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Crown Council Condemns Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia (Statement)

A Statement by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia, on the Recent Violence in Ethiopia.

Prince Ermias on ethnic massacre in Ethiopia
Prince Ermias

Crown Council Of Ethiopia

My heart breaks when I hear of the senseless massacre of innocent Ethiopians in Wolega and Gambela. Too many times in recent years have we seen these tragedies take place again and again, all over our country. We are now reaping the bitter harvest of five decades of ethnic politics, five decades of dividing our family into ever smaller groups based on our language, our religion, our region.

We must change course now. If we do not, these massacres will happen again and again, until we are numb to them, and forget that we were once human. We all have a role to play, both in what we say and what we do. We must never praise or blame each other for the languages we speak or do not speak, the ancestors we share or do not share. Words matter. They inspire the worst among us to violence. And that violence has to stop. A thousand dead today might be ten thousand tomorrow, or far worse next year. Then the freedom and independence we earned and preserved through our darkest days will be squandered in a holocaust of our own making.

Nearly two decades ago, the Crown Council under my leadership announced its aim to be a strictly non-political institution. We stand by that goal. But it is not political to ask all Ethiopians to rise above party and ethnicity. It is not political to demand that our government and its leaders act quickly and decisively to protect the lives of all Ethiopians. And it is not political to remind Ethiopia that its Crown can help to unify and heal our country today, as it has at many moments in our past.

We must all work to ensure that no massacres like those we have just seen ever take place again. Nearly four years ago, our government established a Peace and Reconciliation Commission to help heal our country. But it has been able to accomplish little, receiving little government funding or support. We need its work now more than ever before.

And we need to do even more. I urge our country’s political and spiritual leaders – every priest and imam, every member of parliament to the Prime Minister himself – to work nonstop in the coming weeks and months, to build a new beginning. We must go to every region, every woreda, every kebele, and teach the next generation the message of peace and reconciliation.

We must love each other, every one of us, or all of us will fail.


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  1. Ethiopians have been political experimental guinea pigs of political impostors and charlatans for almost 50 years Ethiopians have been political experimental guinea pigs of political impostors and charlatans for almost 50 years

    Had the voices of reason ever been heard, who would have been crazy enough to massacre such dedicated servants of the Ethiopian people like the beloved PM Akliliu Habtewold, the charismatic young, high caliber and well educated PM Endalkachew Mekonnen, the patriotic and decorated General Aman Andom, the wise, mature and gentle-spoken General Teferi Banti and multitudes of dedicated public servants, religious figures, men, women and young generation of Ethiopians with unlimited potential.

    Fifty years of misery, fifty plus years of political experimentation on the benevolent and God fearing Ethiopians of all walks of life, by charlatans, frauds, murderers, assassins thieves, vagabonds, sociopaths, psychopaths and demagogues who have come up as Marxists Leninists, ethno-liberator fronts, religious equalizers, and now as ethno federalists.

    The one common thin among all the frauds is there insatiable appetite for money, power and privilege. They come from nowhere, from being nobodies, send their children to private schools then abroad, they live in mansions, and villas they did not work for or build, they drive cars they did not pay for, and they imprison, torture, kill and murder those who dare ask where the heck and under what cave and real cos they dug out to be the curse of Ethiopia and Ethiopians!!!!!!!!

  2. you are saying “My heart breaks when I hear of the senseless massacre of innocent Ethiopians in Wolega and Gambela” .
    what a nonsense;
    First you should have seperated the massacres in Wollega and Gambella:
    In wollega: they hare massacred and slaughtere, because they are Amharas, not because they are ethiopians. It is a Genocide. call it by its word.
    I am sorry for you, when you write such statements. Sensless Statement.

  3. Warm greetings to you Prince Ermiyas! I read your wise statement and the really impressive and correct comment (entitled as Ethiopians … political experimental guinea pigs of political impostors … ). Highly educated ministers and military leaders of Ethiopia became victims of the political leadership of then government of the country. I tell you the fact frankly, the misery and ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia could have been avoided had your grandfather Emperor Haile Sellasie handed absolute power to the then parliament of Ethiopia. The emperor did not want to lead Ethiopia as a constitutional sovereign.

    I am sure that you want to see a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia. This is also the wishes of the vast population of Ethiopia.

  4. Let’s go back to about 50 years and attempt to summarize the events that have unfolded. It is true Emperor Haile Selassie had made a cardinal error in not transferring power peacefully even to then Crown Prince.

    Nevertheless, an even glaring mistake of nearly 3 generations of Ethiopians from 1950 or so till now, is the failure to recognize the innumerable progresses and developments Ethiopia attained under Emperor Haile Selassie. Nearly every functioning economic sector and modern civil service sector were the products of his dedicated public’s servants and their vision for a modern Ethiopia. The vast list of achievements include, the creation of the modern Ethiopian army, Ethiopian Airforce, the then burgeoning Ethiopian navy, the innumerable hotel and hospitality industries, the modern hospitals of the nation, the Institute of Pasteur, the military academies, universities of high academic standards, however few critics claim etc, etc.
    A quick perusal of the book “Aklilu Remembers” reveals the struggle and indomitable spirit of those dedicated representatives of Ethiopia who laid the groundwork for the Ethiopian Airlines, for the independent banking system of the nation, for the modernization of the criminal code, the entrance of Ethiopia into the League of Nations (as a founding member and only independent African country) and subsequently to the UN, the establishment of the OAU from scratch, the central role Ethiopia played in the independence of African nations etc, etc, etc.

    Without any sense of exaggeration, no other government in Ethiopia since then, neither the military dictatorship of the Derg nor the ethnic federalism of Meles era has ever managed to make even a fraction of the transformations the government of Emperor Haile Selaassie attained. In fact, the 1974 Ethiopian revolution itself was possible because of the educational development policies that the Emperor carried out to modernize his ancient nation and the subsequent “dissatisfaction” and claims of “slow or insufficient progress” by the so called “progressives” of the era, themselves products and beneficiaries of the educational progress attained under Emperor Haile Selassie’s government.

    The discrepancy in rural vs urban Ethiopian standard of living, a vice that is widespread even in the developed world was weaponized to spearhead a violent military revolution with covert external actors that achieved unimaginable advantage over Ethiopia and Ethiopians , by the workings of unsuspecting, hot headed,under educated or sometimes over educated but at the same time miseducated Ethiopians themselves. The net result was a loss of some 60 plus highly educated and well experienced leaders with average experience hovering in the range of 25-30 years thus a loss of somewhere around 1200-1800 years/ person of management experience (60 x 20-30 years) – this estimate is for the top echelons.

    Had wiser and cooler heads prevailed, it would have been possible to at least imagine the inefficacy and stupidity of massacring so many educated leaders in whom the nation has invested so much resources and time over the years. Imagine a mid level bureaucrat with average 5 years experience replaced those “hated”figures which will yield 300 years/ individual experience- a whopping discrepancy of at least 900- 1500 year/ person management deficiency at the top echelon.

    Now imagine, this level of attrition at all sectors , with ill planning, ideology driven, of replacing, sabotaging, undermining the civil sectors of a country in development. The net result can be nothing but chaos and disarray.
    And this misery, degradation, and disruption is the work of none other than Ethiopians themselves. The facts cannot be shunned, deleted, white washed or embellished. Look at the numbers, and the numbers look right back, staring us up and down, and pointing Ethiopians’ fingers at Ethiopians themselves.

