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Inspiring story from Addis Ababa University Convocation 

A new Addis Ababa University graduate from a poor family hails his Hero mother in his convocation message. The video has gone viral among Ethiopians 

Ephrem Belete _ Ethiopia _ Poverty
Ephrem Belete carries the burden his mothers used to carry, leaves and barks she collects from forests which she converts to small money to feed the family. (Photo : social Media)


Many Universities across Ethiopia had convocation ceremonies on  Saturday. It is not uncommon to see social media posts with pictures from the convocation and attributing academic success to parents. 

But the story of Ephrem Belete, who graduated from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia’s top university) in Computer Science is a bit different. A video clip of the story he shared and the images posted went viral among Ethiopians on social media. 

In less than half a minute of a video message the new graduate made to honour the sacrifices of his mother to make him successful, he said  “…When we are seen today looking good, dressed well… It is not because we are strong. It is because we have strong mothers,” he said, putting his arm over the shoulder of his mother and patting her and smiling – apparently to convey a message to his mother that the years of hardship are over. 

Another captivating aspect of the video is that Ephrem dressed his mother, Tewabech Kosha, in the convocation gown, and he carried the loads of leaves she used to carry after collecting them from the forests nearby. Looks like he planned to share the story as the loads of leaves were ready outside of the main campus of Addis Ababa University in Sidist kilo. 

Ephrem and his mother have been living in the Shiromeda area of Addis Ababa. 

Tewabech Kosha is not seen speaking in that short video but the expression on her face speaks volumes. 

Ethiopian News _ Ephrem Belete
Ephrem Belete poses for picture in Unity park Addis Ababa (Photo : social media)

The story could relate to millions of mothers ( Hero mother) in households living with poverty in Ethiopia and perhaps beyond too. May suffer carrying the burden to ensure that their children succeed academically. 

Ephrem himself said it in his video message. He said it is a story of many mothers and a story of Ethiopia. 

According to a story shared on social media, Ephrem has already got a job offer from “ride” – a company that is said to be a pioneer in a sharing economy in Ethiopia. 


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