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Amhara Association of America calls for PM Abiy’s resignation over Wollega Massacre 


Amhara Association of America, a U.S.-based organisation with a  mission to advance the political & humanitarian interests of the Amhara people of Ethiopia, on Monday, called for the resignation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed over wollega massacre. 

Well over 300 ethnic Amhara civilians, mostly women and children, were massacred in the latest string of attacks by radical ethnic Oromo armed groups in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

Since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018, thousands of innocent and unarmed ethnic Amhara civilians have been massacred in the Oromo region, among other parts of Ethiopia. 

The Amhara Association of Ethiopia also called for the resignation of Shimeles Abdissa, president of Oromia region, and an investigation into the horrifying massacre. 

 Statement from The Amhara Association of America is featured below : 

“Amhara Association of America 

Call for the Resignation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and Oromia Regional President Shimelis Abdisa and an Independent International Investigation into the Ongoing, State-Sanctioned Amhara Genocide  

June 20, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Amhara Association of America (AAA) strongly condemns the June 18, 2022, massacre of hundreds of Amhara civilians by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in West Wollega Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia; with complicity and reported direct involvement of government security forces. While the effort to locate and bury the bodies of victims is still ongoing, our sources confirmed at least 378 Amharas were killed and estimate the total to be more than 600 people. 

Massacres against Amharas have been ongoing since the divisive ethnic federal “apartheid” system that minoritized Amharas in many regions was introduced in the early 1990’s. Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali came to power and allowed the OLA to return to Ethiopia armed with a base to recruit and train, the intensity and scale of massacres against Amharas by the OLA with the support of the Oromia Regional Government [Oromo Prosperity Party (OPP)] and security forces [Oromia Special Forces (OSF)] has increased. AAA recorded at least 1,688 killings and 62 abductions in 2021 by the OLA alone. In the same year, OSF was responsible for killing at least 37 Amharas and supporting OLA forces in some instances. Oromia Regional President Shimelis Abdisa never acknowledged the recurrent massacres of Amharas in the region he is leading, signaling that ethnic cleansing of Amharas is a regional policy.

This recent massacre by the OLA is occurring in parallel to the massive crackdown dubbed “law enforcement operation” against Amharas by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, his OPP, and the Amhara Regional Government [Amhara Prosperity Party (APP)] where the government admitted to the arrest of over 12,000 Amharas since mid-May 2022. Those arrested include over 20 journalists, 62 opposition political party members, lawyers, university professors, and current/ex-government officials who were critical of the Abiy administration. Military officials, officers, and Fano veterans were also prime targets. In several instances, family members of targets were also abducted in order to lure out the targets. Over 30 peaceful protesters were killed by security forces in May 2022 during the crackdown.  

Unfortunately, the ongoing massacres and repression of Amharas has been normalized under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. International human rights organizations and governments across the globe have sadly remained silent on the recurrent massacres against Amharas and hence little pressure has been exerted on the Ethiopian Government to end the ongoing Amhara Genocide. In their silence and refusal to demand action, Amhara members of Prosperity Party continue to be complicit in enabling a state-sanctioned genocide against Amharas. 

The Ethiopian Federal Government, APP, and OPP must stop deflecting blame and accountability and fulfill the basic requirements of a government to protect civilians and hold perpetrators of atrocities accountable. The lawlessness and loss of innocent lives in the so-called “Oromia Region” should be unacceptable to all Ethiopians. Amharas can no longer sit and watch non-action by Ethiopian authorities and international organizations as their family members are slaughtered by extremist actors such as OLA who have no political stances other than eliminating Amharas from areas they claim or managed to control. Amharas also have no reason to depend on a government that refuses even to recognize the killings of Amharas let alone try to undertake its basic responsibilities of protecting Amharas and bringing justice to survivors and victims.

These attacks have persisted for several years without any meaningful action by government officials to stop the bloodshed. Failure to act by the international community and Ethiopian Government at this critical juncture is tantamount to continuing the practice of normalizing violence against Amharas. AAA, its supporters, and the broader Amhara community in the diaspora call for: 

1.      Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and Oromia Regional President Shimelis Abdisa to resign and/or be removed for negligence, complicity, and/or direct involvement in the state-sanctioned Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia and allow independent investigation on the recurrent genocidal acts and ethnic cleansing in the so-called “Oromia Region” and recent war crimes committed by the TPLF. 

2.      Federal parliament declare a nation-wide day of mourning to denounce the recurrent massacre of Amharas in Oromia Region and other parts of Ethiopia and set up an independent commission to document and redress the injustices done to the Amhara people by the former TPLF-led EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front), the current Prosperity Party government and in the context of the ongoing civil war crimes committed by the TPLF. 

3.      The UN, in collaboration with relevant human rights organizations, to establish a body to investigate the massacres with a clear road map to ensure accountability and transitional justice for those affected. 

4.      National and international humanitarian actors to step up aid to survivors and those displaced fearing similar attacks. 