  5. Your Excellency Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie,

    Thank you very much for your heart felt message to all those who still believe in that gem of the colored called Ethiopia. The word ‘Ethiopia’ is a reason for millions to be ever proud and for commies and bigots it is a sound that trigger their demonic spirit of ‘zaar’. Please continue having those upright and harmonious people in your thoughts. Those more than 80 ethnic groups were put together in that glorious country by The Almighty Our Creator to show the rest of humanity that such massive number of groups can live together in peace and harmony and except for a brief period they have done so for centuries. I did not make this up because it is right there either in the written or oral history. It had trying time by evil elements both internal and external to undo this holiest union among Allah’s people but the evil had failed and failed miserably on many occasions. But since the mid 1960’s a dark cloud has been hovering over that holy land with a deadly poison called Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. This demonic philosophy(if one calls that philosophy) was hauled in by sinister foreigners who were hired by your grandfather to teach subjects and skills that can play part in modernizing the country. But those commies had a different plan not to teach subject matters only but also to recruit bright students and inject their tender brains with the evil philosophy. Reformation was made a cursed word. Instead the catchword became revolution. Peaceful struggle was deemed evil and overthrow of a seating government by violent means was heralded as the only way. Since then one Tweedledee commie came and went just to be replaced by another Tweedledum commie. The conservative estimate is more than 10 million citizens have lost their lives since 1974 due to wars and massacres instigated by deresas/deacons of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. It was a violent revolution to found a socialist state then and now it is a violent revolution for ‘self determination including and up to secession’. Such carnage has left many among us with no sense of respect for others. Please do not be discouraged from expressing what is on your mind by these detractors. They are those eyal-al-souqs who grew up unattended at bazaars. They had grown sideways refusing to grow straight up the whole time from their early childhood. They is no such norm as dignified ways when talking to others in the protocol of these yokelish individuals.

    Thank you again for having those glorious people in your thoughts.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Please make that: There is no such norm as dignified ways when talking to others in the protocol of these yokelish individuals.

  7. Emperor Haile Selassie and the then Ethiopia under the role of absolute monarchy.
    Most importantly now: What could be the role of Emperor Haile Selassie’s grandchildren, specifically Prince Ermyas Sahle Selassie, in modern and democratic Ethiopia?

    I have always admired Prince Zara Yaqob and Prince Ermyas. In the same way as the sons of the late Prince Mekonnen’s children, Princes Zara Yaqob and Ermyas are so sweet, kind and polite. As far as I know, there is no one who talks about them in a negative way. I admired and still admire highly the late Crown Prince Asfa Wossen Haile Slassie, Princess Sara Yigzaw and Princess Mahtsente, the mother of Prince Ermyas. I was the first person on the then local radio broadcasted in London in the early 1990’s that Prince Ermyas should be selected to work as assistant and deputy to Prince Zara Yaqob. (to be continued to page 2)
    Dr. Haddis Gebre-Meskel

  8. p. 2
    The late Princess Medfereyash worq Ababa came back to London from USA in 1994. Except once in 1999, as she usually did, she contacted the late W/ro Weynam Andargachew Messai to tell me that she and her son Prince Zara Yaqob came back to London and they were staying in an apartment in Earls Court. I was told that I should contact them as soon as I can. They were not able to contact me directly during those days as there were no mobiles available to facilitate such services. I went to the apartment to greet and see them. Prince Zara Yaqob opened the door and went back to his bedroom without greeting me. I stood for a minute or two standing in the reception room alone. Princess Medfereyash came out of her bedroom stood in the reception room. Both of us stood about two metres apart for at least five minutes without speaking to each other. Both of us knew the reason why we did not talk to each other.

    She was furious and very annoyed, I suspect, for four reasons. Firstly, I had refused to marry her daughter Princes Sehin in 1998. Secondly, she had asked me, saying: “We (her husband the late Crown Prince Asfa Wossen and herself) are getting old and we want you to help Zara Yaqob. Whatever little money we have, we give it to you to help look after him.” Thirdly, when they were moving to USA from from their apartment in Portland Street, near Regent Park, in London, she had asked me to move from London with them to USA. Fourthly, I think in 1993, I said even in one of local radios in London that Prince Ermyas should be appointed as regent because I then felt that he was able to help Prince Zara Yaqob greatly.
    (to be continued on page 3)

  9. p.3.
    I was then working as Research Fellow at SOAS (London University). A radio reporter came to my office and asked me to take part in a discussion regarding Emperor Haile Selassie and Rastafarianism. It was during the discussion I clearly said what I felt about the situation Emperor Haile Selassies’s grandchildren were situated. This was precisely the main reason which angered the late Crown Princess Medferiash Worq Ababa. I still feel that there were so many other issues and situations which, unfortunately, helped to create love and hate feeling between Crown Princess Medferias Worq, Princess Tenagne Worq Haile Selassie, her children Princess Aida Desta, Lady Hirut Desta, Lady Seble Desta, Luel Ras Mengesha Seyoum, all his children and I, myself, who left me as badly hurt victim of these above mention heartless, merciless, just clearly to say: a crowed of beast families. The reason for the rise of this non-stop active brutal cold-war between these above mentioned dreadful individuals and I was refusal to marry Princess Sehin, the late Menen, daughter of the late beast Mengesha Seyoum and the late merciless Princess Aida Desta. The late Princess Tenagne Worq and the late Lady Hirut also wanted me to marry the daughter of the late Real Admiral Eskender Desta. Lady Hirut Desta happened to meet me in High Street Kensington, London, in April 1996 and said to me: “Our brother (Eskender Desta) left us a daughter and we want you to marry her). What made this particular issue so odd was that I have heard of Eskender’s daughter but I have never met her. I refused all of their children they were offering me to marry. This situation upset them all badly. They all joined and decided to have me killed.
    (to be continued to p.4)

  10. p.4
    The Beast Family: Devil Mengesha Seyoum (Sium), brutal Aida Desta and their Merciless Children
    Devil Mengesha Seyoum first came to know me when I was thirteen. In September, just starting grade five, the first middle row of desks in the best classroom was reserved for two students: for the daughter of sister of Mengesha Seyoum, Tewabech Kahsay and myself. Thirty years later, Seyoum Mengesha (son of the then so called devil-face Ras Mengesha) asked me several times to marry Tewabech, who was then living in Canada. I said: “She should have married years ago. Why you keep on asking me to marry your sister Menen, your sister’s daughter, Atsede and your cousin, Tewabech. Please, allow me to choose and marry whom I love”.
    In August 2006, Mengesha Seyoum, Aida Desta, children and friends got together to remember the first year of death of Rebecca, Mengesha’s first daughter from another woman. Rebecca’s mother became pregnant from Mengesha in the compound of Dejazmatch Kebbede Tessema. Mengesha Seyoum was kept as prisoner in a room, which was situated next to the room occupied by another prisoner patriot Belay Zeleqe.

    Mengesha Seyoum had told Weynam Andargachew Messai to get in touch of me and tell me that I should go to Rebecca’s house to express my condolences. I did straightaway. There were so many people there. When I entered the reception room, I bowed towards Mengesha Seyoum and he stood up and run towards me to embrace me kiss my cheeks. He almost forced me insisting to sit next to him. I said to him: “Leul Gietaye, How can I sit next to you?”.
    (to be continued to page 5)

  11. p.5
    At about 7 pm, I arrived at the house of the deceased Rebecca Mengesha and her husband the late Asefaw Abreha Tessema, which was situated in the south east London. There were about ten individuals, who were there to show respect and convey condolences to the family of Mengesha Seyoum on her 1st year of burial.

