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Rebels joint operation to control seat of Gambella regional state in in South West Ethiopia foiled

Umod Ujulu announced that it had full control of Gabella city after attempted take over by joint operation of  two radical groups – OLF-Shane and Gambella Liberation Front (GLF) 

Umod Ujulu _ Gambella reigon
Umod Ujulu, president of Gambella region, during press (Photo : Gambella region communication office FB page) 


The Gambella regional state on Tuesday said what the Ethiopian government calls “Shane” (The group calls itself as Oromo Liberation Army) and Gambella Liberation Front (GLF) opened a joint offensive in Gambella city. 

Gambella Regional Gov’t Press Secretariat Office announced on its social media page that government forces and “enemy forces” have been exchanging fire since 6:30 a.m. 

Residents were advised to remain calm and support security forces working to reverse the attack by what it called “anti-peace forces.” 

The security incident came a day after the regional government security council passed a decision to undertake law enforcement operations in order to control what it called prevalent illegal activity in the region.  

Calm was restored in the city after 10: 20 a.m

Later in the afternoon, the region’s communication office announced that security forces took strong measures against Oromo Liberation Front-Shane and Gambella Liberation Front forces. 

The administration, however, unspecified the extent of damages ( loss of lives and property damage ) due to the coordinated attempt to take control of Gambella city – where the seat of the regional administration is located. 

In a press conference with journalists, Umod Ujulu, president of the regional government, said the armed group sustained heavy casualties. 

There were casualties on the part of government forces too but he described them as minor damages. 

Government institutions in the city were not affected by the exchange of fire and the circulating news on social media that the rebel groups have controlled the region’s president’s office is false,  it was said. 

Residents in the city are advised to remain at home after 8 p.m. 

The Ethiopian Federal government and the Oromo regional state have been claiming that the Oromo Liberation Front -Shane army is weakened than ever before and that it is not in a position to pose a security threat. 

In a related development,  OLF-Shane reportedly launched an attack in Ghimbi, Wollega, and Qelem districts. Voice of America service cited residents in those cities to report that there had been an exchange of fire between the rebel groups and government forces in the early morning. 

The rebel’s attack in Dembi Dollo, which is in the Oromo region,  was said to be a joint operation like the one reported in Gambella city.  Relevant authorities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia reportedly said they do not have information about the incident in Wollega and Dembi Dollo, according to a report by VOA Amharic. 

There had been similar and persistent security challenges in the Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia where thousands of innocent civilians had been killed since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018 and hundreds of thousands of people displaced. 

His government has been claiming in recent weeks that strong and reliable security forces have been created due to the reform measures in the sector. 


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  1. Who is/are “Shene”?
    “Shen” is Abiy and ODP whose former job was animal herders and farmers that have problems with adapting modern politics and city life. They have inferiority complex and hate city residents and who treats Ethiopians as sheep and goats that they can tell what to do, heard them river and into barns to sleep until they are told to get out for grazing.

    (No disrespect for herders and farmers. I have great respect and admiration for those people who are doing the most difficult job. But a TRUE Herder/Farmer is good when he does his job best same as farmers, doctors, Prime minister, teachers, students and so on. Let everyone do with the knowledge that he/she knows best and equipped with. )

    How did “Shene” Lived for Four Years? Abiy and his herder groups took power 4 years ago and are now lost and crumpling in the modern and civilized politics with people that do not like “Shene” ALL FOR SHENE/ME agenda.

    Who does “Shene” hates ?
    Anyone who is happy being an Ethiopian, defends and protects Ethiopia. Which “Shene” and OLF lacks and hate because of massive greed they want to swallow everything Ethiopia has for themselves. Now they are exposed naked and are fighting with time but will never achieve because 85% of Ethiopians love who they are and will not allow that despite.

    When “OLF Shene” aka the Violent wing of Oromo Prosperity Party armed to teeth is going around like a rabid dog murdering and looting Amharas and now gone to Gambella to do the same Abiy the Terrible is quit as always and never mentioned that as his biggest problem to the country. Because that is what he wants.

    Therefor, Shene is him!!! He is helping and doing Shene’s job in Amhara Zone.

  2. Just keep this barbaric rampage in mind when wondering about what is gonna look like if that country goes asunder. You will see savage vagabonds like these in groups running amok killing and pillaging everything in their sights. They have or will never have any plan to set up governance as we know it because they know very well that if they come up with one the people under their barbaric rule will turn on them. They will keep wondering around killing and ransacking everything in front of them. Just look at this raid from OLA perspective. What tactical and strategic value does it have to send fighter in a regions that has nothing to do with Oromia? Nothing but what it did now is instigate anger from harmonious neighbors that will take generations to heal. Their predecessors led by a bunch of ‘liberators’ with ‘lion’ moniker used to wage war in Kenya to liberate Oromia. I guess the strategy then might have been to liberate Oromos in Kenya first and then liberate those in Ethiopia. Then they moved to Eritrea to liberate those Cushitic tribes the Bilen in all. I was told those were Oromos who teleported themselves there from the Western Wallagaa region in the 16th century(Hey Brother Isaias! Please return those Cushitic people to where you took them from 500 years ago!). Those leaders were confused philosophers. These are ‘liberation army’ demons style.

  3. Hello gov’t and staffs! the current war at Gambella is that gov’t donot employ graduated student and gambella is dominated by workers from others regions than gambella citizens. Beginning from university,commercial bank and other areas are controlled by other citizens who have their region than giving priority to gambella citizens. let war keep on till gov’t accept their faults to employ and stop silent killing at night


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