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TPLF makes a case for Sudan, blames what he calls Amhara forces and Eritrea

Updated on July 2, 2022 at 1:50 Toronto Time.

In an interview with Tigray TV, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokes person, Getachew Reda, says that Ethiopian government (when TPLF was in power) agreed that the land that Sudanese forces took when the war broke out in North Ethiopia belongs to Sudan.

He blamed what he called Amhara Forces for the current border dispute. He described it the cause as interest in gaining more land for oilseeds farming.

The TPLF seems to have, based on Getachew Reda interview, given a credit to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for resorting to peaceful negotiation. The TPLF blamed Eritrea and what he call Amhara forces.

Regarding Wolkait and Raya ( Getachew insinuated it) ,he said there is no such thing as historical ground. “If it is about history, Tigray has more land to claim,” he claimed.

Watch his interview :

Video : Embedded from Tigray TV
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. This man is 0.5 ounces lighter than the last I watched him giving some bull crap. But those hotdogs are still there wedged between his chin and neck with three others wrapped around his nape.

  2. Said the imbecile, big mouth G. Fasow It still makes wonder how these ungrateful demagogues like him were sucking the resources and holding ministerial portillos Corp Diplomatic posts and other high government big wgs in Ethippia for 28 long years. Forget about citizens and kinship claims, It is miracle they handn’t have know-how of how to make nuclear arsenal and stockpile biological weapons to wipe out the whole population from the face of the earth.

  3. Does this man have any attributes of one of those among starving people? This is how it works with deresas/deacons of the sick commie philosophy. Yes there have been tens of thousands even millions in that region who have no idea where their next meal is coming from. Yes many of them might have died the agonizing and slow death from starvation right there in the region controlled by him and his colleagues. We had seen factual photos of emaciated citizens. But this walrus and his cabals are having their pants splitting at their seams from bulging bear guts and from 48+ waist lines. That has been what all commie rules have been throughout history(since 1917). Stalin was said to knock back a bottle of select vodka after he munched choice filet mignon every night while close to 25 million citizens were dying from starvation in the 1930’s because they refused to live in his communes. How about that fat pig commie Mao? Don’t start me with that demon. Just don’t!!!
    Unless the old country is able to expose the lies and bankruptcy of this sick philosophy that has taken roots among the intellectuals and the youth such cycle of hypocrisy and the cruelty that comes with it will continue recycling itself for decades to come. In the 1960’s and 70’s it was all about to establish a socialist society and since 1980’s the conniving commies have reinvented themselves as fighters for ‘self determination including and up to secession’. Who knows what they will tell us next when this one miserable fails. They may go like ‘abracadabra! Those guys in the 1960’s and 70’s had the wrong type of socialism in mind. We have the ultimate silver bullet to usher in the right socialist state for you’. Boy, do I have utter contempt for all commies!!!!!

  4. Eritrea helped Ethiopia in its darkest time when no long time partner of Ethiopia like USA Djibouti Kenya and Rwanda didn’t help ethiopia. TPLF OLF and Sudan wagen war together against Ethiopia and it was Eritreans who hosted fleeing Ethiopian troops hospitalizing them, feeding them, allowing to regroup with additional Ethiopian soldiers to fight back against TPLF.

    And Eritrea has paid a heavy price for it, like sanctions fallen soldiers. But now Ethiopia makes back door deals with TPLF for negotiation and doesn’t condemn TPLF attcking Eritrea several times and threatening to take back Badme. This is the gratefulness Eritrea gets for helping Ethiopia

  5. Subject: TPLF makes a case for Sudan, blames what he calls Amhara forces and Eritrea,, July 2, 2022

    Subject: Just Curious

    1. TPLF makes a case in favour of Sudan!

    2. TPLF makes a case against Amhara Forces!

    3. How about the cases against the remaining eight Forces of Ethiopia ?

    4. TPLF also makes a case against an Independent Country named ERITREA.

    5. And ABSURDLY stretching the case, what will be the position of TPLF on the rest of our Dear
    Continent of Black Africa?

