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Ethiopia : Addis Ababa Mayor says 1500 “terrorists” arrested in the capital

Addis Ababa _ Terrorist _ Adanech
Addis Ababa Mayor, Adanech Abiebie. (Photo : Addis Ababa Mayor FB page)


1500 individuals are arrested in the capital over alleged terrorist activity in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.  

In an interview with FM Addis 97.1, Adanech Abiebie, Addis Ababa’s Mayor, said different groups linked to “Shane” (that is how the government calls the military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front which calls itself Oromo Liberation Army) and Woyane (TPLF) have been attempting to carry out terrorist activities. 

She appeared in the FM station to discuss current affairs, including the corruption case related to condominium distribution digital rule which was nullified. 

“Over 1500 are arrested,” she said.  The arrests were made in the past few days.

 The mayor did not disclose as to what exactly were the terrorist activities that the suspects were planning to carry out.  City residents have been helpful to foil the terror plot, she added. 

The Mayor also made claims that fraudulent Identity Cards  to facilitate for the activities of the terrorists. 

The Security Task Force, a federal body, will issue a statement regarding the arrest, according to the Mayor. 

There had been cases, in recent times, where the government has been accused of crackdown on dissenting voices under the guise of fighting “terrorist activities.” 

The recent scandal involving the distribution of Condo Units have caused disenchantment among residents of Addis Ababa who have been registered for the Condo Units and saving money for it. 

But there is no clue at this point in time if individuals critical of the city administration are arrested with the pretext of “terrorist” activity. 

In a related development, the state media on Friday reported that Addis Ababa Police and National Information and Security Services (NISS) joint operation seized 31 handguns in the capital. 

Based on an EBC report, the suspects travelled from Bahir Dar to Addis Ababa driving a car with a plate number AA07359. And they were arrested in Asco Addis Sefer locality in the capital Addis Ababa. 

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  1. Good job! We should all be too naive to think that terror will not take place in the capital or any other city in that country. Terrorist groups do exist both inside and in close by countries. Inside the country various armed groups have been terrorizing citizens in the many rural places. They will eventually try to bring their evil act into the urban areas. That is because their terrorist actions have not brought/produced the results they expected. They have killed tens of thousands, pillaged and destroyed villages but that did not give them the fiefdom they have been dreaming about. They also know that their repulsive behavior in the countryside have made them the most hated groups of hoodlums to the inhabitants there. They are desperate and want to make statement by bringing their evil acts into the cities and town. Remember these killer vagabonds are always hungry for attention and publicity. There shouldn’t be any 2nd guessing when encountering these miscreants. Their biggest trophy would be the capital itself. Kudos to the intelligence folks for staying on the heels of these ruffians.

  2. In 2005 KINIJIT won the whole city. Dr. Berhanu Nega became the first democratically elected Mayor. The change in the capital and biggest town would’ve influenced the whole country but would it last? At that time TPLF was taking lands from Oromo farmers and giving them pennies while collecting the difference. Berhanu and his corp paid directly to the displaced Oromo farmers at market value and that angered a lot of selfish and corrupt people because they didn’t get any. A few years later Berhanu was sentenced to death in absentia and all his properties confiscated, including the corp’s condominium building in which his wife and him only owned just one unit.

    Dr. Berhanu, now a full fledged professor in a very good university in America, came back home from Eritrean desert where he was filling for the org’s general secretariat and the most famous political prisoner of Ethiopia. He was not to be called for Mayor position in the town where he grew up and returned to with a PhD in economics years earlier. Nope. The Org he led was not a political party at all, it was just a movement, he said. Then why was TPLF worried about him and his org that much? It was the potential many analysts explained. With that kind of idea the whole 40 years of ‘struggle’ of ‘biher-bihereseboch ena hizboch’ would be nullified making Dr Berhanu Nega or Andargachew Tsige writing their names in gold for ‘bring Ethiopia back’ to feudalism and slavery with opportunist popularism. And usually only Amhara are supposed to crave for that and Berhanu is not one, not even on his mother’s side.

    Why did Amhara students die in such great numbers to get Ethiopia out of feudalism? And may be the Gurage Berhanu can’t see any benefit for his parents’ tribe with this ‘biher bihe….’ mainly because it is racist by itself. Who is biher and who qualifies for bihereseb and what is hizboch? “well, let’s take Axumite empire for example….R A C I S T!!!”

