, and a road map for deep societal healing. The National Dialogue Commission must initiate this process without delay. 

I am convinced that the axis of evil is determined to undo Ethiopia by reverting to civil war as an option. The international community must appreciate that Ethiopia’s aspirational goals to transform its economy towards sustainability and resiliency are being eroded by these adversarial forces that collude and harm. 

Finally, the sooner the United States declares its allegiance to Ethiopia by abandoning the TPLF, the sooner the war will end. Such a bold policy move by the USA will restore trust among Ethiopians and other Africans.

Ethiopia Shall Prevail!!

September 16, 2022

TPLF murderers hide in caves 


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