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The United Arab Emirates poised to mediate Ethiopian Dam talk: report 

United Arab Emirates keen preparing to mediate GERD talks (between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan) which is said to take place in Abu Dhabi. Ethiopia has been advocating for African Solutions for African Problems

UAE Ethiopia _ Dam
Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (left) and Abiy Ahmed (right) (Photo : via Madote/file)


The United Arab Emirates is reportedly working on mediating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Talk (GERD) between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan. 

Based on a report from Wazema radio, which cited sources from the Emirates, the Gulf country is making preparations to mediate the talks between the three countries in the weeks to come. 

The United Arab Emirates is striving to make a “constructive role” in the GERD talk.  The  UAE aims to resolve points of disagreement regarding GERD, according to the source. 

As part of its preparation to mediate the talk, UAE has organised a team of technical experts. The Country’s Minister for African Affairs, Sheikh Shakhboot Bin Nahyan,  is said to be in charge of the mission to mediate the talk, which is expected to take place in Abu Dhabi.

The negotiation on GERD was happening under the auspices of the African Union with the aim of “African solutions for African Problem” after Ethiopia rejected the U.S. brokered talk which aimed at, as it became apparent later, benefiting Egypt at the expense of Ethiopia. 

Negotiation within the framework of AU had been going on for over a year but no agreement was reached. 

Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates have forged strong bilateral ties after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018.  PM Abiy Ahmed’s government has been receiving financial and military aid from the Emirates. 

Ethiopia has been advocating for the principle of African Solutions to African problems and it is unclear why Ethiopia agreed to a GERD talk that would take the matter out of Africa once again. 

The United Arab Emirates has investments worth billions of dollars. It is also said to have an interest in Sudan in relation to food security and investment in the agricultural section. 

Egypt and Sudan have been advancing positions that would compromise Ethiopia’s sovereign right to use water from the Nile (Abbay) over 85 percent of which originates from the Ethiopian Highlands. 

In July 2021, Ethiopia conducted the second phase of filling the reservoir of the dam despite disagreements from Egypt and Sudan. The  Ethiopians Dam currently has over 18 billion cubic metres of water and Ethiopia has started an early generation of power from the project with two turbines.  

The third round of filling the reservoir is expected to take place in July of this year.  

The Ethiopian government announced, last year, that over 85 percent of the project is completed.  Up on completion, the dam will hold over 74 billion cubic metres of water and will generate 5,250  MW of power 


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  1. Subject: “The United Arab Emirates poised to media Ethiopian Dam talk: report” June 6, 2022

    Humble Commentary
    Egypt’s attitude toward the overall subject matter is negative.
    Egypt has alway been negative based on its negative attitude towards the entire Black Africa, making itself superior to the Black Africans — as it call us “ABID”.

    With that ageless negative attitude toward Black African Race , there can never be rational relationship with Egypt.
    NEVER. The above mentioned media is simply artificial and no doubt the most experienced, independent, free African Country in the World — ETHIOPIA — is NOT going to be cajoled by hidden agenda. It is against its ancient glorious history.

  2. Why is the BBC writing on OLA and the OR changing their names to their localized ones? Bet. there is a second one coming. Egypt should stop arming the OLA because the GERD is going to be filled at any cost and Ethiopia will emerge out of the west-sponsored poverty once and for all. Kudo for the effort of UAE though

  3. I wish Brother H.E. Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan success in this blessed effort to bring the leaders in Al-Qahirah into a binding agreement regarding the GERD dam. The old country, that gem of the colored never done anything intentional just to harm its neighbors near and afar. For intents and purposes the dam is here already to stay without harming Sudan or Egypt. I am not saying just blindingly favoring my country of origin but all neutral and sensible experts have attested to that. All the best brother!!!

  4. Do not invite Middle East in Ethiopia’s Internal Affair
    Abiy is kissing up and begging UAE Mohamed bin Zayed for money when he should know his place. This out of place and out of mind Abiy Ahmed the Terrible that plays with both Christianity and Muslim religion is inviting unwanted and welcome Arab royals to mess up in Ethiopia’s internal affair.
    One of Abiy’s plot harassing the Orthodox Christians and trying to mess with the Muslim Ethiopians explains for the hidden hands of Middle East Arabs and Egypt. OPDO flag itself is direct copy of Arabs.


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