    In 1975 there was a peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa demanding for Muslim holidays to become national holidays. The solidarity from Christians at that demonstration was talked about for years, the Govt should’ve thought about that and now it was forced to yield. The Christian Ethiopians in Addis had no problem with their Muslim neighbors and friends being equal to them. The liberal cabinet of the French educated intellectuals probably was just afraid of the ‘old guard’ to make it a reality. The common people were way ahead of the rulers. They didn’t want any sector of Ethiopian society to be oppressed in their names.

    Today the picture is rather different. Group thinking has poisoned the society. And some of the leaders of some groups are just pure evil. Egypt’s plot has finally succeeded. Egypt has been playing the Sudan like a fool for decades, but in open manner. In Sudan Egyptians live very well and in Egypt the Sudanese make the lowest of the lower class and that is ‘brotherhood’ for you painted in religion and all kinds of stuff. Ethiopia was lucky for not speaking Arabic.

    If you wave Ethiopian flag in Addis without the not very attractive inferior child’s drawing, you can be beaten up and go to jail. If you wave the Egyptian flag, the Oromuma police smiles at you and wave back.

    Ethiopia had her first constitution in early 1930s and a revised one a decade and a half later. Then again in late 1980s but in all those constitutions there was no KILIL constitutions. I don’t know the flag of the state I live in and don’t even see it on local news on TV. I know it is there but nobody even cares. But in Ethiopia the KILILs are like countries with flags and have their own armies. What kind of crazy country allows that if it doesn’t plan on separation? If you add up the number of KILIL armies and other paid forces with the national army, Ethiopia probably has more army per capita than any country on earth. And yet Sudan and S Sudan can take land thousands of square miles wide and a terrorist TPLF can sit on Amhara and Afar land after killing, raping, looting and burning towns and can choose where, by whom and what to be negotiated. A naive observer would think Tigray was feeding the rest of Ethiopia for the past thirty years while in fact TPLF is announcing 100% of the Tigre population it rules over is famished and needs immediate feeding or else. So what are the millions of KILIL forces for?

    Henry Kissinger has said the wars in Africa might be good to decrease the population explosion. The others might not be that cruel or openly racist like Kissinger but they sure worry more about the elephant in Africa than the people. Besides if Africa rises it is going to pollute like the rising Asians are doing and what better way than to give them guns to kill each other permanently and feeding them wheat is much cheaper in the long run. TPLF understands that perfectly and is not ‘begging’ but ‘demanding’ 100% of Tigray be fed by friendly West while it thinks of ways to kill more Amhara and other Ethiopians in tens of thousands like it killed 1600 Amhara and other Ethiopians in Mai Kadra in November 2020 a few days after it killed more than 8000 Ethiopian soldiers in their beds.

    West has done a lot of damage while it was growing with coal and cities like London were hell to live in back in the days because of dirty coal raining black and people being told to stay indoors. The London papers were telling the Brits the sun they don’t see was English and it never set. Couple of centuries later they invite Russian mafia to invest in London with no morale checks and now they take it all away. While the rest of the world is distracted trillions of pounds might be going to UK but rich people have their ways and their might be a price to pay and it won’t be the crazy politicians that sacrificed Ukraine only but millions of us. The difference between them and us is they do it in slow motion but fast and our idiots do it fast but we die in slow motion. Who cares if Amhara is killed everywhere? But when they start killing Tigre who were settled in Oromo at that same time during the famine of the late 1980s without waiting orders from Jal Maro whose family was uprooted from Tigray and settled in Wellaga, the well positioned tseda-weyane will be the first to cry. But before that happens, they’ll make Oromo kill other Oromo and try to blame it on Amhara. Oromo is a very brave group that is not afraid of fighting but leadership was never there, not even a reason to fight. The only country Oromo built is Ethiopia and they are making it ashamed of that, with fictional accounts of history of course. They actually think they can manipulate Oromo forever.

    Oromo still can save itself right now and unite Ethiopia. Forget history, just do the right thing and vouala…the whole country loves you and tell grandchildren obo such and such were the ones who saved Ethiopia and the rest of Africa. The possibility of a civil war is looming. Egypt is happy as long as the Nile keeps flowing and a chances of a civil war in Ethiopia might affect Sudan but not Egypt. Egyptians like to think they’ve the fairest white skin but not the rest of the Arab world. Their whole thinking is almost obsessed with shade of white skin and they are never going to get it from others. It works for them against Sudan which they call names when they are not happy with them. Being Ethiopian can be very precious sometimes, but it is getting there too with some religion fanatics who hide their darker skinned children, ashamed of them, like we have seen recently on TV.

