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Ethiopian Organizations Oppose European Union proposed amendment on security policy in the Horn of Africa

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Organizations that endorsed the letter to the European Parliament


Twelve Ethiopian Organizations wrote a letter to the European Parliament  expressing objection to draft resolution (2021/2206 INI).

They are opposing proposed amendment in Foreign Affairs and security in the Horn of Africa which impacts Ethiopia.

Letter they wrote is featured below : 

To: Honourable David McALLISTER, Chair, Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET)

Subject:  Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on Horn of Africa Resolution (2021/2206 (INI)).

Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned organizations world wide, with members including Ethiopians and citizens of European and North American countries are writing you to express our objection to the proposed amendments concerning Ethiopia in the Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on the Horn of Africa draft resolution (2021/2206 (INI)). While the proposed amendments cover wide ranging issues of concern to us, we are particularly distressed by amendments 108, 109 and 171. Amendment 109 calls for “an urgent deployment of an AU-led international peacekeeping force with a robust civilian protection mandate to Western Tigray, ….” 

To begin with, amendment 109 uses the term “Western Tigray” whereas the inhabitants of the area call their land Wolqait-Tsegede. Western Tigray is a term stealthily inserted into the lexicon of the conflict in Tigray by the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) to enhance its claim that the area is an integral part of Tigray. In fact, Wolqait-Tsegede was made part of Tigray through illegal incorporation soon after the TPLF took power in 1991, without the consent of the residents who happen to be Amharic speaking. Shortly thereafter, it initially resettled about 70,000 of its demobilized combatants in the area and tens of thousands more during its 27-year control of the country while at the same time evicting Amharic speaking people who call the region their ancestral homeland. 

This arbitrary and unlawful measure of the TPLF did not go unchallenged. For 29 years, the people of Wolqait-Tsegede had been peacefully protesting the decision by petitioning the EPRDF government to undo the illegal incorporation into the regional administration of Tigray. It is, therefore, incredulous that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch would step into this highly contested issue and echo the TPLF narrative and refer to the area as “Western Tigray,” knowing fully well that there existed no such administrative entity before 1991. 

The use of the term Western Tigray and the call for sending in a so-called peacekeeping force by MEP sponsors of the amendment prima facie is inappropriate in our view, to say the least. First, it amounts to endorsing the politically motivated rebranding of “Wolqait-Tsegede” as “Western Tigray.” The rebranding of the name of the territory is an important first step in the strategy of TPLF and its lobbyists in their desperate effort to implant their false narrative in the international fora. 

Secondly, the call by members of the European Parliament for international intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia based on a controversial report, every bit of which bears the hallmarks of TPLF propaganda, seriously compromises the objectivity of the entire debate. 

What is more, the EU is still reluctant to endorse and support the implementation of a joint investigation report covering the same war-torn areas of northern Ethiopia by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) of 3rd of November 2021. Yet, Amendment 171 calls for a new international commission of inquiry focusing on what it calls “alleged crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing” by Amhara forces against Tigrayans. 

The bias of the sponsors of the amendments is obvious. They all appear to endorse the recent Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports which employed a much more questionable methodology in its investigations than the report by EHRC and OHCHR. The 27 years of brutal TPLF dictatorship, mass detention, extra judicial killings, human rights violations, and rampant corruption of the TPLF regime are mentioned nowhere in these amendments, let alone sanctioned. 

The Ethiopian Constitution has a legal provision to address internal border disputes and identity issues. The House of Federation, in accordance with Article 48 of the Constitution, is mandated to resolve matters of internal border disputes and identity questions in different parts of the country. It is a common practice for internal border disputes such as the case of Wolqait-Tsegede and Humera and other disputed areas to be taken care of through existing internal administrative/legal mechanisms. Other similar cases in the country have been handled accordingly.  

And finally, it is worth noting that as a backdrop to these resolutions and amendments and calls for intervention in Ethiopia, Ethiopians have begun engaging in an all-inclusive peaceful process they call “national dialogue” to try and reconcile their differences, and usher in an era of peace, development, and national unity. Permanent solution can only be drawn through such domestic legal/traditional means and not by prescribing for a buffer through deploying international peacekeeping force. It is such measures that should be encouraged and supported and not foreign intervention that will exacerbate the situation.

