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Ethiopians to protest United States’ support to the TPLF rebels

Ethiopians in Washington protesting to demand U.S. government stop sabotaging democracy in Ethiopia 

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Ethiopians have been accusing the United States of supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  Ethiopian Americans have organized a protest for Tuesday in Washington D.C. It will take place in front of the State Department. 

The flyer prepared for the event by the organizers seems to suggest that the United States tacit support to a designated terrorist group in Ethiopia is seen as a war on Africa.

“Stop the war on Africa!”  says the key message on the Flyer.

There is a more specific one that sees U.S. intervention in Ethiopia (on the side of the TPLF) as a form of sabotage against what is perceived as a transition to democracy.

“U.S. stop supporting TPLF Insurgents!! Stop Sabotaging Ethiopia’s Democracy,” it says.  

The alleged support manifested itself in the form of pressure on the Ethiopian government on alleged grounds of blocking aid to the Tigray region of Ethiopia and even “genocide in Tigray”. 

The U.S. State Department has been issuing statements after condemning the Ethiopian government for the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia while ignoring the very similar situations in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia which were created because of TPLF’s military adventure to these regions.

At times the State Department employs an approach that Ethiopian activists describe as “bothsidism” when it is supposed to unequivocally condemn military and humanitarian situations. 

The fact that TPLF started and sustained the war by rejecting efforts for peace is constantly missing from State Department narratives about the war in Ethiopia. 

Food aid and other items that are supposed to be distributed to people in the Tigray region often end up in the hands of the TPLF and are used to sustain the TPLF forces. 

The latest round of war against TPLF literally came a day after the World Food Program (WFP) claimed that TPLF forces “stole” 570,000 million liters of fuel from Mekelle warehouse – it is a resource that was supposed to be used for humanitarian aid operation.

Last year, captured TPLF fighters were caught with nutritious aid food on the Gashena Front. It is happening again. This week joint forces of the Ethiopian Defense Force and local militia stormed a fortified TPLF trench position and they recovered USAID food aid and biscuits. 

It is not the first time for Ethiopians living in the United States to protest U.S. support for the TPLF. There have been similar protests in the past two years.  

The protest tomorrow is anticipated to attract thousands of Ethiopians from Washington, Virginia, Maryland and from other nearby states too.


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  1. I think the better or best way to send a message would be to approach high level officials and those with those the ability to influence policies and have a civilized discussion. Individuals who are always composed and eloquent should be carefully selected for the task. They should not be selected on the basis that they have been posting numerous articles on this or other websites. I had seen some of them giving interviews or participating in round table discussions. They are in totally different scale in their oratory skills from their writing capabilities. I find them to be incoherent and having difficulties in finding the right words in their utterances. This defect also exists among those who I have designated as bigots. I remember one of them who had the audacity to travel all the way to the congress just to end up mumbling and jumbling. I felt sorry for the listening members of the Congress. They might be wondering if that person was speaking in the English language or some kind of a new Creole dialect. So was I! Remember English is not phonetic.

    The other widely held opinion that has to be dealt head on is this misconception about the Oromos, Amharas and Tigres. I strongly believe that some officials and those in influencing capabilities might have bought this notion that Tigres are all Semitic group of people and the other two have a deep seated hatred for all Tigres just for that reason. They use racist remarks by bigoted individuals among Oromos and Amharas to enforce that misconception. As long as this misconception persists and not effectively dealt with we gonna keep dealing with one-sided policies and unfair news/articles on major media outlets. Queen of Sheba eloping with King Solomon still rings a loud ring bell that sends some into quivering trance even though there is no hard evidence that Debre and his cabals have been confirmed for having the same DNA attributes with those during Queen of Sheba’s time. If there is one in the DNA database I never heard anyone talking about it. And don’t even think about telling that Yemeni scholar/historian that Queen of Sheba was based in Axum. Please don’t. Otherwise you gonna start doubting everything about yourself! Everybody has a role in dismantling this misconception. Bigots should never be provided platforms on this or other websites. Well read and composed historians among us and there in the old country have critical roles in this. Nuff said for now.

