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What is known about PM Abiy’s gov’t negotiation with the TPLF

TPLF has yet to announce negotiators for talks with the Ethiopian government and the points it wants to achieve from the negotiation 

Ethiopia _ Abiy _ TPLF
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (left) and Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of TPLF, before the war broke out in November 2020. (Photo : File. source : Discover Africa News )


About two months ago, preparation to respond to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)’s extensive mobilization to undertake another round of military campaigns heightened both at the Federal government level and in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was travelling to different military bases in the northern parts of Ethiopia on the occasions of the Easter Holidays. His message on every front was “be ready.” 

Yet, there had been rumours of secret negotiation between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and the TPLF leaders. The government was not confirming or denying it. 

When he appeared at the Ethiopian Parliament about two weeks ago, he made it public in a presentable way to the parliamentarians.  

He made it appear as something to be figured out yet but announced that a committee was already established to work on negotiation. 

Earlier this week, after the central committee and executive committee meeting of the ruling Prosperity Party, it announced what it called “principles” for the negotiation process.  “Respect for the constitutional order,”  “Respect for fundamental national interest” and “The role of the African Union as the facilitator of the process.” (Watch video below) 

In mid-June this year, the TPLF, in an open letter addressed to the African Union Chairperson, expressed interest for the “U.S government, European Union, the United Arab Emirates, and the African Union to be part of the negotiation. “

As reflected in the stated “principles,” the Ethiopian government does not seem to accept any mediation of entities other than the African Union. 

However, there have been reports, although not confirmed or denied on the part of the ruling party, that the United States and the European Union started to relax sanctions on Ethiopia, which they introduced right after the TPLF lost the war in January 2021, after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed released top TPLF leaders who were captured during the military operation and agreed to negotiate with the TPLF, for which the U.S. government and its European allies were pushing. 

In the latest explainer statement from the government, the peace initiative was necessary because the war was an imposed one and that “peace” is important for the “reform” measures, which the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government introduced,  to succeed, among other reasons. The TPLF did reject what the ruling party says “reform” including on grounds of ideological difference as the former still aspires to adhere to “revolutionary democracy.”  

The Ethiopian government has called on Ethiopians from all walks of life to support the peace initiative.

And this week, the names of members of the negotiating team were announced. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonen, is the leader of the team. 

Gedion Timotios (Minister for Justice), Temesgen Tiruneh ( Director of Ethiopia’s Intelligence ), Ambassador Redwan Hussien (now serving as security advisor to PM Abiy Ahmed), Let. General Berhanu Bekele (was head of the Republican Guard) and Getachew Jember ( senior official in Amhara regional state) and Ambassador Hassan Abdulkadir are members of the team. 

The TPLF is yet to announce its negotiation team members.  It has not officially announced the issues that it is negotiating for too. 

Although the organisation has expressed acceptance of proposed peace talks, there are still reports that preparation for war is still underway. 

On Wednesday, the Ethiopian Defence Force released images of some ethnic Tigreans who surrendered to the Western Command. One of them is 60 years old and he revealed that the TPLF is still making preparations. 

The next steps of the negotiation are unclear. Where it is going to take place is unknown too. Based on the open letter that the TPLF wrote this month, it is going to be either in Kenya or Tanzania. 

When the Ethiopian government tabled the proposed budget for the next fiscal year in the parliament, it said that it was prepared with the assumption, among other things, that the war in the northern part of the country will end peacefully. 

The war started in November 2020 when the TPLF forces attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force with the aim to control power in Addis Ababa again. 

TPLF dominated Ethiopian politics for nearly three decades until it was pushed aside in 2018 following three years of prevalent protest in Ethiopia. 


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  1. Quote: TPLF dominated Ethiopian politics for nearly three decades”

    That is the cardinal point : once you taste the honey, you cannot let go until the sugar content seeps up to your brain. And that will be the END

    Ask the AMHARA RACE.. Why do you think it is very difficult for them to let go after they were glued to the top post in the governance of Ethiopia?

    Try it with the Oromo. They will NEVER let go of the honey Ethiopia. They will try to make Ethiopia OROMPIA .

    How about the Gurages? N0, N0, N0. They are sane-fully happy with their profession: business. I love the Gurages. They are not leaches. They are naturally INDEPENDENT, supremely confident of themselves. They are not charlatans. They are not beggars. They are not lazies.

    How about ………..never mind

  2. Nothing good comes out of Abiy. He is deeply intrenched in lie, betrayal, sinister, crime, hate and deceit and the only thing to expect from him is another lie, betray and deceit that will further hurt Amharas.

    The whole TPLF and OLF 30 years old conniving ethnic territory scrambling over and sharing Amhara’s land between those two groups has sent the country into chaos, instability and resulted in Amhara Genocide where more than Two Million Amharas have been slaughtered and their belongings being stolen and taken by their murderers.

    This outrageous greedy land theft mainly from Amhara will not be the subject of negotiation unless it is to return all the stolen land of Amhara.

    Therefore especially Amharas must not allow him to decide for Amhara because his negotiation is basing the 30 years old wrong, illegal forceful land grab of TPLF from Amhara not negotiating based of the centuries old historical land of Amhara and Tigry.
    Until another government chosen by people comes Abiy should stay out of Ethiopia’s affair. He must peacfully Resign/Step Down!!

    Police must sue and arrest Abiy Ahmed for instigating hate and violence against Addis Ababans and Amharas!!!
    Stop Terrorizing Amhara Students and Political Protestors!!

    Justice for Amhara Genocide victims! Bring alive OLF/OLA Genocide Criminals to face Justice!!
    Claiming to have killed all OLF/OLA Terrorist Criminals is not true and will not fool anybody! They must be caught and paraded Infront of Ethiopians!