    Mengesha Seyoum, literally pulled and forced me to sit next to him, saying: “You sit next to me and why are you refusing to sit next to me now?” Yes, he was right that I have sat next to him on two occasions. These occasions were completely different from this particular time. As soon as I sat down, I noticed tense environment between us. He looked heartless and ruthless. Out of the blue, he started saying: “You kissed the knees of Princess Tenagne Worq and asked her to bless your achievement in your studies by showing her the bound Ph.D. thesis. But, you have never asked me to bless your Ph.D”. I was surprised and shocked as I never expected to see such kind of behaviours of the so then called Luel Ras Mengesha the absolute ruler of Tigray.

    I replied to him, saying: “Your Highness, yes, it is true that I asked Princess Tenagne Worq, Princess Aida and Lady Seble to bless my Ph.D. graduation and the thesis I wrote because they were in London during the year I graduated. You were not in London during that particular period, where I celebrated such occasion”. He seemed to be angry and annoyed, but still continued, saying: “I came to see you in your apartment, but, you never asked me to bless your Ph.D.” I said to myself, “Why is this person bothering me. Why is my Ph.D. so important to him? My God, he should try to forget me as I have completely forgotten him.” Nevertheless, I had to say something to this idiot individual with three or four year old child. I replied to him, saying: “Yes, you came to see in 1977 but then I had forgotten everything about my Ph.D.”
    (to be continued to page 6)

  12. p.6
    This brutal and nasty Mengesha, who seemed to have a three year old mind, continued complaining, saying: “You attended a public meeting organised by TPLF and held in their hall at Stockwell (in London). Your donation was higher than all who happened to be there. But, you never contributed to EDU. … ” He never seemed to stop. I was being pressurised badly. I did not know what to say to him. As he was complaining and criticising me aggressively, I had no choice to do anything else. I had to keep myself quiet and dignified in front of several dignified individuals, who happed to be there with us.

    As I kept on listening to him, I was just busy recording his silly and pointless talk in my mind. I was listing and counting the 20 or so complaints. I felt badly treated and greatly pressurized. I was forced to say to myself: “Who is this horrible individual trying to torment me badly. He seems not willing to leave me alone.” He knew me and my behaviour well since my childhood. He was aware of the fact that I do not react quickly to situations, good or bad, directed towards me. It takes me at least ten years to react to bad situations directed towards me. The more I kept quiet, I knew that it was the easiest system to gather all the hidden wicked thoughts of this nasty beast Mengesha Seyoum and his family.

    He had chosen me to be his son-in-law when I was thirteen. His family and himself had suffered badly from dwarfism. He had proofed that I looked like Emperor John IV. He had to get me by any means possible to him.
    to be continued to page 7.

  13. p.7
    W/ro Almaz, the wife of Tsehafie Te’ezaz Wolde Giyorgis Wolde Yohannes, was listening patiently what the Devil face Mengesha Seyoum was saying to me. She felt that enough was enough and he had to stop talking this horrible manner. She was sitting next to me and said to him: “Aybequam endie? Is it not enough.” The disgusting rotten Mengesha Seyoum replied to her, saying: “Ersewo zem yebelu – You (polite), keep quiet.” I think three or four complaints followed. I never answered to him. He breathed out heavily, saying loudly: “Oooooh!

    He stood up and said to me: “Come with me”. I followed him to another room where his wife – the so disgusting and rotten feminine version of a devil – Aida was sitting with her children, Yohannes – the so called great-granddaughter of Haile Selassie, the vicious and savage Seyoum, Menen, Atsede – the granddaughter of Mengesha Seyoum from another woman, relatives and friends. As soon as we entered the room where Aida the above-mentioned individuals were sitting, someone whom I do not know switched off the light and the room became dark. I was not completely dark as there was a bit of light coming in from light at the corridor. I just managed to know where the rotten devil-face Aida was sitting. I walked straight towards her but she just sat still. She remained motionless but I just came close to her; I kissed her cheeks. As I was coming out of the room, I noticed Yohannes was standing there. He came so close to me. He nearly touched my ear with his devil lips and said something nasty, which I can not tell here.
    to be continued to page 8

  14. p.8. (correction on p.7: It was not completely dark as there was a bit of light … )
    Yes, I will never tell to anyone what this so rude, arrogant and rotten Yobannes Mengesha whispered the two words in my ear. He must have noticed straightaway that it might cost his nasty and dreadful life.

    Mengesha Seyoum, his wife Aida and all his children, but I probably say, except Michael – Mikael, were extremely rude and arrogant. What was the background of Mengesha Seyoum? What was his origin and how was he brought up?

    Mengesha’s father Ras Seyoum was born from Gojjamie’s, and, thus from the then imprisoned Ras the so called Ras Mengesha Yohannes IV. In fact, Mengesha was not a son of Emperor Yohannes IV. He was a son of her elder brother Dejezmach Hagos. Emperor Yohannes’s only son was King Araya, who married a daughter of Emperor Menelik II who later became Empress Zewditu. Emperor Menelik II wanted to wipe-out the descendants of Emperor Yohannes IV in Tigray. Emperor Menelik, thus, decided to send the Gojjamie Seyoum to Tigray as governor of West Tigray (Adwa, Axum and Shire).

    The childhood traumas of Mengesha Seyoum.
    Mengesha Seyoum was born in 1927 in a village situated in the west of Enderta, Tigray. He was a son of Ras Seyoum and a muslim girl known as Fatima. Fatima was kidnapped by Ras Seyoum from small town Weldia in wollo. When Fatima became pregnant from Ras Seyoum, he sent her to a village in Engderta. She gave birth to Mengesha but Ras Seyoum married a Showan lady known as Atsede. This situation made young Fatima so upset and decided to commit suicide. Later on at the age of 16 or 17 he was kept as a political prisoner in the house of Dejazmatch Kebede Tessema in Addis Ababa for two and half years.
    to be continued to p.9

  15. p.9
    The young Dejazmach (later Leul Ras) Mengesha Seyoum had a horrible life. He was kept as a prisoner in a room next to that of patriot Belay Zelaqe. He was kept in a room, which was reasonably spacious (probably 4 metres sq.). Probably in 1943, at time between 3 and 4 hrs in the morning, soldiers took away patriot Belay Zelaqe and hanged him later on in the morning. When Young Dejazmatch knew about the condition of patriot Belay Zelaqe, he was shocked, scared and terribly frightened. On the same day, his father Luel Ras Seyoum and his wife Princess Atsede came to the room of young Mengesha crying and weeping. A highly clerical officer was his regular visitor, teaching him how to pray and read the Psalter. The clerical officer had given him the book of the Psalter soon after he was kept as a prisoner. The clerical officer was telling him repeatedly, saying: “You will be released soon. Let us see what the court is going to say but the final decision will be His Majesty’s. We are expecting mercy to be given to you.”

    Clerical officer: “Why did you imprison this son of Ras Seyoum? He with about ten or so followers gave his hand to the Government in the wilderness of Tenbien. Why did you ordered to be brought to Addis Ababa to imprison them?”

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “Ras Abebe Aragay sent them to Addis Ababa saying that they were caught as prisoners. He gathered those who surrendered and sent them here.”