    6. Ultimate Question: After the disintegration of Ethiopia into pieces what will be the next cooked
    agenda of furous individuals who lost their ambition to grandeur? In other words, will there be the
    possibility of creating chemical glue to bring all the disintigrated pieces into ONE ETHIOPIA — AGAIN.?
    After all, innocent children play building sand houses during the day; destroy when time is due to go
    home; and the next day start all over again. We don’t blame them. THEY ARE JUST INNOCENT

    7. Can we, Black Africans, change the natural trait? Can WE BLACK AFRICANS ……… …….I better NOT
    ask!!!! Let Africa continue on its own way and build the extraordinary admirable EMPIRE of
    from well known foreign institutions. It is a bizarre situation. — one admits. An independent State with
    countless Scholars but at the same time labeled as one of the underdeveloped countries in our dear
    Continent of BLACK AFRICA. How does one reconcile those two out-of-phase phenomenon?

    various directions, guaranteeing that BLACK AFRICA will never recover. Look at all the leaders of
    Africa; look at all Black African educated scholars; look at the ordinary Africans running away from
    Back Africa; look at the manipulation on Africa by representative of colonial powers of the past. INDEED, BLACK

    9. The treatment of Black Africans by the White Race is not the only one against Black Race. Other
    Nationalities around the Globe are also visibly antagonistic to the Black Race, anywhere they
    encounter. It is in such atmosphere that the BLACK RACE is struggling to live like any human
    beings. Instead, the hatred against BLACK people continues in all shapes, forms, and nuances.

    10. QUESTION: WHO SAID THERE IS FAIRNESS IN OUR GLOBE.?!?!? Regardless, Dear Black Africans,
    keep on going with your chins up and ONE DAY you will have it YOUR OWN WAY.

    • If PM Abiy would at least work with his real partners like Eritrea turkey Russia China and India then Sudan Egypt TPLF OLF and US could harm Ethiopia like they do now.

      Ethiopia is moving in to big war with Sudan and Egypt over the Nile water and the gas haha territory is only used as justification like TPLF used Badme which originally belonged to Eritrea and where TPLF led Ethiopian forces shot the first bullets near Badme and started the war.

      Egypt and Sudan are trying to encircle through South Sudan Djibouti Rwanda Kenya. There are some allegations that TPLF have been trained and are located in South Sudan, Sudan and Rwanda

      And the endless negotiations with TpLf will end no where because TPLF demands so many Orr conditions like transporting fuel (for military porpuse and Welkait Beeing a no negotiable.

      So TPLF will likely fight to take back Welkait and maybe Badme back from Eritrea.

      Would Ethiopia under PM AA would work closely with Eritrea Sudan and Egypt won’t be able to attack Ethiopia. Eritrea has helped Ethiopia from day1 against TPlF by hosting Ethiopian troops hospitalizing them and fighting against TPLF after the missile attack.

      Eritrea has huge influences over especially over Darfur and eastern sudan. Remember it was Eritrea that created South Sudan. After sudan supported and hosted TPLF in the 1998-2000 border war and after Sudan hosted Eritrean Islamic jihad Eritrea supported all anti Sudanese opposition forces like The Darfur rebels south Sudanese rebels and east Sudanese rebels, eritrea trained and armed them. And eritrea participated in secret military operations against sudan in Sudanese territory and played the key role for South Sudans independence.

      In the tigray conflict eritrea send Its ministers to sudan and Egypt to resolve the conflict and told them that TPLF presence in sudan isn’t good for us. When talking wasn’t working Eritrea was accused of supporting the eastern sudanese rebels who closed the port of Sudan as they live around east sudan and coastal area and are dominat ethnic group there. The conflict between the eastern sudanese rebels and Hamdok allegedly leased to Hamdok Beeing overthrown and created the current political conflict. And few weeks ago Eritreans ministers visited Sudan to reconcile between sudanese opposition and government.

      These eastern sudanese are ethnic Tigres/beni amer and bejas who are related with Eritrean Tigre tribe that’s why Eritrea influences them so much. And PIA speaks Arabic fluently so he can get along very good with them.

      If Ethiopia would have Eritrea in its side going to war with Ethiopia would be risky for Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia would tackle Sudan via eastern Sudan through eastern sudanese rebels and enable the closing of the Sudanese port, and Eritrea could host Ethiopia troops in north west Eritrea close to Sudans border to pressure Sudan. That’s would be very risky for Sudan.

      And in economic perspective Eritrea could enable Ethiopia cheap access to Eritrea’s ports in Massawa and assab that aren’t as expensive like Port of Djibouti

      If Ethiopia would strengen it’s relations with turkey Russia China India Ethiopia could find a better resolution with Sudan Egypt
      And TPLF. Turkey has its own conflict with Egypt Turkey has also its own hydro electric dam and water conflict with Syria and Iraq that’s why Turkey might be supportive for Ethiopia. Russia and China have good relations with Ethiopia and Egypt both good be neutral negotiators. And Russia will have military presence soon in Eritrea which will change the geopolitic in the Horn of Africa.

      One thing is Clear USA Kenya Djibouti and Rwanda aren’t on the side of Ethiopia. Egypt is now even working to have military base in Djibouti or in Somalia. Egypt has even close relations with the new pro US somali president


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