Considering all the above, dear sir, we request that the honorable members of the European Parliament reconsider the amendments they have tabled on the issue of Wolqait-Tsegede in general and refrain from endorsing the decidedly partisan and interventionist view reflected in the joint report by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. 

Please accept, Mr. Chairman, the assurances of our highest consideration. For further correspondence, kindly contact Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Belgium at

CC: Members, Foreign Affairs Committee, The European Parliament, The European Council

Initiated by:

  • Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Belgium (DETF-BE)
  • Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe (DEFT-EU) organized in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom 

Endorsed by: 

  • American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC
  • Ethio-American Development Council (EADC
  • Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support (ECNAS
  • Ethiopian Community in Spain (ECSP
  • Ethio-Czech Community z.s. (ECC)
  • Ethiopian Diaspora Associations in Belgium (EDAB)
  • Ethio-France Association for Development of Ethiopia (EFADE)
  • Ethiopian Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation in Germany (EFDCG)
  • Global Ethiopian Advocacy Network (GLEAN)
  • Network of Ethiopians in Geneva for Action Task Force (NEGAT)
  • United Ethiopian Community Association in South Africa (UECASA)

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  1. Stop messing with the historical facts and provincial map of Ethiopia. Ethiopia for many hundreds if not for thousands of years had 14 provinces prior to the 1991 secession of Eritrea. There has never been Western or Southern Tigray. 27 years of TPLF unjust and criminal land grab that resulted with the lose of hundred thousands of Amhara lives does not define Ethiopia’s history. Justice and accountability.

    What is expected from the so called civilized Europe and the West is to accuse TPLF Fascism and demand justice for those hundred thousands of Amharas massacre, disappearance, abduction and forcing Welkait and Raya Amharas to deny their ethnicity,

    If you cannot stand of the side of justice, humanity and fairness every foreign European or the West should stay out and save your sanity at the least.

  2. Subject: “Ethiopian Organizations Oppose European Union proposed amendment on security policy in the Horn of Africa” Twelve Ethiopian Organizations, June 18, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 18 June 2022
    Here is my opinion in a, b, c, d …… on the subject matter
    a). With due respect, EUROPE has no business in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.
    b) The internal matter of Ethiopia can be handled in its own way — as it did for seemingly timeimmemorial
    c) It is a fact that Tigray is one of the nine provinces of Ethiopia up to this point.
    d ) It goes without saying, if Tigray has a problem, it can be discussed with Ethiopia in its own serene manner
    e) Ethiopia has been independent country for seemingly time immemorial and handled its affairs in its own
    capability with its own NORMS and LAWS. etc.
    f) Would the international communities interfere in the affairs of Great Britain or USA, or Russia , or China,
    or France, or Italy etc?
    g). Why is it a BLACK, YES BLACK, AFRICAN COUNTRY HAD to be subservient of ‘white’ skin
    nations in its own internal affairs?!?!?!? . Would the good old USA interfere in the affairs of USSR ?
    Would Great Britain …… never mind.
    h) Somehow, mysteriously, I get the feeling that I know a story where a man walking and oblivious of his
    surroundings but repeating these words clearly and loud enough for any one to hear >>> IT IS NOT
    FAIR!!! IT IS NOT FAIR !!! IT IS NOT FAIR!!!! ……………………………

  3. I doubt that the African Union will agree to lead a “peacekeeping” force into the northwest corner of Ethiopia. The West attempted to get an AU force to intervene in Burundi in 2015 and failed miserably.

    I’m sure most AU members know that if they agree to bend to the West’s will and invade another African country, they could be next. And I imagine it’s also an issue of continental dignity and self-respect.