    Clerical Officer: “When I went to the wilderness of Tenbien to see him, he said to me that he ‘fled to the wilderness just to save my life’.”

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “The Showa’s are saying to Us – ‘This issue does not concern you. You keep silent and leave us alone to deal with it”.

    Years later Emperor Haile Selassie gave mercy and ordered to come out of the prison.

    Clerical Officer: “This son of Ras Seyoum is polite with a heart and mind full of the fear of God. Send him for education abroad. One of a girl from our daughters should be found for him. …. ”

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “We will do that”.
    to be continued to p.10

  16. p.10

    I feel it is time to stop posting this sort of comments immediately. Posting such comments under this so important statement may have been not appropriate. However, Ethiopian intellectuals just kept on reading without reacting, agreeing or opposing, to my personal observations and views on the political situation of Ethiopia in the 20th century. I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. I just reacted badly to the misuse of power, wealth and massive influence of individuals such as Mengesha Seyoum and his family.

    The above comments have nothing to do with the timely and highly important statement, which was given by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia, on the Recent Violence in Ethiopia. Reading this statement made made me think that Prince Ermias can contribute a lot to the so beloved Ethiopia in attaining peace and stability. The burning question, which is dominating the mind of Ethiopian intellectuals and people of Ethiopia is one so important issue – the idea of flourishing democracy in this blessed land. How best can Ethiopians help the highly gifted leader, Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his fellow ministers, in getting peace, stability and development in the country?

    I have known and admired His Excellence Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie for the last 45 years. He is well known world-wide as a man of peace. he knows several heads of states and internationally influential people. Definitely, he can help in attaining peace in Ethiopia if he is also included as member of the committee for peace in Ethiopia.

    Thank you all for listening to me.
    Dr Haddis Gebre-Meskel, London

  17. p.11
    [correction: “The late Princess Medfereyash worq Ababa came back to London from USA in 1994. Except once in 1999” should be corrected as … Except once in 1989/?90]
    What happened in this ?1989/90? My notes, documents and diaries were stolen from my apartment in London by the nasty, filthy and brutal Mengesha Seyoum, his filthy son Seyoum and hired Ethiopian and Eritrean gangsters and criminals.

    Anyway, let us see what exactly happened during this time. Princess Tenagne Worq Haile Selassie and her daughters Princes Aida and Lady Seble arrived about midnight on Saturday in London from Addis Ababa by British Air Ways. Princes Tenagne Worq and her children went straight to the house of the late Crown Prince Asfa Wossen and arrived there nearly 1 am in the morning.

    That morning (i.e., Sunday morning) at exactly 7:30 am my home telephone rings. I was in my bed but well awoken. I answered the phone, saying to myself: “Who could be phoning me so early?”

    Myself: “Hello”
    Princess Medferiash Worq: “Hello. How are you?”
    Myself: “Lielt Emebiete – just last night, I mean before I woke up, I saw a dream seeing His Royal Highness (Asfa Wossen) happy and smiling receiving several guests.”
    Prince Medferiash Worq: “It is not possible to talk on the phone. There is someone
    who wants to see you. Come at 6 p.m”
    Myself: “Alright madam”

    I arrived at His Royal Highness Asfa Wossen’s house at 7 pm. When I got in the house, I saw several children of His Royal Highness and grandchildren of Princess Tenagne Worq lined in the corridor leading to the room where the Princess Tenagne Worq was sleeping. By 7 pm, the brother and sister (Asfa Wossen and Tenagne Worq and, of course Medferiash Worq) had dinner. I just arrived before Princess Tenagne Worq entered her bedroom. I bowed down and she held my chin and kissed my cheeks, saying: “How are you?” I answered saying: “I am fine thanks be to God. Now, you rest [in your bedroom”. She answered, saying: “Isn’t is amazing?”
    (perhaps, to be continued on p.12)

  18. p.12
    About a week later, Weynam, the daughter of Ras Bitwodad Andargachew Massai and W/ro Sirgut Ayele, got in touch with me by phone to let me know that Princess Tenagne worq Haile Selassie and her daughter Aida were staying in an apartment near Oxford Street and I should go there and see Princess Tenagne Worq. I was a little bit surprised about this message and wanted to know why I had to go there to see her.

    I went to the apartment with two bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne. I presented them to Princess Tenagne Worq in the presence of the evil eye Aida. Aida refused to accept my greetings. I knew the reason why she hates me. Aida knew me for several years – since I was thirteen or fourteen. She just chose to hate me because I had refused to marry her dwarf and so ugly looking daughter Menen. I kept to say: “Why do they invite me to come to their apartment if Aida hate me so much? Princess Tenagne Worq knows this situation and stared at her daughter, saying: “Endie – what a surprising! i.e., what an odd thing is happening.” Nevertheless, Princess Tenagne Worq was so nice to me. That sign of acceptance made me feel comfortable there in her apartment and started to ignorer Aida completely.

    A week later, I went to visit Princess Tenagne Worq. I went there with 3 bottles (6 litres) of Volvic (Swiz) natural mineral water and a bottle of Ribena (concentrated juice). Weinam there when I was presenting them to the Princess. Weinam turned and looked at me, saying: “I have never seen anyone going to visit someone bringing and presenting water.” The Princess replied to her, saying: “He has done good things because we always drink water with a concentrated juice”.
    to be continued to p.13

  19. p.13
    May God bless the soul of the deceased Weinam Andargachew Massai. I knew her for years – I must say since 1977. My friend then Seyoum Mengesha took me to an apartment in West Kensington, London, which was occupied by Ras Bitwoded Andargachew Massai. Dejazmatch Zewdie Gebre-Selassie and Weinam were there, too, and I was introduced to them by Seyoum. When I was introduced to Ras Andargachew, he was not happy at all. Seyoum replied to the Ras, sayong: “Endie?” I turned my eyes directly to Seyoum, saying: “Why you bring me here? I must go back to Oxford (where I was living at that time). The Ras changed his behaviour towards me immediately and became more friendly and tried to make me feel welcome and comfortable. Dejazmatch Zewdie shook hands with me without saying a word to me. I know that the Bitweded Ras and Dejazmatch Zewie knew who I was and to which family I belonged. It was made clear to me that my family was well known to them as a close friend, but, rightly or wrongly, singled out by them as critical of Emperor Haile Selassie.

    Two years later I went to visit Ras Bitwoded Andargatchew with a bottle of fine French wine. I bought this wine in one of the channel ferries I used to come back from my two week summer holiday in Germany. I went to the shop on the ferry and asked for “the best wine in the shop”? I remember the person who sells in the shop and the other people who were queuing to buy wines and cans of beer were surprised. I said to him again, saying: “Yes, please, give me the most expensive wine you have here?”
    to be continued to p.14

  20. p.14
    The wine shop assistant said to me: “The most expensive wine I have costs you £18.00.  It is Le biale.  Anyway, Is this expensive wine going to be for you?”  I replied, saying: “No problem,  I can pay it. It is going to be presented to a very important person to me.”  When I came back to London, I went to visit the Ras Bitwoded Andargatchew Massai.  I presented the wine to him in the summer of 1979.  Today’s price of the wine is definitely at least £60. While he was looking at it, I said to him: “This is one of the finest French wines I was able to find at the ferry shop.”  He replied, saying: “I can notice that it is a fine wine because all fine French wines come in boxes.  When I go to visit Alga Warash –  Crown Prince (Asfa Wossen) – I will present this wine to him.” I came to love and respect Ras Bitwoded
     Andargatchew for many reasons.  He had told me that he knew members of my family closely.  When he was in Eritrea working as the highest ranking Ethiopian officer, he had gone to a monastery, which was situated 55 km away from Asmara, to meet my grandfather, who was living there as a monk.  I also know a situation when my grandfather was in a hospital in Asmara for a minor illness, where he and his wife Princess Tenagne Worq visited him.  Generally, he was so kind and graceful.  I had said to myself that he needs to be treated likewise.  That is why I decided to buy the most expensive wine in the ferry shop when I was a University student.

