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Ethiopia agreed to a UN agency intervention to rebuild Tigray “until situation improves”

The Tigray region, and some parts of Amhara region of Ethiopia, are still under the control of TPLF 

Ahmed Shide, Ethiopia’s Minister for Finance (Photo : MoF )


The Ethiopian government on Tuesday said it has signed a third-party agreement with the UN agency, United Nations Office for Project Services – UNOPS, to undertake what it calls a “recovery project in Tigray.” 

Ahmed Shide, Ethiopia’s Minister for Finance, and Ms. Werknesh Mekonen, UNOPS representative, signed the agreement in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. 

In a press release, the Ministry of Finance said “The project is part of the government’s national recovery program,” but it is the World Bank that is financing it. 

“The project is part of the government’s national recovery program financed by the World Bank with the name Response-Recovery-Resilience for Conflict-Affected Communities in Ethiopia project,” said the press release from the Ministry. 

Reconstruction of basic services and “climate-resilient community infrastructure,” and enhancing accessibility  “to multi-sectoral response services for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) survivors,” are the key project focus areas, from what the Ministry disclosed.  

Work-related to gender-based violence covers “conflict-affected communities in Ethiopia,” which may mean that parts of Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia affected by the war could be included in the program although it is not explicitly stated in the press release. 

Banking and communication services in the Tigray region of Ethiopia have been disrupted for well over a year now due to the war. 

The Ministry also disclosed that UNOPS will work on – based on the agreement and as disclosed by the Ministry of Finance-  rebuilding basic services and “climate-resilient community infrastructure.”  

The UNOPS is working on the project because the Ethiopian government can not carry out the project due to the hostility and war situation with the TPLF.  

Some observers who expressed their views on social media described the arrangement, in what appears to be a satire tone, as “boots on the ground.” 

How long will UNOPS be doing that? 

“…Until situations in Tigray improve to enable the government to implement the project with its own structure in which case, UNOPS will hand over activities to the government,” as indicated in the press release from the Ministry of Finance. 

When the Ministry of Finance tabled a budget proposal last month, it announced that it was prepared with the assumption, among other things, that the war in the northern part of the country would end through negotiation and that reconstruction work would start during the just-started budget year. 

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is not a party to the agreement. It has not yet released an official statement regarding the agreement.

However, its spokesperson, Getachew Reda,  is not too happy about it. 

In a Twitter message he wrote on Tuesday, he said 

“I just don’t understand what this means much less how it’s supposed to work. Crying out for answers!” 

In a response to Getachew Reda, Ann Garrison, a journalist, said ” Looks to me like the UN considers the Ethiopian government to be the legitimate government of Tigray Region. ” 

The war in Northern Ethiopia broke out in November 2020 when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked, party officials admitted it during a live Tigray TV show, the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force. 

When the U.S. government freeze aid funding to Ethiopia in May 2021 in opposition to the Ethiopian government’s response to the TPLF attack, the World Bank was also asked to freeze funding to Ethiopia. 


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  1. Under no circumstances those innocent and upright brothers and sisters in Tigray should let to suffer because of the war triggered by some commie bullies among them who have been riding on their backs for more than 45 years. Look who is talking now after the UN agrees to rebuild the lifesaving infrastructures? The fat walrus Getachew, that is! Would somebody give him 10 pounds of choice fillet mignon so he can fill up his barreling stomach? Don’t forget 5 gallons of mayo and ketchup with it.

    • You have been mocking the people of Tigray who are the owners of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Please stop this mocking. Tigray is unique because it has very self confident, proud and resilient citizens. The Oromos specially owe a lot to the Tigraians for liberating and allowing them to rule themselves. We also liberated Eritrea but wrongly let Isaias Afewerki to come to power. Tigraians are cultured and civilized people and can survive and win against any odd. The next few months will see the removal of the slavish government of Abiy Ahmed Ali from power and ushering of the oldest nation Tigray into a new and prosperous era.

        • Obbo Worku,

          No, no! That is to the extreme. The common citizens of Tigray are as just peace mongering as the rest of the people of the old country. They are forced to live in this horrible predicament by the smart alecks and brutes that succeeded to usurp power during favorable circumstances decades ago and have been riding on their backs for more than 47 years. During WWII every German citizen was not a Nazi but he/she was forced to live under blood thirsty thugs for more than a decade. Commies and bigots(who are the same to me) strive in chaotic environments where everyone is losing or has already lost hope. In this case the mid 1970 years were chaotic with rampart inflation, joblessness and anarchy. That was when Debre’s predecessors went into the bushes. The door knob and man-eating Mengistu was doing in their favor when he rounded up and executed those who were born to Tigrayan parents. The founders of TPLF used that from the bottom of the deck accusing Mengistu and his brutes targeting Tigrayans only when one of his closest companions-in-crime was a Tigrayan himself, Fisseha. So it is my standing conviction that Tigrayans must be invited and their rights to live at any location of their choice just like the rest of the people must be accepted and protected. Every non-Tigrayan citizen also has the same rights to make a living anywhere in that country including Tigray. Until this eternal truth of rightful entitlement is recognized and protected by the law of the land the cycle of destructive violence will continue until that country will be no more.

  2. Subject: “Ethiopia agreed to a UN agency intervention to rebuild Tigray “until situation improves”,
    July 12, 2022

    Let us be Honest
    Only Ethiopia can protect itself for itself by itself.
    Ethiopia is not a new comer novice State
    Ethiopia can solve its internal problem by itself
    The Ethiopian People are also capable of advising their Government on internal problems
    International Organizations are NOT DEDICATED to the welfare of Ethiopia. NEVER [and if there is it is slanted tit for tat ]
    International Organizations [ UNOPS, UNXPS, UNMFL, UNZRH , UNXYZ…are dedicated to their own inherent interest for life.
    Similarly, Individual, well developed Western and Eastern Countries are for themselves— NEVER for Africans; NEVER

    One last point: It must be admitted that Ethiopia has internal problem at this point in time. Who doesn’t?!?! But, in any case, without any-doubt, IT IS THE PROBLEM OF ETHIOPIA AND THE SOLUTION THEREOF. NO ONE ELSE. NOT A SINGLE STATE, by ANY reasoning. FULL STOP

  3. The government seems to make deliberate mistake josting UN. UN is another right hand with ills going on in Tigray/Ethiopia. They will arm Weyanes or probly make ways for occupation on Ethiopuan land gor foreigners.

  4. Quote: “Ethiopia agreed to a UN agency intervention to rebuild Tigray “until situation improves” Unquote

    That title, by itself, is WRONG.
    The internal problem of Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopia and Ethiopia alone.
    Needless to say, Ethiopia is not something that “mushroomed today”
    Ethiopia is an ancient independent country that knows its affairs for time immemorial
    Ethiopia is a country that has always been proud of its history — in front of ANY Nation around the Globe
    The UN has no business in the INTERNAL problems of Ethiopia.
    The Ethiopian Government is capable to take of its internal affairs and problems to its own satisfaction.
    Ask any Ethiopian and you will get a proud answer.
    The United Nation has OBLIGATION to respect the internal affairs of its Members — without a single discrimination.
    Will the UN interfere in the affairs of USA?!?!?!?!?!


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