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Ethiopia arrested two vocal government critics 

Meskerem Abera _
Meskerem Abera


The Ethiopian government has kidnapped two more critics of the government in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Solomon Shumye, hosts current affairs talk show on his YouTube channel, was arrested on Friday and the government has not given any information about him yet. 

Solomon Shumye _ Ethiopian News
Solomon Shumye (SM)

On Saturday, Meskerem Abera, another vocal critic of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government, was reportedly “kidnapped” upon arrival at Bole International airport from a domestic flight. 

The incident is the third one in less than a week. 

About five days ago, former commander of Amhara special forces, General Tefera Mamo was abducted in the Yousef area of Addis Ababa and flown to Bahir Dar after detention in an undisclosed underground prison for two days. He appeared in court on Friday. 

No explanation is given why the government abducted Solomon Shumye and Meskerem Abera. 


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  1. Abiy and PP, if you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen, Ethiopians say in unison: Get out, beat it, get lost for good. Abiy and PP, if you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen, Ethiopians say in unison: Get out, beat it, get lost for good.

    Well the kitchen is getting hot, and it looks like Abiy, PP and OLF sycophants are not able stand the heat.To be honest 95 % of the heat comes from the hot gas of putrid hate and injustice the Abiy clique is bellowing out day in day out, the other5% comes from the demand from accountability by responsible citizens and critiques of the checkered and cursed regime of the fake pastor.

    The situation will only get worse. As the 5% demand for accountability shots up to 90%, the Abiy regime and legacy of his imbecilic PP with no standard,ethics and the rule of law will be incinerated to the dust bins of the bad, the ugly and the abominable of yesterday.

  2. I am glad to note governments (federal and regional) are finally taking aggressive actions to contain the rampant lawlessness under cover of protecting/advancing this or that ethnic groups’ interests, but underneath it all wanting to advance their own scheming of ascending to power for self aggrandizement cum enrichment.

  3. Abiy Ahmed is an in competent buffoon who childishly believes that through political intrigue, tribalism, nepotism, Oromumma fanaticism, bribery and corruption, he can rule Ethiopia. Time and after time, at the moment he opens his pie hole., nothing but ignorance and stupidity gush out. His and his Oromumma PP fanatics and sycophants now are being exposed as nothing but frauds. He may kill thousands, orchestrate the displacement of millions, imprison thousands of dissidents of his government whose loyalty are to the truth and their conscience, in the end Abiy will still remain as a tinpot depot with zero qualifications, 100% greed, incompetence, inferiority complex and lies and a complete failure. These are his cards on the table. Now his desperation and hopelessness are sown. He is terrified, fearful, sweating, panicking and is swapping left and right and back and front at anything and anyone, including his own shadow, that he delusively sees as a threat. Abiy has now proven to be a complete failure in the eyes of the majority of Ethiopians. The sycophants in his PP all are rejected by the majority of Ethiopians as well.

  4. The legacy of the Abiy Ahmed years is the death of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and the displacement of of millions never seen in Ethiopian history hitherto, and much larger than all the ones from Italo Abyssinian war of the 1930s, the Ethiopian Somali war of late 1960s-1970s, the derby massacre of 1970s- 1980s, the Ethiopian civil war of 1970s to 1990s, and the Ethiopian Eritrean war of 2000s COMBINED!!!! This Abiy entity is the grim ripper, Jack the Ripper, Stalin, Gragn Ahmed, Pinochet all in one. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!


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