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TPLF says “We continue to have back-channel communication ” with Abiy gov’t 

Getachew Reda during press briefing with Tigray TV ( Photo : screenshot from Tigray TV video) 


In a press briefing with Tigray TV reporters, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson (also “Tigray Military Command” spokesperson), Getachew Reda said that his organisation continues to have back-channel communication with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

“We haven’t had yet any direct engagement with Abiy’s government but we still continue to have back-channel communication,” he said. 

The Ethiopian government had been denying, for a long time, any backdoor negotiation with the TPLF.  

The government of Eritrea has been making its stand clear that the TPLF constitutes danger to the entire Horn of Africa region but has not yet remarked about the proposed peace talk between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF – which is expected to take place in  Tanzania/Ethiopia. 

Recalling Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s speech in parliament last week, the expression of interest in negotiation with “the government of Tigray” aligns with the message that has been communicated through an interlocutor who has been doing shuttle diplomacy, he added. 

The  TPLF sees “heightened interest in peace” on the part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. Getachew Reda explained that perception of TPLF with what he described as “objective reality in Ethiopia.” 

“The Objective reality in Ethiopia dictates the adoption of a peaceful approach to resolve the conflict. Because Ethiopia is in doldrums ”  

The TPLF has expressed a stand, although unclear whether it is a precondition or otherwise,  that the issue of referendum and self-determination is not something that it is not ready to give up.  

Watch the video from his press briefing. 

Video: embedded from Tigray TV Youtube channel

Cover photo : screenshot from the video 

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  1. This guy does not stop to amaze me. It is now the ‘government of Tigray’ and those dogmatic jargons of the demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism are not lost on him, in him and all over him. Everything is the right to self determination, ‘tactical and strategy’ yada yada yada. Above all this mumbling and jumbling one thing is very striking to me. Just look at him. Just look! Does he look like the common citizen of that region? Does he look like some one who has missed a single meal every day? He still has two hotdogs wedged behind his chin and three more wrapped around his nape. It shows he and his comrades in crime are the true disciples of Mao. Mao was getting fatter and fatter to the point where his pants were bursting at their seams while close to 25 million Chinese peasants and small town dwellers were dying of starvation. When his chicken scratched red book was printed and given to every literate citizen he filed complaints with the politbureau that he was not given the monetary compensation he was entitled as an author for it while the nation’s coffers were running bare bone dry. So every Oromo, Amhara, Afar, Somali, Gambela, Sidama, Beni Shangul and other ethnic groups out there! I am passing over a standing order from ‘Comrade Bagdhad Bob Getachew. From now you have to address his fiefdom Tigray as the ‘Government of Tigray’. Don’t even think about calling it the ‘Tigray Region’. It is a ‘government’ and not a ‘region’. Don’t forget the fact that he can even order the EU what to say next! Understand? Hello! Hello! I gave up!!!!

  2. after all that killing and raping, destruction of 4000 schools (yes, four thousand schools), do you think there is any idiot that will forget this? it seems you are losing touch of reality…..

  3. Abiy and all other Ethiopian officials would be committing treason negotiating with the tplf, a designated terrorist organization that brutally massacred endf soldiers, as well as civilians


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