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Business listing service with borkena

business listing service _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea and more
Friendship square in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa (Photo : Mayor’s office social media page)


Borkena is now offering a business listing service. The service is running on a subdomain of the main site. It is entirely dedicated for businesses with the aim to help enhance online visibility. 

It has been decades that that online presence has been one of the main business strategies for all sorts of businesses. 

The more presence you have online, the more beneficial it is for your business by way of enhancing your visibility. 

It may mean that you get to be available for viewing when potential customers are searching for information online. Obviously, there is a possibility for those potential customers to be real time clients to your business.

Addis Ababa (credit : Mayor’s office)

With the decent domain score and tens of thousands of indexed pages, highlighting your service on the borkena subdomain could help enhance your online presence. 

Whether you are in the travel business, real estate, cars, banking, fashion, hotel, restaurant or other service providing business you may just register and take advantage of the listing service. 

You can register and submit listings wherever your business is. 

There is an option to buy packages for businesses that need to promote products or services very often. 

The subdomain site is linked to the header(Menu) of borkena main site. 

Features that the listing services offers 

Apart from writing an enticing and informative content about the services or products you are promoting, it is beneficial to use features like image galleries (quality pictures with high resolutions) and for cover pictures. 

Adding videos about your services (you may also insert links from Vimeo or Youtube) enriches your content. It is the closest thing to showing what you offer in person. 

The listing service also has features to link your site depending on the pricing package

Payment option 

The form of payment that is available at this point is paypal or Stripe. It is a secured payment. However, you can pay with your credit card too via paypal. 

Corporate social responsibility 

By listing  services on borkena business listing service, you can support an effort to hire more staff and editors from Ethiopia. Borkena has been short staffed for a long time now. It is your chance to make a difference while benefiting your business. 

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  1. Dear editors,

    I want to wish you success in your new business venture. I won’t tell you anything new that you already know. As a former owner of a small business owner engaged in consulting and global sourcing in a specific market it takes persistence and staying the course. Giving up is not an option. What I can share with you from so many experiences is this situation where companies that close the door on your face after making a pitch you will be pleasantly surprised when you get calls from them asking for help months later. You must have a skin as thick as a turtle shell. Keep hustling and plugging away. My family and I wish you the best of luck. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. Borkena has been shortlisted for many years now. There is an intention to hire at least three people, including an editor. Introducing the listing service is meant to avoid a crowed funding fundraiser. The admin is running this page, against all ads and sabotages including from the establishment, on top of a full time work for a living. The assumption is that the business community has capacity to support the page while promoting services and or products. Otherwise, borkena was never a business idea and it will never be a business in the feature too. It is a platform to defend Ethiopia’s cause.


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