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Ethiopian Police service recognition event at Meskel Square 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed says reinforcing security institution foundation for peace and prosperity of Ethiopia 

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Police Force parade before Prime Minister Abiy and other dignitaries during the event organised at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa on June 5, 2022 ( Photo : ENA)


One of the HallMarks of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration is the rise in the number of public events. There was one such event at Meskel square. It signified recognition of the Federal Police Force for the services it has been providing, based on a report from state media – ENA. 

It happened months after a similar event was organised for the Ethiopian Defence Force during which many military commanders were promoted in recognition of service to reverse the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) invasion of the Afar and Amhara regions. 

The ceremony that was organised today at Meskel Square was also in a way a show of changes that the Federal Police has been going through due to institutional reform measures, including in the use of technology to deliver the service, Abiy Ahmed introduced. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abeiebie, Police Commissioner Demelash Gebremichal, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives were, among others, in attendance during the ceremony.  Some members of the diplomatic community have attended it too. 

“We are building institutions. We are building security institutions to protect Ethiopia from the forces that want to destroy Ethiopia. With the institutions we build, we will not only keep Ethiopia in peace but also serve as a foundation for the transition to prosperity so that we pass on a prosperous and peaceful Ethiopia to our children,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in his message. 

He also seized the occasion to remark about peace. “If we understand the value of peace, we would not enter into conflict. Because security institutions are foundations for peace, it is important to reinforce them,” he added. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s security forces have recently been mounting a crackdown on journalists and activists in the country.  Opposition parties and Human Rights Organisations in the country, including Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, have been criticising the massive arrests as unlawfully whose intentions are to restrict Press Freedom in the Country. 

At least 19 journalists had been thrown into jail in the past few weeks. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has not yet remarked on the U-turn like police on press freedom.

His government has also been indicted by some activists and opposition parties over police brutality.  The rise in the crime rates has been remarkable after Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018. 

It has reached a point where residents in major cities including Addis Ababa would not make it home peacefully. ENAT, an opposition party, last week said in a statement that people are being gunned down in broad daylight. 


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  1. Watching the video clip of the procession especially the motorcycle riders it reminds me of similar shows I used to enjoy in the 1960’s Al-Qahirah. Nasser and his handyman Hakim loved military parades. I tell you what. They were the masters of grandeur shows using their military. Acrobatic policemen on motorcycles were my favorite. Boy they were mind boggling. The main objective was not to entertain the public but to superpower wannabe Nasser that was his way of scaring Israel. He meant to tell Israel that with his acrobatic motorcyclists it would not have a chance. Fighter jets buzzing above? Forget about it!!! Then 1967 came along and Nasser’s indomitable lions suddenly turned into rabbits. In just half a day I may add. His entire fighter jet squad was wiped out before Nasser had his first bite at the breakfast table. The rumor in the hood(hafaas) was the pilots were having an all night orgy with their fresh imports from the Caucuses. Thank Almighty the old country does know acrobatics on motorcycles yet. You dig?


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