    Of course, I used to treat Weinam as my sister in the same way I used to treat other ‘sisters’, such as most sweet and kind souls, Princesses Sefrash bezu and Sehin, Jote and Yeshi Kasa, Hanah Dereje, etc.  However, Weinam used to see things differently from that of mine.  Once, she shocked me, saying: “You are the most eligible man in Ethiopia.”  She was making clear to me that I was desirable as a spouse.  I was shocked to hear things of this kind from her.  I replied, saying: “How can you say as if I live in Ethiopia while it is clear to you that I live in London.”  She said: “I cannot say that you are the most eligible man in Europe.”  I said to her, saying: “I would have been happy had you said that I am the most eligible man in the small country of mine, Eritrea.  You could have said that Prince Zara Yaqob is the most eligible man in Ethiopia.”  Weinam said: “I cannot say that Zara Yaqob is when he is not.”

    I must say that about a decade later, she even shocked me more, saying: “Enie lij salweled yeqerehut iko bante mekneyat new –  the reason why I stayed without giving birth to a child is you.”  I was frozen and remained speechless for several minutes.  I think it was about two months later, a west Indian young girl happened to meet me crossing a road near Earl’s Court. She turned her face towards me and said: “Hello. I want to have a child from you”. I replied to her, saying: “Why a child from me?” She replied, saying: “I want to have a child who looks just like you.” It was during this time that I started to calm down from the upset and anger I used to feel after Weinam’s statement. I started to understand feelings of women much better. Weinam was at least six years older than me and I truly felt that had she told me and asked me clearly what she had wanted, I, perhaps, should have agreed to approve her request.

    Several years later, I became so angry with the Tenagne Worq and Mengesh Seyoum family. I became tired of them and told Lady Hirut Desta: “Weinam wanted to have a child from me and so many others wanted a child from me. This makes me angry.” Lady Hirut said: “Why doesn’t she pick a man from a street?”
    to be continued to p.15

  21. p.15
    Oh! My goodness, I am beginning to forget dates and years.  Perhaps, I am getting older! The statement on page 13 regarding meeting Weinam Andargachew Massai.  Actually, the first time I met her was in July 1976 on the grounds of the Windsor Palace, just in front of the entrance door of the Royal Chapel.  During this time, about 100 people, including members of friends of Ethiopia were invited to take part in the memorial service of Emperor Haile Selassie.  I was also invited to be there.  A lot of people were getting together and standing in front of the door until the door was open for us to enter.  I happened to meet so many very good friends of mine there.  As soon as Sir Christopher Cox, senior fellow of New College at Oxford, saw me there, he came towards me and gave me a warm greetings by shaking hands with me.  I said to him: “It is so nice to see you here, Christopher!”  He told me: “Haddis, come with me for a walk until the chapel is open.”  We walked through the wonderful building and, then we were able to see a vast mowed land, which was only reserved for members of the Royal Family and, I thought, also for members of the Garter Order.  Sir Christopher Cox was a member of this special order.  I felt great and happy while I was walking with him for at least 15 minutes.

    After we walked nearly a kilometre long well kept park, Sir Christopher said: “Let us walk back to the Chapel and join others.”  As we were walking back we were able to see about four girls following us.  The older girl, who later I came to know was Weinam.  The three girls who were with her were probably Jote, Yeshi and Hannah.  Weinam stopped us and started asking me in Amharic: “Are you the hidden secret son of Emperor Haile Selassie living in England”.  I was clearly terribly surprised.  I said: “No” and Sir Christopher and I chose to leave them there and continue walking.  As we were walking back to the Chapel, Sir Christopher said to me: “Do you know them”.  I answered, saying: “No”. After the service, about ten people were invited by the Royal Chaplain to join him in a small reception room. I was one of the invited guests and had the privilege to meet and talk to him.
    (to be continued)  

  22. p.15
    Well, as soon as I posted yesterday’s note (pages 14 and 15), I chose to go to a nearby park. I sat alone for at least an hour thinking and meditating on the issues written in connection with the families of Emperor Haile Selassie and Mengesha Seyoum. I kept on asking myself, saying: “Was it necessary writing things of this kind in the first place? What is the purpose of my writings?”

    Obviously, there were times when I felt that I should not have started writing about my experiences with these above-mentioned horrible families. I should have ignored them completely. There comes a time, which forces me to write about these devilish families. Yes, of course, situations of this sort must not be ignored for the sake of justice. How can an irresponsible individual use force and wealth to dominate another fellow human being? Is it wise to harm and damage another fellow human being immensely by destroying life and promising career just for the sake of their greedy and horrible desire?

    I console and comfort myself, saying: “I should leave it to the almighty God to look at this vile, bestial and brutish actions and behaviours of these families.” I should ask the almighty God to give His Judgement to this unforgettable and unforgivable injustice.
    (to be continued)

  23. p.17.
    Yes, specific members of Emperor Haile Selassie and the Devil Mengesha Seyoum must be brought to justice for non-stop harassment and the horrible criminal actions continuously done upon myself for more than four decades. They forgot that I was living in Great Britain as a free man. They also forgot that I was, and, of course, I still feel that I am an adopted son of the British Government and the tax payers of this blessed country. They gave me the chance to go to the best universities in Great Britain, where I eventually received Ph.D. with merit.

    Indeed, these rotten families tried very hard to force me to marry one of their daughters, where the one offered to me being – beautiful or ugly – remained to be their own choice. I was left alone to challenge this horrible and horrific situation. It is easy to understand how these merciless families could have acted in Ethiopia at the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie.
    to be continued

  24. p.18
    Yes, I meant to say during Emperor Haile Selassie. They could not have said that sort of rubbish and totally unacceptable things to me during that time in Ethiopia. They clearly knew that I also come from one of the most powerful families in the country. I suspect what they could have done was to either kidnap and kill me or secretly poison me. They could not have been able to tell me to marry one of their daughters officially, I mean in front of people. The Devil Mengesha Seyoum, Medferiash Worq,Tenagne Worq and her daughters the drug-addicted, vicious and mental Aida and Hirut could not have said anything of this sort to me in Ethiopia during the reign of their father-in-law, father or grand-father Emperor Haile Selassie. They clearly knew the massive and harmful consequences of such unjustifiable and unacceptable actions taken upon me. They could not have done such an embarrassing and foolish thing openly. I knew that they were crafty – the servants of the Devil. What they could have done was to take one or two devilish actions – to secretly put poisons in drinks of food I take anywhere cafes, restaurants, even in my own apartment. They have done it several times to me in London, but with the will and power of the Almighty God, I was repeatedly saved.

    I kept wondering why these nasty families wanted to keep me under their control by offering one of their daughters. It was clear to selected members of their families. It was clear to myself as well. Their aim was to use me for breeding purposes and to use and benefit from the production of my brain.