5.      Governments across the globe to denounce the genocidal acts against Amharas by the OLA, TPLF, and Prosperity Party and to implement targeted sanctions against its leaders and financers. 

6.      All Ethiopians to join Amharas in pushing for efforts to hold all actors who helped, enabled, and participated in the ongoing Amhara Genocide accountable including leaders of the APP.  

This latest genocidal massacre by the OLA in West Wollega under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Oromia Regional President Shimelis Abdisa is sickening and is an attempt to normalize the state-sanctioned genocide against Amharas” said Tewodrose Tirfe, Chairman of AAA.  

Amharas are asking for the international community to denounce this senseless violence, demand independent investigation, and stand with the Amhara people.” Tirfe continued.  

Media Contact:

Amhara Association of America  info@amharaamerica.org  About AAA: The Amhara Association of America (AAA) is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the advocacy efforts of Ethiopia’s Amhara diaspora in the United States to Congress, the Executive Branch, nongovernmental organizations, and international bodies. Visit www.amharaamerica.org for more information.  ”


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  1. Yes, Yes Yes, PM Abiy and Oromia President Shimeles Abdissa, Dr Alemu Sime must RESIGN NOW!
    They are all responsible for Genocide of Amhara people!!

    PM Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa must be apprehended right away before plotting more Genocide and should be brought to International Criminal Court to face justice !!!!

    TPLF Genocide perpetrators and collaborators with OLF/OLA/Shene/OPP who are responsible for hundred thousands of Amhara Genocide must be caught, held responsible and face justice under Genocide LAW!!

    Amharas rich or poor, young and old, women or men, Christians or Muslim and every where must stand together and Say NO to PM Abiy lawless rule and Amhara Genocide!!

    Say NO to the Genocidal regime that is heading the state-sanctioned Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia since the last 4 years!!

    PM Abiy has failed his position and responsibility to do the basic work of a government. Providing safety and the rule of law is absolutely absent under PM Abiy.
    In fact he is the main weapon and training provider, supporter of OLF, OLA and OPP criminals as well as the instigator and agitators for the Genocide, slaughtering’s, sudden attacks, malicious destruction and armed robbery of Amhara people properties in Oromia Zone.

    No Amhara should follow this criminal government orders and unjust laws! Amahars must condemn, defy and ignore OPP and APP unjust illegal laws.
    The country and Amhara people must not suffer any more!!

    Those collaborators of the Genocide including
    APP Temesgen Tiruneh, General Abebaw Tadesse and
    OPP, Dr. Alemu Sime must be removed from their position immediately.
    The plot under the so called Law enforcement in Amhara Zone must stop now and those named people above must be brought to face justice in the court of law well deservingly in the International Criminal Court (ICC)!!!

  2. we sincerely ask whoever is doing this killing – give the innocent people time to evacuate and then you can take everything. Don’t take human lives which you cannot replace

  3. Those innocent victims and their families are and will remain in my prayers and thoughts for the rest of my life on this good earth. There are more than one factors that allowed this savagery to take place. The victims were absolutely innocent who did bother anyone but were there making an innocent living. They were honest and law abiding citizens who paid all forms of taxes and were entitled to receive services including the protection of their safety. Obviously they did not receive that entitlement. Their government had failed them and there is no question about that. But the commission of this barbaric crime rests in the hands of those demons who murdered those law abiding citizens and no one else. I have been left with agonizing worries that this savagery my trigger tit for tat pay backs. That is why I am calling on level heads to come out shinning again as they have done for centuries. That country is in one of its most fragile state. It may be in the same state it was in 1974. Calling for the resignation or removal of a leadership may not be a plausible idea. I am afraid it can be like remove a piece from a puzzle in an upright position. In 1974 Emperor Haile was removed in not dignified way and the country went into a sate like a chicken suddenly its head cut off. It went into a tail spin costing the lives of millions sending the nation’s coffers to go dry for decades. It was not the right time and way to remove Emperor Haile due to the power vacuum it created and it will do the same if it happens again now. It may even be worse just for the fact that bigots are every where now. They are in the woods and they are in the wilderness of the government institutions. That country does not need tinkering with a dangerous fuse. First of all opposition groups that espouse peaceful struggle must come together. The seating regime must also regain its Allah bestowed mind and hold a constructive pow wow with a united opposition of peace devoid of raw emotion. The life of that gem of the colored as a united country is at a stake and the lives of millions are in grave danger which has been attested by this savage act. Peace y’all!!!

  4. “That country is in one of its most fragile state. It may be in the same state it was in 1974. Calling for the resignation or removal of a leadership may not be a plausible idea. I am afraid it can be like remove a piece from a puzzle in an upright position”.

