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Teddy Afro speaks out on blood donation event cancellation 

Teddy Afro vehemently condemned Ethiopian government authorities who were involved in prohibiting blood donation event  

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Days after reports that government authorities cancelled a blood donation event, Ethiopia’s pop star Teddy Afro is speaking out expressing his feeling to government bodies who were involved in the decision. 

In a brief status update he shared on his social media page, expressed gratitude to his fans who have been doing the charitable activity by donating blood to Ethiopia’s National Blood Bank on the occasion of his birthday on July 14th ( Hamle 7 in Ethiopian Calendar) for many years. 

“… while I express that I am sad because of the inappropriate hassle you have experienced in this year’s blood donation program, I vehemently condemn those government bodies who prohibited the life-saving program properly.” 

Teddy Afro fans have established “Wode Fikir Mahiber” (a charitable association) and they have been soliciting blood donations for eight years. They are also active in other realms of charitable activities. The association is named after one of the singer’s popular album name. 

Last year, the organisers managed to make 1070 individuals donate blood during the event they organised for the birthday of the singer. 

Ethiopian Media Service spoke to Misikir, chairperson of the association regarding the incident during this year’s event. 

He said, the preparation( which is well over two months)  was even bigger this year   and there was expectation to get more people to donate blood. 

The problem is that an authoritative figure did not seem to like that the Organisers used banners bearing the picture of the singer. 

What the organisers say is that an authority who claimed to be from the country’s intelligence department ordered that the banners not be used and Teddy Afro’s song not to be played. 

The event was organised on the premises of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society and the organisers were ready as early as 6 a.m. to execute the program. 

The banners to be used in the event were sponsored by Blood Bank itself and some were posted on their website too, according to Misikir. 

Later, even the posters on the website of the blood bank were taken down. 

Habtamu Taye, who is the Deputy Director of the Blood Bank, denies that the event was prohibited. He related the banners issue  to the “editorial process.” He said 170 people donated blood throughout the day. 

“Guzo Wede Fikir” Association chairman, Misikir, contests that information given to the public by the National Blood Bank is wrong. He called it “saddening.” 

Teddy Afro’s latest single was highly critical of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration over the non-stop massacre of innocent Ethiopians. 

There was an indication from PM Abiy Ahmed’s latest appearance in parliament that Teddy Afro’s song has offended government officials – especially the Prime Minister himself. 

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  1. Very humbling, ethical and very kind down to earth person. Teddy May God bless you and everything you touch and your work!!

    This is the kind of people Ethiopia needs. Selfless, kind and who is not shy from sharing his love with all Ethiopians regardless of who they are, what religion they are, rich or poor. Every Ethiopian should share his love and spread love and respect.

  2. Teddy Afro otherwise known as Tewodros Kasahun is one of the most outstanding and a respectable Ethiopian singer who loves his country and his fellow compatriots.
    It is unwise for anyone who ever he/she is to undermine his selfless activity that benefits the people of his beloved country-
    I wish you every success in life.

  3. This level of micromanagement and pettiness over a song is unbecoming of any government body, let alone the PM himself if involved indeed. The country has myriads of problems. A public figure cannot be offended over the meanings or interpretations of the lyrics of songs. “BeZewditu tedefa lematu, BeTeferi teffa ferefari” was a lyric popular in yesterday’s Ethiopia too. “Almazen ayeche, Almazen bayate yechim yachim Almaz hona agegenhewat “ was part of the lyrics of a song by the very famous and larger than life artist, Tilahun Gessesse back in 1975, during the atrocious and bloody early period of the Derg Murderous regime.

    Abiy cannot be a petty and thin skinned bully who grabs the ball and leaves the playing court, every time he feels slighted or offended or criticized for his lack of leadership, grandeur delusions and illusions of his now exposed Oromumma madness. Mr PM can leave the kitchen, if he can’t stand the hit because it will get hell hot and unbearably scorching the more he keeps his thumb on the scale of justice., the more he shows up in parliament with those blood shot eyes, reminiscent of the Butcher of Addis, Mengestu Hailemariam’s own blood shot eyes. The more Abiy shouts foolishly and screams, “Addis Ababa lay kefetegna Oromo tel hayel ale”, the more alienated he becomes from Addis Ababes.


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