    As I said above, I repeatedly refused to accept their offer. I knew their behaviours and the kind of actions they were prepared to take. Motto of these detestable and greedy families is well known to me: “IF Of NO USE FOR US – THROW AND DESTROY”.
    to be continued

  25. p.20
    Oh, yes, I still remember what my very good friend Prince Zera Yaqob told me in the late 1990’s in their apartment in London.  When I knew him at that time, he was a friendly and sweet person.  We were having a talk in his apartment on different things.  All of a sudden, he surprised me greatly by saying: “You marry her.”  Actually, he mentioned her name but I have forgotten her name now .  Two sisters were staying with them at their apartment at Portland Street, in London.  The two sisters were daughters of a brother of Crown Princess Medferiash Worq Ababa.  Her father was also living in London.  I used to know him really well but, nowadays, I have forgotten his name, too.  The one Prince Zera Yaqob mentioned by name was the eldest daughter.  I was terribly surprised to hear such proposals.
    At that time, I could not say anything regarding this marriage issue.  I chose to say nothing for a while but told him quietly, “Thank you.  You know, I am working very hard, indeed, to get this Ph.D. thesis done quickly and finished successfully.  I could do nothing of this kind until I get this of great priority work is finished.”
    (to be continued)

  26. p. 21

    Ethiopia was reasonably a stable country in Africa in the 1960’s. God had created Ethiopia as a paradise in the World because it continuously stretches its hands up to Him. The climate and the greenery landscape is still beautiful. In short, Ethiopia was created by God as ‘green belt’, whose territory is fenced by protective spiritual fire. As a saying for Ethiopia in Ge’ez says: ” ማእከላ ገነት ወወሰንዋ እሳት – ma’ekela genet wawasanewa esat – its centre is paradise and its territories are fires.” This is a clear warning to neighbouring countries, who inhumanely aspire to keep Ethiopia underdeveloped country for ever without using its Abbay – Blue Nile river – water for irrigation and electricity purposes.

    The vast majority of the people of Ethiopia are God fearing and hard working. At least, its four rivers crossed its borders and helped to feed several hundreds of millions of Africans. Its largest river, Abbay, or the Blue Nile river, flows through Sudan and Egypt. People of Sudan and Egypt use the Nile river for irrigation. Not only that, they also use it as potable water. Billions sq. metres of Ethiopian water is even used as a means for transport purposes by several thousands of boats, ships, yachts, etc. before it is allowed to flow continuously to the Mediterranean Sea. Generally, Ethiopia, as paradise of the World, was capable of being a food-basket for almost half of the population of Africa.

    The political situation in the 1960’s was not just the right system to bring about prosperity and development in the country. Absolute monarchy was not the right system of government in Ethiopia. It was just the right political system, which was prepared to act contrary to the wishes of the people of Ethiopia. Absolute power corrupts and absolute monarchy corrupts absolutely.

    One of the main reasons why Emperor Haile Selassie was overthrown by the military junta was the political and economic situation in Eritrea. The Eritrean federal political and economic arrangements with the Ethiopian government was illegally annulled. What we now see as the present-day federal system in Ethiopia was prevented from happening for nearly sixty years.

    Emperor Haile Selassie destroyed Ethiopia at the perfect time, which could have enabled it to establish a perfect political and economic system in the country. The right kind of Parliament was not permitted to operate in Ethiopia. I do strongly think that Emperor Haile Selassie could have prevented the military coup, which was better known as Dergue, from taking absolute power from him in such horrible and horrific situations.
    to be continued

  27. p.22
    There are several dicta I like very much, indeed, which are expressed in Tigrinya, Amharic and English.  My favourite dictum in English is that of Lord Acton, which goes as follows.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely.  I do strongly believe that it is appropriate to mention Lord Acton’s dictum here.  I cannot possibly discuss this particular point in great detail.  I feel that it may be suitable to just touch the fundamental issues.
    What happened in Ethiopia during the early 1960’s?  What caused General Mengstu Neway and his brother Germame Neway to attempt to overthrow Emperor Haile Selassie’s government?  General Mengstu Neway and Germame Neway had a privileged life-stye and there was no need for overthrowing the government.  Had the two brothers were self-centred individuals, they could have tried their best to protect the government and themselves.  The two brothers must have witnessed so much corruption and mis-use of power and wealth in the country.
    The other important point, which needs to be mentioned here is the unfair transfer of the central administrative power from the most capable and effective Minister of Pen (Tsehafe Te’ezaz) Wolde Giyorgis Wolde Yohannes to Tsehafe Te’ezaz Aklilu Habte Wold.  During this time, the Emperor had unfairly annulled the federal constitution of Eritrea.  Emperor Haile Selassie had upset several high ranking politicians in Ethiopia.  However, no one from amongst his ministers and Crown advisers officially dared to tell the Emperor that it was a wrong political step-forward for Ethiopia.  The Emperor was privately criticised only by one of his trusted and respected advisers.
    to be continued

  28. p.23
    Emperor Haile Selassie phones and talks to one of his trusted and respected Crown Councillor as follows:

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “You have been staying here [in Addis Ababa) for several days. But, you have not come here to see us.”

    Senior Clerical Officer and Crown Councillor: “[Your Majesty] When can I come there to see you?”

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “Come here [to the palace]. We are waiting for you.”

    The Senior Clerical officer and member of the Crown Council arrived at the palace. They met at the lobby and made their way to the reception room. As soon as they entered the reception room, the Emperor himself closed the door. As they were heading towards the sofas to sit, the Emperor stopped suddenly and turned his face to his trusted Crown Councillor. He said as follows:

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “There is trouble and disturbance all over the country. There is war in Eritrea and fighting and disturbance in Gojjam and elsewhere. Opposition voices are being heard everywhere.”

    Senior Clerical Officer and Crown Councillor: “Ityopeyan mullech adregew yatafewat irsewo aydelum! Isn’t you the one who destroyed Ethiopia completely?”
    The Emperor became angry. He said loudly as follows:

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “men atefan? men aderegen? Yenageru! iko yenageru! What have we done? Which wrong things did we do? Say it, then!”
    All of a sudden, bodyguards who were present in the corridor rushed and got in the reception room by opening the door. The Emperor and the Crown Councillor were standing near the door. The Emperor shouted and said to the bodyguards: “hidu, wettu! Go away! Get out!” Then, the Emperor turned his face towards his Councillor and said, as follows:

    Emperor Haile Selassie: “iko yenageru? Say it, then?”

    Senior Clerical Officer and Crown Councillor: “tenegerows yalqal indie?”
    Emperor Haile Selassie: “iko yenageru!”
    Senior Clerical Officer and Crown Councillor: “irsewo eritrea sigebu hizebu bedestana be-ilileta teqebelewo. tadeya iresewo lemen yehizebun higena ser-atenat lemen aferesu? When you arrived in Eritrea, the people received you with joy and happiness. Why did you annul the customary laws and constitution of the country? The disturbance and opposition in other places in Ethiopia is caused by yourself because you appointed and sent people, who do not know the customs and laws of the people, as governors. You should abdicate now as our [Ethiopian] children have gained the required qualifications, which enables them to run the country. Hand over your power to the parliament!”
    Emperor Haile Selassie: “You are right. We have made a mistake.”

