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Ethiopian police attacked University Students in Addis Ababa

Abiy Ahmed came to power following prevalent protest in the country about four or five years ago. Now he is himself facing protest in many parts of Ethiopia over the massacre of ethnic Amhara

Ethiopian News _ Addis Ababa University
One of the Addis Ababa University students who was attacked by Federal Police on Saturday June 26, 2022 in the capital Addis Ababa. (Photo : Social Media)


Ethiopian Federal Police attacked Addis Ababa University students who were protesting against genocide on Amhara in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

Hundreds of Students gathered from the Addis Ababa University campuses on Saturday morning to add their voices against what many Ethiopians believe is an orchestrated genocide against unarmed ethnic Amhara communities in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

Addis Ababa University Students’ Protest came a day after Gondar University Students took to the street to protest against the periodic and seemingly unending massacre of ethnic Amhara communities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

No students are reported dead from police brutality in the capital Addis Ababa. However, some students were severely beaten by the Federal Police. 

Pictures circulating on social media ( like the one featured above) show students soaked in blood after they were attacked by police. 

About 200 Addis Ababa University students made it to the street for the protest, according to the source.  

The Federal police had received information earlier and did not allow many students to leave campus to join the protest, DW Amharic reported, on Saturday, citing university Students. 

The students reportedly told the source that they were within their constitutional rights and were marching with bare hands. 

They did not chant offensive slogans blaming the government. They chanted slogans calling for an end to the ethnic-based killing. 

Federal police members were seen near Addis Ababa University campuses right after they dispersed the hundreds of students who attempted to march on the streets. 

There were also defence force members in a pickup and armed with snipers, according to DW Amharic report. 

Local sources say as many as 1500 ethnic Amharas were savagely massacred in the latest string of attacks in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

Hundreds of others were wounded and thousands dispersed in the jungles hoping to escape from the attackers. 

The military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front ( the government calls it Shane) has been launching a recurrent attack against Ethnic Amhara communities in the rural area of the Wollega region over the past four years (since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister). 

Some government authorities in the area where the massacre took place are said to have been involved in facilitating the attack. Government security forces were not, according to local sources, deployed for several hours to the area as the radical Oromo nationalist armed groups were roving the villages for a killing spree. 

An increasing number of Ethiopians now tend to believe that Prime Minister Abiy is either weak with no ability to tackle the security crisis or that he has sympathy for the radical ethnic nationalist group.

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  1. Wake up call to the so called government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Effective and immediate reform must be taken. If Abiy and entourage continue to obfuscate, fail to hold those criminals within and outside the government accountable, a repeat of the 1974 wider popular revolt will ensue. History will repeat itself. Very similar scenarios, gas price hikes, economic misery with inflation at record high 40%, a government in power apparently oblivious to the needs of its people, and certainly much more crueler and much more violent than the easy going government of Emoeror Haileselasie with its more experienced, seasoned and much more educated technocrats at its helm. REFORM NOW WHEN IS TIME!!!!! Listen to the voices and calls of reason.


    Abiy Ahmed!! Addis Ababa and Ethiopia have nothing to do with your 12 years old wildest and greediest childhood dream.

    It is huge responsibility to be a PM and you are neither fit or qualify for that position!
    Your time is marked with Amhara gruesome and savage Genocide, gruesome and horrific violence, displacements, war, ethnic cleansing, corruption, theft, ignorance, and descending into backwardness and poverty and many more disgusting activities!
    Abiy Ahmed is in love with drinking Amhara children, women, innocent Amhara blood. He loves Power and himself . He is abusing Addis Ababa University Students and Addis Ababans and violating their right for free speech and protest by brining Orommuma savage police to harm and intimidate them.

    FREE, FREE, FREE and STOP, Stop Abusing Addis Ababa University students NOW!!!

    Get your violence OUT of AMHARA ZONE NOW!!!

  3. Who incited these young men and urged them to go out of classrooms into the streets? It is those who enjoy their sweet time in their comfy homes and aroused these gullible young men who are the future owners of the country. Not one young man/woman should die or maimed protesting the savage massacres. Not one! I will hold both the heavy handed security forces and those who incited these gullible youth equally responsible for any death or injury.

  4. Ittu Aba Farda, you still have not heard of the 1700 (counted) Amhara Genocide victims in Wollega by Oromo Libration Army, Shene and Oromia Police and militias that Abiy refuses to declare a day of mourning when he should have done more and simultaneously before even told?

    Doesn’t his refusal to share and acknowledge the pain and sufferings of fellow Ethiopians and his inaction puts him on the suspect list for being the collaborator of the Genocide that he never tried to control it for four years?

    Instead he is quick to respond with abuse, violence and mass detention while never attempted to investigate, retribute victims for governments negligence and held responsible the 1700 Amharas slaughterers in Oromia Zone . That is what made people sick and tired. Now they are standing peacefully to say NO More Amhara GENOCIDE and No more ethnic cleansing and silencing voices that speak for he voiceless.

    Abiyee’s Orommuma repressive Government is trying to continue with massacring and ethnically cleansing Amharas in silence. The whole reason for the resent mass arrest of Amhara Journalists, Amhara elites and people is finish this Genocide operation in silence. After 4 years of non-stopped Genocide it is no more secret kept between OLF/Abiyee and TPLF.

    Harming and abusing peaceful protests is the reason for brining 50000 Police from Oromia. Abiy Ahmed Ali, Shemelis Abdissa and Adanech Abebe trained and brought those brutalist from Oromia to Addis Ababa. Abiy and Co. do no trust Addis Ababan Police to be as abusive, savagery and violent as those whisked from Oromia Zone. When Addis Ababa is suddenly overwhelmed by Oromos who do not speak Addis Ababan language it proves Adanech Abebe, Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa are not working for the interest of Addis Ababans but hurting and abusing Addis Ababans!!


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