    Ok let’s grant this position our full ears, then what? What would a responsible, caring and responsive government do? It will apprehend responsible individuals regardless of party or ethnic favoritism, use the vast mass media in its control to expose the individuals, their background, and their financiers and enablers, it would strive to bring chaos under control and unite communities by showing remorse and offering consolation. Had Ethiopia had such a responsible and responsive government, by now criminals and murderers and assassins would have been in custody. Mr Abiy, just like you showed Sebhat Nega and cohorts and METEC General Kinfe in handcuffs, televise the OLF thugs in handcuffs and teach them crime does not pay, only the criminal does. Instead of covering up and apologizing for OLF thugs and their sub-humanity and barbaric deeds, show Ethiopians and the world, you respect due process.Mr. Abiy, show the world that you are not running a banana republic. Mr. Abiy, show the world that the Ethiopia you are presiding over is not a nation of subhuman barbaric butchers like the OLF thugs and assassins but a nation of faith and decency. Every time, you close your mouth shut when the rights of thousands are violated, when people are massacred in broad daylight, your own humanity, your own dignity and your own veracity are all endangered. By denigrating the suffering of others who may not belong to your favorite ethnic group, by denying them equal protection under the law, by denying them justice, by ignoring their legitimate tears for equality, you only make yourself that much barbaric, opportunistic and also despotic.

  5. Prime minister Abiy Ahmed, Regional President Shimeles Abdissa and Temesgen Tiruneh , director general of Ethiopia’s Intelligence and National Security service MUST ALL RESIGN NOW!!!!!!!!!! The prime minister cannot, should not and must not be allowed to deflect his constitutionally mandated and required duty and responsibility to the people of Ethiopia. His leadership has resulted in the death of thousands, displacement of millions and disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians. His massive failures and dereliction of duty can no longer be glossed over for the sake of convenience. The military defense, civil defense and security apparatuses at Prime Minister Abiy’s disposal have not been effective in protecting the very fundamental and basic rights of all people, the right to live!!!!!!! The Prime Minister cannot take this blood soaked tenure of his regime and seat at the AU and preach “African solutions to African problems” because he does not have the record to back that up. His record now, his official legacy is the massacre of thousands of defenseless victims, women and children and the elderly included. His supporters have been arguing that he must be given time and encouragement, as he has inherited 27 years of boiled up ethnic apartheid hatred and chaos. Well over 4 years into his tenure, the situation has gotten worse by the minute not better. His policy of aiding and abetting Oromo militants in the bosom of his PP, his lack of impartiality towards the legitimate rights of other non Oromo political groups, his bias and hidden manipulations and putting of his thumb on the scale of justice have all contributed to the filthy quagmire in which Prime Minister Abiy and his PP are now engulfed.

    Despite much advertised reform of the security and military sectors, the reality on the ground is that the Abiy regime has not been able to establish the supremacy of the federal government and the primacy of the rule of law. By allowing a militant Oromo group, designated as a terrorist group in its own circle, the Abiy regime is now actually legally responsible for the massacre of thousands perpetrated by its own internal faction. Since the security chief Temesgen Tiruneh has not managed to anticipate and neutralize such an internal attack, he must be sacked for inadequate performance and massive failures of his constitutionally mandated duties.

    The case of the regional president Shimeles Abdissa , while on par with the above analysis and similar outcome demands, carries another element, however. Based on various records, his own speeches and leaked audios and videos, it is the opinion of this commentator, that the preponderance of the evidence against Shimeles Abdissa also includes ,more likely than not, collusion and corroboration with the militant group. His case warrants involvement of international rights groups, including the UN Human Rights Council and Human Rights Watch. Shimeles Abdissa must also resign effectively.

  6. In regards to previous speeches by President Shimelis Abdisa as they were translated for me by trusted friends I had found them to be totally improper. There was one particular speech in which he trashed the life saving food aid supplied not by the government of the USA but by its people particularly the generous farmers. He said something to the effect like ‘they can take that pest infested wheat and shove it’. That was totally off the cuff comment. It was proven beyond the benefit of doubt that it was American wheat products that put a screeching halt to the deaths from famine of millions in the 1984 famine and others that followed. Such critical food aid is still saving the lives of millions. That was utterly rude and totally un-Oromo and un-Ethiopian. That was street talk and not expected from someone in leadership of more than 45 million upright people of Oromia. May be he was going through a bad spell of hangover from the previous binge of khamr. I was very disappointed in him for that. But that is not enough of a blunder to call for his dismissal. The young man should always remember that people in leadership position like him should watch their language very carefully in all their utterances because every word carries immense weight in its ramifications. They should always remember that every society has those in its midst who are not sophisticated enough to see through what they hear or read and can spontaneously turn into deadly and destructive forces. It can happen in any society. Officials in positions like his must avoid using derogatory terms like ‘Neftegna’ ‘Orommumaa’ and ‘Woyane’ because the less sophisticated are not discriminating in their interpretations. They should always remember that all these three terms were once created not to cause harm to the innocent. They were not created to be used as pejoratives. I hope and pray that all websites of the Diaspora censor the use of these words in any form to denigrate others. Such name calling has been the cancer that has been eating at the heart of that gem of the colored since the early 1970’s. I hope we will give it up very, very soon. Insha’Allah!!!


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