  29. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely” Lord Acton.
    Emperor Haile Selassie, most members of his family (Tenagne Worq and her children and the late Crown Princes Medferiash Worq) and the so disgusting, filthy and rotten the late Mengesha Seyoum, his wife the late Aida and all their children have definitely misused the power while they were in Ethiopia and while they were living as refugees in London and in the United States of America. They used to feel that they can do whatever they wanted to do. They never wanted to obey and respect the laws of the countries they were living in. Their behaviour was so shocking and frightening.

  30. “Enie Diyablos neN:- I am a Devil” (the then so called Leul Ras!) Mengesha Seyoum (Sium), former Governor of Tigray, said to me trying to scare and frighten me on 26 August 2006, London.

    He had a very short and so ugly daughter named Menen. Mengesha Seyoum and his wife Princess! Aida Desta were looking for a man who could marry their daughter for so many decades. They felt that they had found me, who could marry their midget daughter. They followed me all the way to London. They felt that it was a race against time to conquer me by any means which might be possible to them. Mengesha Seyoum’s granddaughter known as Atsede Asefa Abreha (daughter of Rebecca Mengesha, who was conceived in the compound of Dejazmatch Kebede Tessema, when her father Mengesha was kept as prisoner, living next door to Belay Zeleke in 1943-4) used to live in Croydon, London. They were trying to force me marry another one who happened to be so unattractive. I clearly declined their unstoppable so many repeated requests.
    They should have known the following:
    1. Who are they who happened to keep on bothering and threatening an individual who happened to lead his own live peacefully.
    2. They happened to misuse their power and privilege during the reign of Haile Selassie in Ethiopia but could not have behaved in the same way when they were living as refugees abroad in Great Britain and USA.
    3. Member of my family helped the Devil Mengesha Seyoum to come out the compound of Dejazmatch Kebede Tessema, helped him to go to the Middle East for education and to get married to the rotten Princess Aida Desta. He has forgotten all this kind of kindness given to him.

  31. Yes, young Devil Mengesha Seyoum, aged about 20, was sent to Beirut, Lebanon, for education roughly around the beginning of 1945.  He joined students of grade 9 at the American School there.  When he was studying there in grade 10, he was ordered to come back to Ethiopia to marry Princess Aida Desta.  They got married in 1946.  Emperor Haile Selassie’s main gift to the newly married couple was the entire region in Ethiopia, which produced incense.  Mengesha Seyoum and Aida Desta were collecting several thousands of tons of incense every year, worth on average 6 million American dollars every year for nearly 30 years (i.e., 1946-74).  Besides this fortune, Mengesha Seyoum used to own Haji Abdu coaches, nearly 60 trucks and haulages, massive amounts of marvels at Messebo, near Mekelle, etc.  He was a multi-millionaire in American and European currencies but he was so mean that he wanted other people to pay for his cappuccinos and snacks.  I noticed this unacceptable behaviour in 1987 at one of the cafes at Piccadilly, London.  He asked me to join him for a coffee and a sandwich, but he asked me to pay the bill for both of us, which was then £15.  I had only a cup of cappuccino but he asked me to pay the bill.  I was a postgraduate student at London University then but I happened to have  enough money to settle the bill in my wallet. However, I was annoyed to be asked to pay the bill, after all he was the one who invited me to join him for a coffee.  I refused to pay, saying: “I do not have the money to pay the bill”.  He replied, saying: “I know you have enough money with you”. As student, I might not had that kind of money with me at that particular time. What a funny this so little world is!!! 

  32. History will judge how Devil leul Ras Mengesha Seyoum (Sium), his evil wife Princess Aida Desta and his six monsters children lived in Tigray and abroad at large as refugees. Their main motive in their short and brutal life was mostly spent on searching handsome men and beautiful woman, who could be forced to marry their five sons, a daughter (Menen) and a grand-daughter (Atsede). They were tormented from Dwarfism this unwanted genes had to be cleared from their blood by any possible means. Once, Devil Mengesha (Mengewesha) sadly said to me, saying: “Do I have to struggle all my life [trying very hard to get rid of dwarfism from the blood of my children]? I knew that I could not help him, his situation continued to make me feel sad for him.

    Feudalism and absolute monarchy in Ethiopia, with rulers and governors like this devil-face Megesha, was complete disaster and shameful to Ethiopians.

  33. How the evil-eye and Devil-face Mengewesha (Mengesha) Seyoum (Sium) exploited and humiliated Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia
    A beast bearing evil-eye and Devil-face could not possibly act as a human.  The brain of this merciless beast continuously focuses on grabbing anything which could be gathered.  The beast Luel Ras Mengewesha was so cruel and greedy.  Money used to go to his pockets and not even a penny used to go out of his hands.  I have never seen greedy people like him and his children.  I knew all his children well.  The worst of them all was his youngest son, Seyoum.  As students in England, we used to be good friends.  Seyoum used to spend most of his weekends at Oxford, staying with me at my rented room.  He loved taking one of my favourite overcoats, ties and shirts.  He used to take anything he wanted but never gave anything since I knew him.  I just kept on observing that this kind of behavior was a direct result of heredity.  However hard they might have tried to change this kind of embarrassing behaviour, it must have been so hard to change.  There was another terrible behaviour, which I some twenty years later came to notice something so terrible and shocking.  The evil-eye and Devil-face Mengewesha (Mengesha) Seyoum and his youngest son, Seyoum, were first-class thieves.  They had managed to keep a copy of the key to my apartment in London.  They took almost everything they found in my apartment –  my research documents, valuable books, money, clothes, etc. in order to damage my academic career and financial assets.  They did this kind of bestial deeds upon me for refusing to marry the so ugly and midget Menen and so famous prostitude in London, Atsede Asefa, Mengewesha’s grand-daughter.  This thief-family must have done worst things to Tigray and its people.   

