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Ethiopia’s National Security Council vows to continue “law enforcement” 

The Council claims that moves to forge alliance between TPLF, Alshabab and OLF against Ethiopia is foiled  

Ethiopia _ National Security Council
Abiy Ahmed and Members of the National Security Council during the meeting on June 8, 2022 ( Photo : ENA)


Ethiopia’s National Security Council met for the second time in a little over one month.

In a statement, the council released on Wednesday, it said it has evaluated measures taken to enforce rule of law and protect the security of Ethiopia based on the decision from the last meeting which took place in early May this year. 

According to the council, most of the goals identified to ensure security in the country during the last meeting are achieved. It said several “illegal groups and armed groups in Amhara, Benishangul Gumuz, and Oromia regions had been detained, illegal arms collected and activists engaged in illegal activity disciplined.” 

It also said that it has evaluated existing security threats in the country. 

The council identified the Oromo Liberation Army [ government calls it Shane too], The Junta of Tigray [ and this is used as a reference to the leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front -TPLF], Al-Shabab, illegally armed groups, radical media, political groups, and radical religious groups, and Foreign intervention as threats to the security of the country. 

The statement from the council also claimed that it has foiled, apparently, since it met last month, attempted alliances between Al-Shabab, TPLF, and Oromo Liberation Army. 

The Council sent a stern warning to activists, media, and religious groups that “plots to disintegrate the country ” will not be tolerated. 

In the weeks after the Council’s meeting in May of this year, there had been extensive crackdowns in the country, mainly in the Addis Ababa and the Amhara region, and thousands of people were arrested. 

The arrest also targeted journalists. At least 19 journalists were put behind bars unlawfully, as a recent remark from the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission indicated earlier this week.  

Opposition parties including the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), which has a single cabinet position in the Federal government, the Enat party, and Balderal For Genuine Democracy Party vehemently opposed the arrest of critics and crackdown on media under the guise of law enforcement measures.  

Several cases of arrest looked rather like kidnappings as the whereabouts of journalists and activists were not disclosed to family members for days. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission called on courts to defend the rights of journalists with the use of media law in the country.  

Ethiopian has identified national security as one of the major spending areas in the upcoming fiscal year.


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    ABIY Ahmed the Terrible STOP MURDERING and Abusing FANNOS and Their FAMILIES held as HOSTAGES!!!

    Stop Disturbing Amhara Zone and Amhara People!
    Go to WELLEGA, Oromia where daily and hourly crime is the norm and rampant without control!!!

    Abiy Ahmed the Terrible Stop abusing, exploiting, smearing their names of Amhara government Officials and Elites!!!
    Free FREE Free over 7500 AMHARA PRISONERS including FANNOS, JOUNALISTS, WOMEN, 80 Years old Historian TADIOS TANTU, you rounded just withing the last few weeks.

    Abducting innocent people using darkness as a shield and shelling people’s houses with heavy weapons is not the work or a legitimate government nor “law enforcement” but a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND AMHARAS!!!.

    In the name “law enforcement” Abiy Ahmed and his Oromo clans are disturbing the peace and massacring Amhara men, women, elders, children and toddlers. It is a work of Oromo mafias, murderers and criminals holding Ethiopians as hostages of their murderous desire.

    Amahras are very peace loving and orderly people who believes in law and order. On the other hand Oromia Zone and Wellega are where the OLF and the violent hidden hands of Abiy and OPDO are committing heinous and gruesome crimes again against Amhara. Abiy Ahmed let OLF and its violent wing Shene to arm, train military exercises, massacre and loot hard working innocent Amharas in Plainview without stopping and compensating Amharas for their immense loses.

  2. Enough with Abiy Ahmed the Terrible and his 31 Years SAME EVIL government Massacre, Amhara Genocide, ABUSE AND MISRULING!!!
    Abiy MUST GO!! NO More Abiy!!
    For 31 years Abiy is known to be responsible for promoting and committing:
    Same Ethnic apartheid, political, social, and economic discrimination against Amhara people,
    Same Parliament Members, Same Repression, Same looting the country by few Oromo clans,
    Same violation of the Judicial System and Police Brutality,
    Same Human Rights Abuse, More Massacre and Genocide on Amhara than ever,
    More poverty, More Misery,
    More lie after lie of Abiy the Terrible the well known for spying and fabrication of news, smearing and tarnishing good individual reputations and names, and disappearance of people he hugs, visits or contacts.
    Well known for abducting and plotting assassination and chaos!!

  3. Wake UP Call to Monster PM Abiy Ahmed!!

    Leave FANNOS Alone in PEACE!!!

    Long Live FANNOS!!! Justice for FANNOS and their FAMIIES!!!

    Crime does not and will not pay! Just like you are powerful today you will be replaced with another powerful person hopefully one who is merciful and that has respect for human rights, human lives, dignity of human and the rule of law!!

    Does Abiy Ahmed knows the limitation of his power? Does he know that he can not use the country resources and reputation for his personal gain?
    Does he knows that if not today anytime in the future (of course he will not be holding power forever, one year, one month or weeks from now) he will be held responsible and forced to face justice in a court of law for all the crimes, murderers, bribes he received and passed on to influence and theft he has been running?
    Did he understand all his victims dead or alive, forced or coerced to join him as partner of crime will come to find and face him in court?

  4. This’s a DERG style statement which is really absurd and shows that Abiye is trying to be another Mengistu. It’s utterly nonsense. He is not a legitimate leader of the country and he knows that. That’s the main reason he is behaving like DERG 2. It will not work. It didn’t work for fascist Mengistu or TPLF. He should accept the fact that the only way we can have peace & stability is that his Neo Nazi Oromo extremists should behave & let other ethnic groups share the real power.

  5. ከዚንጆሮ የቱ፧ ይላል የሀገር ሰው. distinguishing Fano from Shane is seriously flawed judgment at this juncture, if not unprincipled mindset. They both represent for ethnic nationalism , chaos and lawlessness and disorder. They should be both dealt with forcefully and accordingly to maintain the laws and order


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