  2. Those Who Carried The recent Barbaric Massacres Are Those Demons Who Are Hell Bent In Igniting An All Out Inter Ethnic Bloody Conflict Between These Upright Neighbors Of Amharas And Oromos. They Had Tried That Before and They Failed and Failed So Embarrassingly and Miserably. My Expectation And Wishes Are They Will Fall On Their Faces Once Again. Those Of Individuals Here Among Us Who Use This Repulsive Act Of Savagery To Spew Around Hatred Toward People Who Have Been Harmoniously Living With Their Neighbors For Centuries I Suggest To You To Stop Your Bigoted Rants. I Am Urging Those Fair Minded Individuals On Both Ethnic Groups To Ignore The Rant Of These Individuals Who Have Proven To Be Haters Long Before This Repugnant Act By A Fringe Group. You Have To Remember That These Two Ethnic Group Can Not Survive Without The Other. These Bigots Are Dying To Create A Situation Where There Will Be Able To Yank Away A Territory Just To Call It Their Personal Fiefdom. Once They Get That They Will Be Able To Ride On The Backs Of Their Own People Jailing, Murdering, Exiling, Pillaging, Pilfering And Robbing. No Oromos Will Come To Your Aid; No Amharas Will Come To Your Aid Either. I Suggest To You Fair And Open Minded People To Reject Any Of The Diatribes Being Spewed Around By These Proven Haters. Whenever You See An Ethnic Attachment To Describe Savages Think That As Something Used By These Bigots To Pitch These Eternally Fraternal People At Each Other. The Only Think That Will Quench Their Runaway Hatred Is A Situation Where The Entire Land From Bedeno To Dembi Dolo And From Moyale To Gondar Flooded With Human Blood. Boy, They Dream About That from Their Comfy Homes Here In LA, Melbourne, Chicago, Some Joint in Virginia, Some Orphanage in Scandinavia, Dc, Atlanta and Some Missionary Canteens.

  3. The present US administration is well aware of the history of Tigray as one of the oldest civilizations with its proud and exceptional citizens. The semi-barbaric and backward Amhara and other tribes in the south are mobilized to the full to destroy this civilization and its citizens. The leader behind these anti-civilization and anti-modern tribal alliances is Isaias Afewerki who is brutalizing his own people. The civilized and modern western world led by the US has the moral obligation to support the struggle of this ancient world civilization in its fight against the semi-barbaric tribes launched by the Erirean dictator.

    • DigiT,
      Stop hallucinating and fill your bellies first and then clean your filthy mouth with soap and hot water.
      So you’re brainwashed to believe in the superiority of “civilized and modern western world” over “ancient world civilization” of Tigray (excluding Eritrea and Amhara of course) and the “semi-barbaric tribes” of the rest of the world?

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes, Protest must be intensified all of the world. Amhara Genocide is on the making !!! Inform every High level officials, State, District, City and County representative and all the way to government job workers.

    In addition to the Amharic speakers please bring well informed and asserted ENGLISH SPEAKERS who are fluent in English that could convey the message effective and in a collected manner to the whole English speaking population.

    Please hold huge and Bold signs that can be seen from miles away, written in English about the Apartheid government of Ethiopia and that presents how Amharas are targeted for horrific and gruesome situation in Ethiopia.

    Bring more politically aware and concerned young people that can convey the message to their peers, school mates, teachers, and neighbors. To be effective Ethiopia’s government Sponsored Amhara Genocide information should continue to spread to the wider world. Informing Americans and the Whole World should be every Amhara or concered individuals responsibility. It has to continue in every businesses, neighborhoods and places.

  5. Instead of fighting with TPLF and going where the REAL war is Abiy’ Ahmed’s main enemies are Journalists with Pen, Cameras and Paper who report what is on the ground.

    The 80 Yeras old TADIOS TANTU,

    STOP the Apartheid System and selectively Kidnapping, Abducting and Imprisoning Amharas.

    He wants to be the only source of misinformation, lie and useless talks after talks on and on …. Dictators by definition are afraid of Truth, News, Freedom of Speech and Journalists.

    His weakness makes him to be afraid of Journalists because they speak the truth. But the more he becomes repressive and an intimidator, the more he exposes his fear of losing power and the more he creates people to fight for their freedom, freedom of Speech , freedom of movement and Respect as rightful citizens.

    He thinks they stole the highlight from him by speaking the truth. If Abiy was a man of truth and dignity everyone would have listened and respected to him but he become his own enemy.

  6. Subject: “Ethiopians to protest United States’ support to the TPLF rebels”. September 5, 2022

    Go ahead and enjoy your freedom of writing and demonstration in the good old United States of Dear AMERICA.
    You will get no where and you will stop your parade at the end of the day out of exhaustion.

    Oh! By the way, “TPLF rebels” too will NEVER get anywhere without the approval of the Good Old USA.
    Reciting the words of ‘independence and freedom of expression’ means absolutely NOTHING, without the YES NODE from the Most Powerful Country on the Globe. Don’t kid yourself. TPLF too will NEVER get what a sleek preacher promise. The leader of TPLF is very smart and insightful enough to know the political reality on our GLOBE — and may even be knowledgeable upon well BEYOND STARS !!!!!!!!! Dear Ordinary Wise Tigrayans: Please watch where you are stepping upon. No one will come to your aids when you fall down, down, down the cliff to your oblivion. Is that enough warning, Dear Ordinary Tigrayan??? NO Body will be sorry for your own decision to fool around with your own LIFE. THE END


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