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Stop Masking the Ongoing Amara Genocide, Call It by Its Real Name and Act to Stop It! 

Images from Amhara genocide ( Infographic : Belayneh Abate)

By Belayneh Abate 

The eyes and the bodies of the massacred Amaras in the recent genocide have not yet decomposed. The survivors are in an excruciating physical and mental anguish. The future is uncertain for the rest of the Amaras who are considered as alien in their own country. And yet, a lot of demagogues are working hard to divert the attention from the ongoing Amara genocide to the usual trivial tricks such as the damn dam issue, church feud and prayer of hypocrisy. The fact of the matter is that there are no dams or churches without people. Unfortunately, it is not only the perpetuators of the genocide, but also the opportunist Amara elites, who are intentionally or inadvertently changing the agenda of the Amara genocide.   

It is deeply saddening to watch the continued silence of many Ethiopians and especially the Amara intellectuals while the necks of Amara children, women, and elderly men are chopped off by savages. Inspired by the propaganda of their heinous leaders, these savages are wiping out innocent Amara families in the central, eastern, southern and western parts of Ethiopia. 

It is a shame for all of us, the Ethiopians, firstly for allowing this genocide to happen, and secondly for failing to stop it and call it by its real name-AMARA GENOCIDE.  

Amara Genocide started 45 years ago right after the dedeb manifesto was drafted. In its earliest face, it was effectively implemented and in Wolkait and Raya. After the dedeb manifesto included “nations and nationalities” in its preamble and became the “constitution” of the country, Amara genocide continued in Harerge, Arusi, Bale, Keffa, Wolega, Metekele, Shewa and many other places. [1-17] 

Now, Amara genocide is escalating, and Amara infants, children, women and elderly have been slaughtered even in the big cities such as Shashemene, Ziway, Nazriet and in the outskirts of Addis Ababa. 

When all these Amara cleansing and genocides have been implemented for 45 years, even the opportunist Amara intellectuals have been shamefully calling it “ethnic conflict”, an attack on “አንድ ብሔር ተወላጅ” or an attack on non-blah blah ethnic group. Mr. opportunist and hypocrite intellectual, it is NOT an ethnic conflict or an attack on “አንድ ብሔር ተወላጅ”. It is intentionally designed and effectively implemented AMARA GENOCIDE!   

It is true other ethnic groups such as the hard-working Gurages, Afars, Agnwaks, and Gamos are secondary victims because they speak Amharic, and they are proponents of united Ethiopia.  But the genocide at this point is designed exclusively for the Amaras although it will never spare others.  

All Amaras should understand that they are facing what the Jewish people faced during the Nazi era. The only difference is the Jewish people faced genocide in foreign land, but the Amaras are facing genocide in the very country their forefathers built. 

As the Jewish people learned how to survive and thrive genocide, the Amara people should learn how to survive and thrive genocide. Some of the tools for Amaras to survive genocide are: 

  1.  Understand genocide is implemented on you and call it unequivocally and loud AMARA GENOCIDE. 
  2. Spread the information to your base and the world that Amara genocide is escalating. 
  3. Be mindful that savages consider patience as fear
  4. Do not forget an uncultured dog will chase you further if you run away from it. 
  5. Organize not to attack, but to defend yourself. 
  6. Debate to come up with the best survival ideas but stop arguing and fighting each other siding with your village traitors who put you in this danger in the first place.  
  7. Keep the promise of your ancestors and never take anyone’s property, but fiercely defend yours. 
  8. Never attack anyone but defend yourself aggressively. 
  9. Just like your ancestors, never touch innocent people, children, women, sick and elderly. These are the acts of cursed subhuman and coward creatures.  
  10. Use your well-developed diplomatic culture throughout the world to save Amara from further genocide. 
  11. Never give up the sovereignty of Ethiopia since it is made up of your forefather’s flesh and blood.  
  1.  Stay away from bad habits such as smoking, drinking, chat chewing and gambling. 
  2. Emphasis on education! You can do it! You’re the descendants of good minds that cultivated the Ghion civilization; the children of innovate minds that created unique alphabet and calendar. You are the descendants of creative minds that built dozens of churches from one rock!  You are the grandson of Debteras, philosophers, theologians, artists and poets.  
  3. Work hard day and night like the Amara Peasants! Do not spend a minute without doing useful work. 
  4.  Re-enforce your survival strategy through education, innovation, creativity, experience, and hard work. 
  5. While you are defending yourself, save others who cannot defend themselves. 
  6. Do not forget that you will claim your full country one day as other survivors of genocide claimed their countries one day.  

Until the Amaras organize and decisively defend themselves, the opportunist Amara intellectuals, all Ethiopians, Africans, the world, the newspapers, the magazines, the websites, radios and televisions shall stop masking the Amara genocide and going around the bush. What is happening in Ethiopia is NOT ethnic conflict! The barbaric slaughtering of Amara children, Amara women and Amara elderly in Ethiopian is NOT an attack an ethnic group:  It is an AMARA Genocide.  Call it by its real name and stop masking it. Thank you. 

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The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com 


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  1. Thank you Belayneh Abate for bringing the shocking Amhara Genocide horrific new back to light. That should never be forgotten because Amharas are still being slaughtered in the Hell on Earth Wellga Amharfa massacrers Oromia Zone by State sponsored Oromia Security forces.

    No condominium, dam, Christian or Muslim religion is important if there are no people to use it. Amharas are being targeted for Genocide by Prosperity Party greedy criminal cadres and that must be stopped by putting up fights and sacrifices before losing more Amhara lives. OLF, Shene, Prosperity Party, Jawar Mohammed or any Orommuma criminals will never stop slaughtering Amharas as long as they have the power and as long as Amharas are not fighting back!

    Amharas must earn respect by fighting back. That is the only way to assure survival from extermination or living in total peace!!

  2. The number of victims now stands @3000 just from this single genocide that took place over a span of several hours. For sure the world is turning blind to the Amhara genocide. Imagine this was in any other part of the world !!

  3. Carrying HUGE signs with HUGE NUMBER written on it to show the of Genocide victims with the name and location and country and under Ethiopian Orommuma/OLF controlled murderous regime at very demonstration rally might bring shock to every blinded and deafened to Amhara sufferings world.

    The world has to be shocked by looking at the accumulating numbers while ignoring #AmharaGenocide and hoping Amharas will give up and quit demonstrating. Put the hypocritic West and the world to shame and accoutable.


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