    Free all Amhara Journalists and Temesgen Desalegn! He didn’t lie but the Government is proven lair! 1700 just Amhara Genocide just happened in Wellga, Oromia Ethiopia with collaboration of Prosperity Party and OLF/OLA!!
    Then who predicted and who tried to cover it up!! The government is always covering up and using its power to intimidate and silence decent!!

    Let Amhara live in Peace!
    Prosperity Party Stop Terrorizing Amhara People!
    Move OUT your Violent Oromia Police out of Amhara Zone!

  3. From now on no youth from Tigray, Afar and Amhara should lose his/her Allah created and blessed life in a senseless war started by those who lost their minds and senses. Not one! Otherwise I will hold every one of those in decision making and leadership roles in those regions equally responsible. The disgusting and shameful animosity wasn’t there before the mid 1960’s. It was incited and got going after the emergence of that demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism and began infecting the minds of the gullible youth. It was brought there by professors who were hired by the government of the late Emperor Haile in the drive to modernize the country. Instead those professors had a different plan. They used the intellectual autonomy of the university to mix doses of this philosophy of the devil during their lectures in the hope that their failure in their homeland such as Greece and other countries will somehow find success in one of the poorest countries of the world. Those bigoted commies knew they have tender and blank space in those gullible youth minds to imbue their violent philosophy. After they found out that their wicked endeavored ended in complete failure then they resorted to chicken-scratch about everything they knew of their students. They knew who is who in the leadership of almost every group even including those that were organized outside the country including in Somalia. The details with names they tell in their books are astonishing. Such precise detail does not and in no way can come from an outsider. The details include dates of major events that should be known only to those in the bushes and those thickly veiled underground in urban areas.

    Then comes competitions among those deresaas/deacons of these conniving commies. One group started telling the other its ‘tactic and strategy’ is the correct one and the other one is wrong. Then came name calling followed by demonizing narratives. Thereafter we started hearing about self determination. I’m sorry I forgot including ‘self determination including and up to secession’. This one was first diagnosed as a benign growth but later became a malignant cancer that has been eating at the heart and soul of that country of upright people. Now the historically harmonious people of Tigray are pushed and pressured to be suspicious of their centuries old Amhara in-laws and neighbors. Amharas are being pressed in the same manner too. My own Oromos are enamored with hateful poison to see their centuries old Amhara in-laws and neighbors with suspicion and hatred. Amharas are being taken for a long ride with the same hostile view of their age old Oromo in-laws and neighbors too. Such destructive hostility exists in every region. Here I want to tell you my first hand experience from the late 1960’s. One of my classmates from the Middle East was nagging me about taking him along during one of my trips to the old country during a summer vacation. So I obliged and took him along. He found the people likeable and was stricken by the beauty of the people and the landscape. We went on a bus trip from Addis/Finfine to Asmara through Dessie, Mekele and all that. On the return trip we went through historical towns like Axum and others. On our final phase of our trip our bus had a mechanical issue and we have to spend a few hours at a town just before the Blue Nile crossing. So my friend and I along with the rest of the passengers were killing time at a joint when I noticed something very surprising to me. There were people speaking to each other in Oromiffa. So I approached a group and exchanged greeting in Oromiffa and asked them where they were from. They told me they came from a village just across the Nile River. They told me they have been intermarrying with those Amharas on the other side of the river for generations. So I started questioning what I was told by one of those who were congregating in the former British colony of Aden. I was told there were no Oromos who lived in Amhara regions like Gojjam because they did not allow that. Here I was finding out Oromos not only living there but also intermarrying with their Amhara neighbors. They told me when young girl in that part of Gojjam caught the eyes of a young Oromo man he would send elders to her parents and ask for her hands in marriage. A young Amhara young man who fell in love at the first sight with a young Oromo girl on the other side of the river he would the same thing. That was why everyone there spoke fluent Oromiffa and the Amharic language. That was a blessed awakening for me. I was incensed with anger feeling I was lied to all along. Since then deresas of Marx, Lenin and the fat pig Mao have been spewing hateful poison among such harmonious because there is this sermon called ‘self determination including and up to secession’ in that demonic philosophy if you can call it philosophy for that matter! That has been what walrus Baghdad Getachew and his beasts of burden have been mumbling jumbling all along. It is just sickness from sick minds.

  4. Btw, I just got the wind of something to be very happy about. Good Ole USA is about to reinstate the eligibility of the old country in the AGOA group. That will be really bad news to these bigots and ‘republic’ dreaming crackpots here among us. Okay bigots! You should remember what I told umpteen times before. Find a lake for a quick dip in and stay in there to never come up. I wish you were not even born!!!!

  5. Abiy Ahmed!
    Free all 8000 or more Amhara Journalist, Singers, Fannos, Amhara Special Forces abducted and imprisoned in every unknown hideouts!!
    Let families know where you are hiding Amhara innocent political prisoners you abducted in mass!!!

    For the last four years Abiy has shown to have no credibility or good character and high moral stand that any leader should have. Because of his predictability for effortless lies, deceit, low moral and not putting the country’s interest before and beyond his love for the power seat, Ethiopians have no confidence, trust or fait on him.

    When it comes to his power and to hold on to power he will bent and rotate in any direction. So no Amahara person or people will not accept what he is plotting against them because he hate Amharas and will not do anything good for Amahra. It is a matter of Amhara that must be dealt with by Amhara and Amhara alone! Not by Tigrea or Oromo or any other ethnic race.

    That also explains why for all the secrecy because he has nothing good to deliver for Amhara.

    So he is the wrong person for Amhara and Ethiopia. He must resign peacefully as many Ethiopians demand


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