  34. 1.  Who helped to arrange the marriage of the Evil-eye and Devil-faced Mengewesha Seyoum and the most disgusting rotten Aida Desta, the grand-daughter of Haile Selassie?
    2. How this most hated greedy and arrogant couple, Mengewesha and Aida, showed disrespect and arrogance to ordinary Ethiopians.
    3. How money and pride let this couple forced them to behave worse than a beast to people who expected civilised manners from them.
    4. Who gave them power to select and choose people for human breeding with their dwarf and so dreadful looking children, especially their daughter, Menen, who was less than a metre tall?
    5. How this thief family exploited Tigray and left this region without building even a room to serve as a school for children in any tiny village.
    Mengewesha Seyoum, aged about 17 in 1942 fled from Makelle and went to the wilderness region of Tembien in order to save his life.  During this time, Ras Abebe Aregay was governor of Tigray and he was making political issues hard for Mengewesha to act as a representative official to his father Ras Seyoum.  Likewise, the Woyane Movement had made situations extremely difficult for Haile Selassie’s Government officials in Tigray.
    Emperor Haile Selassie was nearly ready to declare War against Tigreans during this time.  The regions (districts) of Tigray, mainly Enderta, Hulet Awla’elo, Agame and the sub-regions of Mehoni and Chercher were totally uncontrollable and extremely dangerous areas for Haile Selassie’s Government officials.  The military camp at Qwiha, near Makelle was surrounded by woyane fighters.
    Young Mengewesha Seyoum was moving from place to place in Tembien with about 15 armed guards. Mengewesha’s main reason as to why he went to the wilderness of Tembien was to save his life from the dangerous situation in Makelle.
    During this time, Liqe Liquawent Gebre-Meskel (later Abune Yohannes, Archbishop of Axum and all Tigray) was sent to Tigray by Haile Selassie so that he could try his best in bringing peace between the people of Tigray and Haile Selassie’s Government.  Hundreds of Woyane leaders agreed to the peace agreements. Finally, Liqe Liqawent Gebre-Meskel went to Tembien and met Young Mengesha (Mengewesha) Seyoum and his guards.  He told him that the reason why he fled from Makelle was to save his life and, thus, not because he was fighting for the purpose of the Woyane Movement.  Liqe Liqawent Gebre-Meskel told him that he and his guards would be allowed to live freely in Tigray.  When Liqe Liqawent Gebre-Meskel arrived in Addis Ababa he heard that Menewesha and his guards were sent by Ras Abebe Aregay to Addis Ababa as prisoners.
    Liqe Liqawent Gebre-Meskel went to see Emperor Haile Selassie.  He said to the Emperor, saying: “Who is the liar:  your seal or I? Why did you imprison these people, who agreed with me to give up their hands and live peacefully”.  The Emperor replied, saying: “Ras Abebe said to us that he had captured them and that he sent them all as prisoners”.
    Liqe Liqawent managed to get about 40 prisoners immediately, except Mengewesha Seyoum.  Showans said to the Emperor that Mengewesha should be persecuted and brought to the court. He was kept as a prisoner for nearly two and half years in the compound of Dejazmatch Kebede Tessema in Addis Ababa.
    With the help of Liqe Liqawent Gebre-Meskel, Mengewesha Seyoum was released from prison.  In addition to this he also  arranged for him first to go abroad to Beirut in Lebanon for education and get married to Aida Desta. Without completing 10th grade, he was told to come back to Addis Ababa, where he married Aida in 1946. 

  35. Liqe Liqawent Gebre-Meskel managed to get about 40 prisoners released from prison immediately on the same day he saw and talked to the Emperor, except Mengewesha Seyoum. The main reason why the Emperor did not want him to be released from prison was that “the Showans had implicated him getting involved in serious anti-government activities. The Showans had told Us that “this issue concerns us and, thus, not you”. Eventually, the final decision will depend on Us”.

  36. WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT THE LATE CURSED DEVIL MENGESHA SIUM (SEYOUM), HIS MERCILESS WIFE, THE LATE AIDA DESTA AND THEIR ARROGANT AND IDIOT CHILDREN? This horrible and selfish Mengesha (better known as Mengewesha) family’s main worry and problem was how they could deal and live with dwarfism and dreadful ugly looks.  Their sons, daughter, Menen, and Atsede grand-daughter of Mengesha, Atshede, were not able to find good looking people to marry them.  This issue was their main problem during their dreadful life in Ethiopia and abroad in London and the USA.  Mengesha and his family were suffering from this inferior complex.  This inferior feeling all their life really turned them apart into tiny pieces. I knew their deep feelings inside out. I used to feel sorry for this family but there was no way that I could help them with this unacceptable major problem.  It was beyond my ability and kindness that I could assist and cooperate.
     I have closely watched the way this family as a tightly group was thinking to solve their excruciating problem.  I was also able to understand their intensely painful and at times very embarrassing feelings at close range.  The way they were thinking was not acceptable in the modern and sophisticated world.  The decolonization of feudal mentality in Ethiopia should have been applied by Emperor Haile Selassie soon after the eradication of fascist Italian occupation.  Instead, the nobility and aristocracy of this country continued to rush in the accumulation of wealth and selection of spouses for their offspring. What surprises me greatly is precisely this point.  Why did they target me, when I was hoping to lead a life as a free person in the West, especially in the United Kingdom?  This point is what continued to puzzle me for the last 48 years! 
    There are times when I think of writing a book about my sad experience and hurtful life caused by this devilish family.  I even imagine the kind of film, which could clearly show the World how beasts like these lived amongst us all pretending to be kind and civilised.  They walked, sat down and talked as normal people.  But, they were not practising what other sensible and God-fearing people do.  These beasts had a mission to accomplish and a target to reach.  They lived and tried to achieve what they were aspiring, but they failed catastrophically.  
    This rotten family failed in all their selfish plans completely.  Whoever relies on the Devil could not achieve anything at all.  Their dreams fell down disastrously.  I have seen so many miracles in my life.   There were times when I was saying to myself, saying: “Oh, my God, You are listening to me as I am living now in peace.”
    Yes, I still continue crying-out towards the Almighty God for justice and a calm environment around me and several others all over the World who need it.  I am aware of the fact that there must be a rein to control the horrific activities of sub-human individuals.  It is important to try very hard, indeed, in gathering spiritual strength inorder to challenge such brutes. Their dreams must be shattered into nothing.  For this eternal mission, I asked the Almighty God on a daily basis for intervention to silence this horrid criminal family.  
    In the late 1990’s, I told this brute Mengesha, ” Why don’t you give your daughter, Menen, and grand-child, Atsede, to one of the sons of your servants?”  What shocked me most was the way he replied, saying: ” We don’t give our children in marriage to Tigreans”.  It is clear that this subhuman beast used to let them live in imaginary dreams and unattainable hopes to marry whoever they wanted to marry.  Once he told them, saying: ”You don’t have attractive faces and bodies, but you must remember you have money.  You can marry any man you and ourselves choose.  From my nasty experience, such futile dreams never helped them to achieve anything.  This rotten family has eventually learned how such maffia-like tactics to capture unwilling spouses for their children could lead to disastrous ends.    Unfortunately, I was targeted by this nasty family since I was fourteen.  I was tightly cornered without any way to escape from them.  They followed me wherever I was going and living.  These beast creatures were not able to leave me alone.  They kept on threatening me for over four decades in England.  The last time I saw the rotten Mengesha was in August 2006.  He threatened me, saying: ”Take, take.  I am Devil”.  When he kept on saying, ”Take, take”, what he meant to say was marry, marry. 
      They knew that I had no supporters, defenders and financial power to match that of theirs. They never knew that I had a much greater defender than theirs. As always, I kept on feeling that there is no power greater than God’s!!!  I kept on relying on the Almighty God and his angels to support and defend me.  Mengesha Sium was an absolute governor of Tigray (1960 – 74).  I have always felt sad for Tigray to have been governed by this selfish and brutal beast creature for so long without any hope for progress and social advancement.  Tigray had been governed by the father of this beast, feudal Ras Sium, for nearly two decades (1941 – 60).  Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia had never been so lucky since the reign of Yohannes IV.
    Emperor Menelik II had used such nasty tricks to cheat Tigreans by sending the Gojjamie-bred young Sium to Tigray as governor of the western region (Adwa, Axum and Shire).  The rest of Tigray was governed by the real grand-son of Emperor Yohannes lV, Ras Gwugsa Araya.
    In the late 1950’s, an official from the Ministry of Education went to see and tell Ras Sium at Makele about the need for having a secondary school for the first time in Tigray.  He mentioned to him that this school needs to be built at its capital city, Makele.  The official was shocked when he heard Ras Sium replied, saying: ” I have sent my two sons to schools and that is enough for Tigray”.  Actually, the two students mentioned above as his sons were Mengesha, his son, and Zewdie Gebre Selassie, his grandson.  Mengesha’s mother was a kidnapped young muslim girl from Woldia, known as Fatima, and Zewdie’s mother was the daughter of Ras Sium, Wolete Israel. 


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