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Why is England so hawkish on Russia and what should Africans make of it?

“Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said the outcome of the war in his country affected not just Ukraine, but the future of international order … he said that Ukraine will have a joint victory with Britain and Poland when it wins the war against Russia, due to the triple alliance formed between the countries …. He noted that Polish and British political leaders and peoples had supported Ukraine since the very beginning, with Poland serving as the main hub for weapons supplies, and the UK as the main promoter of such supplies” (BBC, June 11, 2022)

Russia _ England
UK (topright) flag and Russian flag ( bottom left) ( credit : AA)

By Mesfin Arega

Why is England so hawkish on the conflict in Ukraine that its “people and political leaders” are the “main promoters” of weapon supplies to Zelensky?   Why are white supremacist mercenaries flocking to Ukraine to fight for Zelensky, and why is Boris Johnson’s government openly supporting and secretly funding them?  Why is a country which played so crucial a role in the secession of Kosovo from Serbia so insistent that Donbass remain part of Ukraine?  Why does a country which proudly marched all the way to the south pole to “reclaim” the Falklands vehemently condemn Russia for “annexing” Crimea?  Why is the epitome of Imperialism accusing Russia of imperialist aspirations?  What is the so called “international order” that England is so adamant that it be protected at all costs, be it a nuclear Armageddon? 

What England calls “international order” is nothing but the supremacy of the neocolonial complex (NCC) of the west on which it is helplessly dependent.  This is especially true, now that England is no longer a colonial power, having lost its vast colonies to anticolonial freedom fighters helped by Russia and China.  Simply put, the NCC is a complex military, political, financial, and propaganda system of the west for controlling and exploiting the non-western world in the name of freedom, democracy, and human right.  It is a zero-sum complex system by which the western world enriches itself by impoverishing the non-western world.  It counts western military alliances like NATO and western intelligence agencies like CIA and SIS in its military wing.  Its financial wing is led by none other than the World Bank and IMF.  Its political wing controls the UN and all UN affiliated organizations like the International Criminal Court (ICC).  And its propaganda wing constitutes all major western fake media (BBC, CNN, FOX, The New York Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, …) as well as devious organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.    

The neocolonial complex of the west is the lifeline of Boris Johnson’s England, a country exclusively built on colonialism and slavery, abounding in irrefutable testaments of unparalleled colonial robbery and appropriation including, but not limited to, its royal institution.  Though not a colonial power anymore, England is still affluent not because it is industrious or innovative, but solely because it is still exploiting its colonial legacy to the fullest through the neocolonial complex of the west.  Dismantle this complex, the country will nosedive from “first world” to “third world” in matter of few decades.  So will the whole of western Europe, including the so-called European powerhouse, Germany, let alone France and Belgium.   No wonder why Boris Johnson and other English politicians and statesmen are the loudest saber rattlers of the war in Ukraine – a war for the supremacy of the neocolonial complex of the west on which England is entirely dependent.  Obviously, the English prefer instant death by nuclear Armageddon to slow, agonizing death by the breakup of the neocolonial complex.      

As the dominance of the neocolonial complex of the west is existential for England in particular and for the western world in general, its demise is equally existential for Africa in particular and for the non-western world in general.  For Africa to come out of the vicious circle of poverty and chaos, its principal cause, the neocolonial complex of the west, must be utterly dismantled.  In this respect, the war in Ukraine is a God given opportunity for Africa to shatter this devilish system of the west alongside Russia.  

The war in Ukraine is a proxy war of the west by the west for the west.  It has nothing to do with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine or the freedom and democracy of Ukrainians.  Instead, it is a war for total domination of the non-western world by humiliating, if not totally defeating, the principal power opposing that domination (Russia), and then making it an unforgettable example for other wannabe challengers of the neocolonial complex of the west, principally China.  The west ganged up against Russia with China in its mind, one proof that its war in Ukraine, though in the name of Ukraine, is not for the sake of Ukraine.  

Ukraine happened to be the unfortunate battlefield and may even turn out to be the Armageddon.  And for this, Ukrainians have nobody to blame save their own comical leader who obviously does not know the difference between TV comedy and nuclear tragedy, who needs to be reminded that his freedom in his house does not give him the right to bother (let alone endanger) his neighbor, who thinks or rather is made to think that what applied to Cuba does not apply to Ukraine, and, above all, who doesn’t seem to have an iota of care for Ukraine and Ukrainians as long as Anglo-Saxons keep treating him as a Churchill incarnate, giving him standing ovations wherever and whenever they invite him to bluff, just like Churchill used to be invited to bluff.     