  4. If this is true that there is a proposal on the EU’s table to deploy troops in the northwestern part of the country to protect civilians, I don’t blame them. What else can they do? Those stupendously stubborn leaders of all opposing side have refused to budge. They have refused to listen to others and absolutely stopped listening to reasons. I don’t blame the EU a bit. Contrary to their ancestors these black individuals have gone mad! They are on the verge of being seen running naked in the streets of Addis/Finfine, Mekele and Bahir Dar. Let me put it bluntly. I will be holding all three groups of leaders equally responsible if a single youth loses his Allah intricately created life in all senseless war they will start. You hear me? All of you will be held responsible. Who says Amharas were born enemies of Tigres? Who said Tigres are created to be enemies of Amharas? Who said Oromos were created to be enemies of Amharas and Tigres? Who proved Amharas and Tigres were created to be enemies of Oromos? The same question goes for the rest of the people. Those people have been intermingling/intermarrying with each other for centuries. For those of you who dispute this fact you must be those demonic bigots who are the direct descendants of those repulsive individuals who were possessed by the spirit of Iblis and used to get high in pitching one blessed group of people with another so they could stay riding on the backs of the warring citizens. Yes we have our own share of the Attila the Huns. But once Attila and his horde entourage were gone mankind ended up with having Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and others. It has happened in our own history too. Once our versions of Attila the Huns were gone we ended up having generation with names like Tadesse Mohammed, Bekele Geleta, Chaltu Idris and above all Abiy Ahmed. So bigots! You don’t know what you are talking about. Just shut up and stop fanning the flames of hate from your comfy homes here among us. I had said peace by all means and I will say it again and again until you go deaf! Stop moving your off track jaws with Oromumma this Neftegna or Woyane that!!! Not one Tigre should die in any senseless war from here onward! Not one Amhara should die in any senseless war from here forward! Not one Oromo should die in any senseless war from here onward! No Afar, Somali or any other! Enough is enough!!!

  5. It is ironic that after more than sixty years since the independence movement brought about the liberation of Africa that Africans’ fate should be decided in a European metropolis as it did during the scramble for Africa in the late 19th century. But an even more sad irony is that this time it is we Africans that we have to appeal to the judgment of Europeans to settle our borders! I understand the respectful tone of this appeal, but what I feel is a burning humiliation that we still need the white man to settle our issues. Has the white man ever consulted us to settle his border issues? Who, by God’s name, gives him the power to determine our fate? The TPLF, an ethno-fascist Machiavellian party, is willing to bypass the very institution it virtually created, i.e. The Ethiopian House of Federation, to settle its meritless dispute in a European court. The reason is simple, it knows fully well that it has no case in Ethiopia, but that it can swindle a “sympathetic”, “biased” and most of all “ill-willed” European Court. How long is the “European Court” willing to side with a clearly predatory, unprincipled and ruthless party ignoring the unquestionable facts on the ground: let’s say it loud and clear there is no and has never been a Western Tigray, it is the invention of the TPLF, just like its delirious notion of “Greater Tigray”. The region was called Begemdir and Semien and belonged to the Amharic speaking people of the North until the TPLF came to power and ruled Ethiopia with the clear intention to systematically annex the area, through mass importation of Tigrean nationals. The EU should know, as China, India, and Russia do that meddling with the internal affairs of Ethiopia will only lead Ethiopians to continue the war until its inevitable bloody end. Let Ethiopians solve Ethiopia’s problems. Stay out, you will make things only worse!!

  6. Junta Terrorist OLA AND TPLF are not welcome to our land, Ethiopia. East Africa should be free of Terrorists like Al Shabab, OLA and TPLF

  7. Here it comes again. Every year the dam is going to be filled threats from every direction comes. Complete the dam and fill it already and let Ethiopians have their rest.

  8. I listen to Ann Garrison more than anyone else. Let the Europeans dare to send any force to Ethiopian soil – under any pretext of western tigray or what (and did you hear anyone speaking of intervening in eastern England or southern France – what sort of contempt is this??) . African soldiers will not cooperate, let the Europeans come…and then, another Adwa…..

  9. QUOTE: “…an issue of continental dignity and self-respect.” UNQUOTE

    Let us be honest. Do WE BLACK AFRICANS have “self-respect” ???????????.
    Our DIGNITY WAS EVAPORATED A LONG TIME ago when the WESTERN NATIONS got together and shared the continent of Africa among themselves &; as if the content was barren without HUMAN BEINGS.
    Even our schooling system was — and still is — and will always be, a place where African children are hypnotized.
    Do you remember when we were hypnotized to memorize the history of Europe ?
    And do you remember that, consequently, we were ashamed of ourselves and started to glorify the CIVILIZED, WESTERN WHITE RACE… to this DAY? ;YES, TO THIS DAY!?!?!?!?!?
    The colonial power have done what they set out to do from the very beginning.
    END OF US, BLACK PEOPLE. WE ARE ONLY WALKING LIKE ZOMBIES WITH 8 x 10 inch paper to prove of our ‘zombiness’ out of the so-called education system, which in reality was [and still is] only the source for our way to our graves. THE END


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