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Eritrea says the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) planning a large scale invasion

Eritrea vows to defend its sovereignty in the face of TPLF’s new war 

Google map of Eritrea
Google map of Eritrea


Eritrea on Tuesday said the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is preparing for war. 

In an editorial statement issued in Tigrigna, the Ministry of Information of Eritrea said the TPLF is this time targeting Eritrea’s entire sovereign territory with the aim to subdue it. 

It also said that the TPLF plans to take control of the Wolkait and Humera areas, and open up access to Sudan. 

Destabilizing the entire Horn of Africa region is another aim that the TPLF is pursuing by way of launching a new war is also a goal that TPLF is pursuing, according to the Statement. 

The Eritrean government also noted that TPLF has been getting food, medicine, and gas in large quantities under the guise of humanitarian aid just before starting its war. 

Eritrea stressed that it has a legitimate right to defend its sovereignty and freedom.  

Soon after the TPLF attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in November 2020, it undertook rocket attacks against Eritrea but it did not last long as the TPLF was stripped of its capability to launch rocket attacks. 

Two cities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia were also targeted with rockets, Bahir Dar and Gondar. 

During a meeting with the European delegation about two weeks ago, Ethiopia announced that the TPLF has been engaged in massive military mobilisation including by way of forced conscription in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The TPLF however denied the accusation. 

In addition to Eritrea and the Federal government of Ethiopia, the Amhara region of Ethiopia issued a statement this week in which it said the TPLF is planning to invade the region again. It ordered the security forces in the region to be on standby. 

Following the Ethiopian government’s declaration of humanitarian truce, there has been a consistent flow of aid to the Tigray region. Hundreds of trucks that delivered aid to the region did not return. 

There is a speculation that they might have been diverted to aid TPLF’s war effort. 

A Reuters report this week seems to confirm that the TPLF is indeed engaged in forced conscription. 


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  1. If this is true that TPLF leaders are about to launch an all out military offensive on Eritrea and the areas near Tigray, then that goes contrary to what Secretary Blinken told Colbert on his show today. It is really getting more and more confusing. I was surprised to hear the secretary mentioning the conflict by including that specific region, Tigray. I am not sure even if Colbert knows the conflict by name as referenced by Secretary Blinken. He used that as one of the successes of the current administration in finding peaceful resolutions around the globe. And now this! What is going on out there? If war breaks out again even between the TPLF and Eritrea only it is going to be terrifyingly brutal, a bloodbath unseen in that part of the region. When it is over it will be one having the other erased and the survivor will be staggering around mortally wounded. It is reported that Debre and his group may have raised a fully armed and trained army of more than one million fighters. As ‘former’ deacons of Mao, number drives their war plans which is overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers and routing it. With the squabbling between opposing groups within the Amhara and Oromia regions Debre may find success in his war plan there. Nonetheless when all is said and done it will be the gullible youth who will carry the brunt of the bloodbath. That breaks my heart.

  2. The wars the TPLF has instigated have degraded its fighting power and the provocations and threats against Eritrea and Ethiopia are meant to attract international attentions. Of course, the TPLF propagandists say that they will fight until the last person in Tigray but war and famine torn Tigray will not afford the unlimited cannon fodder needed. The TPLF demand for cannon fodder is not sustainable. Exploiting famine and exposing the people to hardships may backfire.

  3. Here is the clip from Secretary Blinken interview on Colbert Show. I found it posted on YouTube. Forward to 01:47 and you can hear him telling Colbert about the truce. A truce agreed by warring factions in the presence of a third and powerful party is not something that can be invalidated by one or both parties on a whim. I don’t get it. I don’t understand all this war drums going on over that joint.

  4. Crime committed against innocent Tigrayans by the invading Ethiopian and Eritrean forces are too gross. Tigrayans resistance + win over all enemies are justified until it ensures there won’t be another Tigraygenocide.

  5. Crime committed against innocent Tigrayans by the invading Ethiopian and Eritrean forces are too gross. Tigrayans resistance + win over all enemies are justified until it ensures there won’t be another Tigraygenocide.

  6. Ethiopia is not invading Tigray. Tigray is part of Ethiopia. It’s like the US invading Texas. Tigray forces stated the war, killed thousands women and children in the Afar and Amhara regions. If you’re going to report, please report all sides. Don’t make Tigray the victims. We Ethiopians want peace. We don’t want to kill each other. It’s the western countries who are working hard to divide us. We’re just to stupid to see that we’re being used. We have lived perfectly for centuries now all of the sudden the past 50 years we’re killing each other. I don’t belive it’s a coincidence. That’s my opinion.


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