Were it not a deadly serious matter, it does not get funnier than seeing a Ukrainian willingly dying to defend, of all things, “western freedom and democracy”.  Until very recently, the term “white” as used by the English was limited only to Anglo-Saxon protestants and didn’t include the French, the Italian or the Irish let alone the Polish and the Ukrainian.  For instance, the United States had an unwritten law that only an Anglo-Saxon protestant can be president.  The first catholic president of the US (John F. Kennedy) was elected in 1961, 185 years after the US was founded for Anglo-Saxon settlers by Anglo-Saxon settlers.  The Immigration Act of 1924 was introduced to drastically reduce immigration from Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe.  In Canada, Francophones are still discriminated by Anglophones and are still fighting to secede.   

As black resistance in America stiffens and as England is chased out of Africa, the shrewd Anglo-Saxon saw the need to make all Europeans its allies, especially Southern and Eastern Europeans who were hitherto treated in some cases worse than blacks.  The restriction on term “white” was conveniently loosened to include all Europeans so as to change the narration from blacks against Anglo-Saxon oppressors to blacks against “white rule”.  In their turn, the newly minted “whites” felt the need or rather were made to feel the need to prove to the Anglo-Saxon that they deserve to be in the same league with him.  That is why the most vicious and vociferous racists and white supremacists happen to be mostly from Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe as well as from Ireland.  Indeed, nothing drives a person or, for that matter, a nation like inferiority complex.  

As for east Europeans, especially the Polish and Ukrainians, they have an additional burden of proof.  They have to show that they are fully behind the Anglo-Saxon’s cause by being as Russophobic as they can possibly be.  No wonder why a Russophobic Ukrainian would happily lose his both eyes for a chance to poke a Russian’s eye.  And now wonder why England is exploiting this irrational, vicious Russophobia to the fullest.   

Like it defeated the Nazis in the second world war, if Russia prevails and defeats western neocolonialists in Ukraine, its victory will herald the beginning of the end of the neocolonial complex of the west and, with it, the domination of the non-western world by the western world.

On the other hand, if, God forbid, westerners succeeded and defeat Russia in Ukraine, they will also most likely defeat the only other country which can pose a serious threat to the neocolonial complex of the west, China.  With Russia and China defeated, the neocolonial complex of the west will no longer have a serious rival, and, therefore, its reign over the entire non-western world will be absolute.  The Sun will not set on its empire, at least for the foreseeable future, and the whole non-western world will forever be condemned to toil slavishly to fund the west’s lavish lifestyle.   

More importantly, if Russian and China are defeated and made subservient to the neocolonial complex of the west, western neocolonialists, knowing that they have no serious challenger anymore, would throw their veil of freedom, democracy, and human right to completely reveal their true self.  They will immediately revive Gobineau’s theory of master race, paraphrased by Mr. Churchill as, “I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place. The Aryan stock is bound to triumph.”  

Boris Johnson (educated in a colonialist funded, neocolonialist bubble called Eton) implied the same when he wrote that “the best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.  The continent may be a blot, but it is not a blot upon our conscience … The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge anymore”.  English hypocrisy is legendary.  They were so indignant about Boris Johnson’s “lockdown parties” that they rushed to impeach him, though they were so happy about his open call for recolonization of Africa that they elected him in the first place.  

Its capital being “the financial center of the world” mainly because of its colonially imposed language, England should and must do everything it can to ensure the continuity of the so called “international order” on which its affluence, if not its very existence, is entirely dependent.  On the same vein, the non-western world should and must do everything it can to dismantle this “international order” of the west by the west for the west which condemned the non-western world to perpetual chaos and poverty.   

In particular, Africa has been amply forewarned and, therefore, should be amply forearmed.  Mr. Churchill has warned that “civilized nations” will become “more ruthless” with time, and Mr. Johnson has added that “this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.”  Therefore, before “the old colonial powers scrambled once again in her direction”, Africa should heed Mr. Johnson’ warning and seize the golden opportunity Ukraine offered her to take the fight to Johnson’s backyard, and wedge a life and death struggle against the neocolonial complex of the west alongside Russia, not for Russia’s sake but for her own.    

The writer could be reached at : mesfin. arega@gmail.com


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