    Ethiopia should continue. When the dam feels up and electricity provides jobs in millions of factories and cities rise up and traders from east and west mingle and well fed young people go to Friday night dances after school dressed to kill dating and making jokes and laughing till they cry in happiness and enjoying their youth like everybody else in the world. we’ll control our own population growth with smaller families having good lives with grand parents being invited at weddings with Mahmoud Ahmed’s wedding songs to seal the deal, and the next generation, and the one after that

  3. Suddenly where and how did they found these brigades of “terrorists” who bent for nefarious activities Too good to be credible? Too good to be credible. Say 5 ,10 or dozens . Besides, now they have to prove all these allegations in court of law and not release in the dark after holding for montha or weeks , which has been the norm for years .

  4. Very honorable, esteemed, talented, the most beautiful, the most educated, the most gifted Mayor of Addis Ababa, Mrs. Adanech Abebe, a friend is asking if you have already found out, what percentage of these “terrorists” group actually belongs to the PP. Thank you very much, your excellency for the invaluable info.

  5. Some of you, I said some of you and I did not say all of you, who have been bedeviling this over qualified mayor do so because you don’t think our women can be over achievers or even achievers. You are one sorry dumb bell chauvinist pigs, a bunch of miserable misogynist bullies. You are doing this to every woman with authority. You have been picking on our over qualified lawyer Meaza bint Ashenafi since the first day you heard her name being mentioned. You demonized the very capable and finance genius Eleni bint Gebre-Medhin when and after she created the first commodity exchange in that country while you loser misogynists were busy knocking back your favorite khamr. You have been accusing this mayor and all other women official of corruption. That is because as men with similar authority the first thing that comes in your plan of attack is dipping your sticky fingers in the coffers. That is what you do the first chance you get. You want to ocular proof for your abhorrent behavior? How about the 30 plus billion in US dollars you stole from starving people in just 10 years between 2005 and 2015? Traitors! Damn, damn blood sucking traitors!!! Just shut up and let others think you are a dumb horse!!!

  6. This is nothing but extension of #Amahar Genocide.

    Here goes with plagued by violence Orommuma, Adanch Abebe mafia from Arsi saga. Day in and day out Ethiopians and Addis Ababans have lost peace because the New Orommuma Commers thieves and murderers holding power by force and creating chaos in Addis Ababa.

    The inept, ignorant and unelected handpick of Abiy Ahmed, Adanech Abebe just got caught red-handed when stealing Addis Ababa Condominium lottery from Addis Ababans who spent their hard earned money. She even had the audacity to mumbled unconstitutional law in order to impose her interest against Addis Ababans to force them to sing the anti-Ethiopia hate filled Orommuma OLF Shene song and hold Orommuma Flag when those who sing and hold that flag are slaughtering #Amhara Genocide and other non-Oromos in Wellga, Oromia Ethiopia.

    Now after importing Orommum Police into Addis Ababa this inept and ignorant lawless women, Adanech Abebe is using the “Mayoral” power in unprecedented and illegal way for her own purpose and to hide her crimes by abusing Addis Ababans and disturbing the peace,
    She has also doubled down on the arrogance and dictatorship suddenly by mass detaining, abductions and hiding the whereabout of 1500 innocent Addis Ababans and also trying to stain the Good reputation of Fanno by calling them together with the well known terrorists demon cannibal OLF Shene who slaughtered over 2000 Amharas in Blood washed Wellga, Oromia, Ethiopia.

    This by itself a testimony of Shene Adanch Abebe for #AmharaGenocide who is illegally detaining without the due process and evidence of crime and hiding the whereabouts over 1500 Addis Ababans because they were found having “Beka” Signs, the Green Yellow and Red flag of Ethiopia, or Fanno Signs in their cell phones.

    According to Shene Adanech Ababe and Orommuma mafia who has no clue of the rule of law that is crime. That is why she does not belong in Addis Ababa because she does not rhyme with Addis Ababa culture and interest and she is not elected by Addis Ababans.


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