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Ethiopia says it is ready to start negotiation with TPLF  any time, anywhere 

TPLF came up with preconditions and an ultimatum. The Ethiopian government does not seem to accept it

Redwan Hussien _ Ethiopia _ negotiation
Redwan Hussien during briefing with Ambassadors in Addis Ababa on July 28,2022 ( Photo credit : ENA)


Redwan Hussien, Ethiopian Prime Minister Advisor on security affairs, on Thursday announced he and his colleague Gedion Timoteos ( Minister for Justice) held a briefing with UN special envoy and Ambassadors from EU, USA, France, Germany , Italy and UK.

Mr. Redwan and Mr Gedion (both members of the negotiating team designated by the Ethiopian Federal government) said Ethiopia is ready to negotiate with TPLF anytime and anywhere. 

The offer does not seem to be as blank cheque as it sounds. The Ethiopian government does not seem to accept any preconditions to the negotiation although the Tigray People’s Liberation Front Chairman, Debretsion Gebremichael, on Wednesday announced that his organisation will go to war if the preconditions are not met. 

In a Twitter message, Mr. Redwan indicated that the diplomats are briefed that the African Union will lead the process and “can solicit logistical support from any source.” 

“…We also briefed the team regarding efforts made to create collaborative environment and narrow gaps with a  commission of experts of UN, .. announced that they are allowed for a round trip to Mekele ,” he further said. 

The TPLF, on the other hand, has announced preconditions for the negotiation. It is threatening to go to war if its preconditions are not met. 

The withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from what it called the Tigray region (from the perspective of TPLF is a reference to Wolkait region) and the resumption of services including banking and communication are among the preconditions.  

The U.S. government had been, as indicated in multiple statements from the State Department, demanding the Ethiopian government to withdraw forces from what it calls “Western Tigray” – like the TPLF.  

The TPLF also does not accept, as it has announced last month, the African Union as an entity to lead the negotiation. It believes that the organisation is close to the Ethiopian government.  

The TPLF considers it as letting “Tigray down” if the African Union is allowed to lead the process. In a letter written last month, it announced that it wants Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyata as a mediator. 

VOA Amharic service on Thursday cited a US official to report that the negotiation between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF – a group that dominated power in Ethiopia for nearly three decades with strong financial and diplomatic support from the United States and its allies. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has not been seen in public for several weeks now, announced during his latest appearance at the Parliament that his government could start negotiation to end the war with the TPLF and that a committee is designated to lead the process. 

Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, is designated as head of the negotiating team. 

The war in Ethiopia started in November 2020 when the TPLF attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in what was meant to be a decisive action to pave the way to march to Addis Ababa to retake power.


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  1. Stop #AmharaGenocide and Bring Orommuma to ICC NOW!!

    PP gangs are trying to change the agenda from 1700 Amhara Genocide by the Oromia, State Sponsored Genocide operation, in hell on earth, Wellega Oromia Zone Ethiopia news to Muslim religion first then to Orthodox Christians religion and now back to war with TPLF and OLF/Al Shabaab joint terrorism plot.

    When the State itself is complicitly slaughtering and terrorizing Amharas nothing is important than fighing and saving Amharas lives.

    Orommuma will not live at the extinction of Amhara.

    No one believes Prosperity Party drama. Abiy is or might be playing dead and the rest are doing what they know best. Lie, secrets, plots and deceit without shred of Shame.

    People always must prepare themselves for worse since nothing good comes out of PP Gangs and all connection between the Prosperity Party gangs and Ethiopians is lost.

  2. What Qualifies Former Darling and TPLF insider Redwan to represent Ethiopia’s rights Against claims of the Terrorist TPLF????? What Qualifies Former Darling and TPLF insider Redwan to represent Ethiopia’s rights Against claims of the Terrorist TPLF?????

    Dr Gideon Timoteos has stated on national TV, the so called negotiation with TPLF will be based under the arch principles that protect the territorial integrity and preservation of the security of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. As such, the preposterous claim or chatter about a hitherto non existent “Western Tigray” is nonstarter.

    If Redwan, a previous insider and darling of TPLF, in any way, format, insinuation or innuendos brings about a ceding, acknowledgment or any form of legitimacy to the TPLF claim of dismantling Ethiopia and threatening the security of Eritrea via Wolkait land of Gonder, BegiMeder, he must be called out, exposed and challenged from the very second he opens his pie hole.

  3. Subject:”Ethiopia says it is ready to start negotiation with TPLF any time, anywhere, July 28, 2022

    Humble Comment, 29 July 2022
    I hate to be negative. But, practical fact dictates that Ethiopia will never have peace. WHY??? Because the ambitious individuals will NEVER permit tranquility of Ethiopia, unless they get what they attempted to get — PRIME MINISTER-SHIP of ETHIOPIA that an unknown very young smart ‘aleck’, from no where, snatched it from an ambitious older as a replacement of the previous smart Prime Minister for about twenty five years [correct me].

    So, Ethiopia will never get peace unless the ambitious individual — who lost the ‘game’ — gets what he cherished. It is just as simple as that. PERSONAL DESIRE against what is good for the ENTIRE POPULATION of ETHIOPIA. YES, ONE PERSON IS IMPORTANT than the entire population of ETHIOPIA. A FACT of LIFE in our dearest Continent of Black Africa.


  4. Redwan Hussien is the old guard and product of the same old EPRDF now changed its criminal name as Prosperity Party notorious for deceit, #AmharaGenocide and Crime against Humanity.

    Amhara land and People are not for negotiation and no OLF Oromo, TPLF Tigrea, Redwan Hussin or any other has any right to negotiate on behalf of Amahra against Amhara land, Amhara People and properties

    Abiy is consumed with his hideous drama, hiding and sending those old leftover EPRDF goons such as Redwan to deceit Amharas and Ethiopians. Anything done by EPRDF leftover, notorious for Amhara Genocide and Crime against Humanity does not represent Amhara nor Amharas will accept anything done in Amhara name and interest.

    If it is regarding TPLF living in Peace with Amhara at this time Amharas are not in the same position as Oromos and Tigres and provided with same level of negotiation power and are under constant Genocide attack by PP and OLF. Therefore the most important task for Amhara is to stop the Genocide and take Genocide perpetrators to face justice.


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