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Oregon : Letesenbet Giday won a gold medal in Women’s 10,000 metre 

Letesenbet Giday _ Athletics _ Oregon
Ethiopian Athletes Ejigayehu Taye (left) and Letesenbet Giday (the champion) lead the medal pack in the final lap of women’s 10,000 meter at the World Athletics Championship in Oregon, USA, on July 16, 2022 (Photo : screenshot from youtube video)


Ethiopia’s  Letesenbet Gidey won the gold medal in the women’s 10,000 metres race at the World Athletics Championship in Oregon, USA. It was a very competitive race and Letesenbet managed to cross the finishing line first in 30:09.94 minutes. 

After winning the race, she was seen kneeling and making the sign of the cross in her fingers for a little ritual of spiritual praise to God for the victory. The celebration came later. 

Hellen Obiri of Kenya settled for Silver Medal finishing the distance in 30:10.02 and her compatriot, Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi won the bronze medal. Margaret finished the distance in 30:10.07 minutes.

Letesenbet’s Gold is Ethiopia’s first medal at World Athletics Championship in Oregon 

Watch video below 

Video : embedded from Youtube Channel of Lili
Cover Photo : Screenshot from World Athletics video from Youtube channel 

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  1. This high mileage and beyond repair Afro/Ethio-Centric junkie was seen running alongside our golden daughter Letesenbet bint Giday from the get go to the finish line. He was screaming from the top of his lung ‘go get’em, get’em, get’em hon, get’em tigress’ to the brink of passing out! He was running back and forth in front of the TV until his aging legs gave up on him just to fall back on the coach. I saw her aunties Derertu and Fatuma along with her Dibaba sisters egging her to the finish. I heard what she told the two runners behind her. She was admonishing them to take numbers. ‘I am telling you to take numbers because this is my house! You hear me? This is my house!!!’ I’m good! I’m good for a month!!!!
    There is more golden hardware coming. This Afro/Ethio-Centric junkie is giving you all an order to watch this athletics championship especially those in which our daughters and sons are competing. Let’s go!!!

  2. How about our heroes doubling down their winning spree in mens marathon with a one and a two! Folks, I am on the moon now! That’s right. You don’t find me here on earth! I’m up there on the moon busting the moon dance!

  3. If Gidey or Gotytom had an option to pick and choose between two sovereign countries, which she would like to represent, ethiopia ain’t it!


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