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Robbery with a false identity as Federal Police special units  

Two suspects that were said to have been involved in criminal activity with false identity  presenting themselves as Federal Police members 

Police _ robbery
One of the suspects who used false identity as Bayissa Gemechu Idie (Photo : Federal Police)


The Ethiopian Federal Police on Wednesday disclosed that it has arrested suspects who were allegedly involved in robbery disguised as special units of the Federal law enforcement units. 

The two suspects are said to have used what was meant to be a counterfeit Federal Police I.D.  but different from the existing I.D.., according to a police report.  

The I.D.card they were carrying had pictures in Federal police uniforms and they were presenting themselves as a special unit within the Force.  They take the money and mobile phones targeting mainly business areas in the Merkato area of the city. 

A statement that police shared on its social media page said there is no special watchers designation within its force. 

Unspecified amounts of cash and firearms that were used for the robbery are seized.  

From police reports, there could be more arrests if the investigation that is said to be underway reveals the involvement of more suspects. 

Merga Garuma _
Second suspect who used false identity as Merga Garuma (Photo : FP)

Police are treating it as an organised crime based on tips from the public. 

The two suspects that are in custody used “Bayissa Gemechu” and “Merga Garuma” in the fraudulent I.D. that is  used to carry out acts of robbery in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Their real names are not disclosed in the statement that police shared on social media. 

They were caught as they were carrying out crimes in the Yirga Haile locality of Mercato, according to Police. 

The Federal Police encouraged the public to report similar criminal acts with the numbers : +251115-52-63-03፣ +251115-52-40-77፣  +251115-54-36-78 እና  +251115-54-36-81. 

It has also three toll-free numbers 987, 991, and 816. 


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  1. Those are few that got caught. Adanch Abebe and Takele Uma have been using Kebels to issue to many thousand Oromos who never knew Addis Ababa. Unless and until a responsible and law abiding government replaces the Orommuma clans theft, lootings, massacre, violence and lawlessness will not stop.

    People must stand up for their rights and demand Abiy clan to Step Down! Then a new and fresh government where citizens have more right to kick out those who are not following the rule of law shall become the rule of the country.


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