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Law enforcement in the Amhara region free from internal and external influence: Yilkal 

Yilkal Kefale ( Photo : ENA)


Yilkal Kefale, head of the Amhara region of Ethiopia, says the law enforcement operation in the region is free from internal and external influences. 

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), State media, cited him as saying that the operation is aimed at ensuring durable peace and security in the region, and has nothing to do with external pressure or conspiracy. 

He wants people in the region to understand the motive, “peace and security”, and provide support to law enforcement authorities in the region. 

More than 4500 individuals had been arrested in the region in the past two weeks. Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, who worked as  commander of the Amhara region special forces, is among those arrested in connection with the “law enforcement operation.” 

Most of those arrested as “suspects” of criminal activity are FANO members who volunteered during the campaign to reverse the TPLF invasion of the region between August and December 2021, according to activists and ethnic Amhara politicians. 

The regional government, on the other hand, claims that those arrested are criminal elements who had been operating under the guise of FANO, and that they are not “REAL FANO.” 

Regional authorities had been extensively criticised, as observed on multiple social media platforms, over the crackdown on FANO and freedom of expression. 

For many ethnic Amhara activists and many other activists who do not consider themselves as Amhara activists, the campaign is malicious and it is intended to weaken FANO amid Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) military preparation for another round of military campaign with the aim to take back Wolkait area of Gondar.


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  1. Without Yilkal Ziqyalew, Deacon Daniel, General Abebaw Altadesse, and Amhara APP sellouts, the Oromuma Abiy, Field Marshall Berhanu Jula and Shimeles Oromia Special Forces and Commandos would not have set their murderer’s foot in Amhara Zone, mercilessly murdering and abusing Amhara families, infants, toddlers, brothers, sisters, 80 year old women, and children.

    Those scandalous shameful sellout are the enemy of Amhara just like the Oromuma Shimeles, Abiy and the rest who hate “Ethiopia” and aimed their hate on Amharas by creating false historical narratives to convince and confuse Ormomos and other Ethiopians.
    In a name of law enforcement Abiy’s Oromuma regime is murdering and destroying Amhara livelihood.

    When Welloga is the wildest, barbaric, savage and violence ridden place and where it needs Law enforcement presence the Oromuma Abiy and Shimels Abdissa are creating havoc in Amhara region. Amhara region does not need Shimeles and Abiy’s help. Amhara region is known for peace and tranquility and the government is terrorizing and disturbing the peace.

    Amharas do not want the presence of Oromo Special Force in their region.

    Yilkal Ziqyalew get the guts to tell the Oromuma thugs and Abiy to take their murderers out of Amhara region. Give the responsivity to Amhara Special Forces to treat their citizens with care and justice that are well qualified and respected to take care of Amhara affairs.

    Amhara leaders stand out and get the guts to take the challenges you faced. Amharas do not need out siders to come in to their region to abuse them.

    Oromo Special Force for four years failed to quell down OLF and OLF Shene violence yet they are in Amhara zone when they are not welcome.

  2. Nobody believes the garbage that comes out of these decrepit and useless PP sycophants and lackeys of Abiy the impostor. Rewind back to 2018. The assessments of General Asaminew Tsige are on record. He talked about the need for a robust Amhara region security force that would ensure the rule of law in the area. General Asaminew correctly predicted that TPLF would be a security threat to the Amhara region in particular and Ethiopia in general. The drama queen Abiy supported by the sycophants in the then ADP and current so called Amhara PP claimed a non existent coup detat, very laughable because the suspects were doing the comical coup detat not while in Addis but some 500 km away from butcher King Abiy’s throne. Ah the stupidity!!!! Nobody asked questions, not the media, nothing critical, no convincing evidence was presented. The Oromia police who tried to present their case to the public on tv were ridiculously incoherent and illogical, After the assassination of General Asaminew, they presented a gun in his possession as evidence, duh he was a general, what was to be expected in his house, a handkerchief and crayon sets???? Imbeciles!!!!! At least try to be credible.

    The monopoly of violence is given exclusively to a government to ensure the safety, security and peace of a people. Has the Abiy regime kept the people of Ethiopia safe???? The answer is a RESOUNDING NO!!! 1) Burayu massacre, 2) Shashemene massacre, 3) the Bahri Dar massacre, 4) death of Engineer Simegnew 5) Ataye destruction and burning 5) Wollega massacre and on and on all occurred and are occur in on Abiy’s watch. This culminated in a war that started in one tiny region in Tigray and escalated and spread to epicenters of Ethiopian unity at Gonder, Afar and Wollo.

    The incompetent PM has no excuses anymore. It is his duty to keep the country and all citizens safe. The issue at hand is his abject failure to control the militant wing of his PP that somewhat overtly and covertly masquerades around him and the failed and now widely exposed Oromumma fanaticism and grandeur of illusion which he carries as an albatross around his neck day in day out 24-7. His credibility is down in the gutter.

    Abiy is an individual who has squandered his political capital, and exhausted the goodwill and support of hundreds of millions both inside the motherland and across the globe. He is what many call “yekesere poletikegna” or “the bankrupted politician”. His fall from grace has been sudden and precipitous. Every time he yaps around now, people just know he is blowing his trumpet hard but nothing pleasant or coherent comes out- just putrid hot air.

  3. Hi!

    Hating Abiy and his regime is one thing and putting the lives of the majority of Amharas at risk is another! I wonder whether naïve Amharas are shooting Amharas in the foot or The Enemy Within playing Amhara/Ethiopian Patriot to shove Amharas in harm’s way:

    1. The Barbarian TPLF has been wreaking havoc all over Ethiopia using agents it recruited over its 27-year looting-and-killing spree. When some Fannos open another war front on an already over-stretched Ethiopian Army, what exactly do Amharas win?

    2. More Amharas live in other Zones than in the Amhara Zone. Yet, most Amhara Ethnic Activists fuel inter-ethnic animosity 24/7. Doesn’t that subject the Amharas in other Zones to animosity & put their lives at risk? Would any Amhara-loving person do that?

    Ethiopia is being choked by its domestic and international enemies. Beware of The Enemy Within who pose as Ethiopian Patriots by wrapping themselves in the Ethiopian flag and flooding city streets waving the Ethiopian flag. Their goal is Ethiopia’s Demise.

    i_Mognu / don_Q


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