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Ethiopia’s parliament nodded to military cooperation with Turkey 

The second military force in NATO and thirteenth in the world, Turkey has its largest military base in Somalia

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Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representative on Tuesday approved bilateral agreements with the government of Turkey including a military one. 

The 7th regular session of the parliament looked into the framework of the military agreement and military finance corporation.  

The agreement between the two countries was signed in August 2021 when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Ankara.  

The issue was discussed in the parliament at a time when Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonen presented a nine monthly performance report to the parliament. 

Defence Engineering, exchange of intelligence information, logistic supply, health, information system, and cyber-attack prevention are the areas of cooperation included in the agreement, according to the report Ethiopian News Agency, state media. 

It is said that the agreement gives room for the exchange of materials, experts, and information and experience sharing. 

Furthermore, the agreement could make military training and education between the two countries possible, and Ethiopian Defence could also take part in military drills organized separately or jointly.  

Based on the agreement, and based on ENA’s report, Ethiopia could benefit from the agreement in terms of logistic support and human resources management. 

Turkey’s Defence Force is said to be the second-largest in NATO next to the United States of America. 

In recent years, Turkey’s political, cultural, and economic influence over Ethiopia has been growing. It is said to have well over $2billion investment in the country. 

Turkey has established its largest military base in neighbouring Somalia with a $50 million investment in 2017. 


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  1. “Ethiopia’s parliament nodded to military cooperation with Turkey
    May 17, 2022, borkena

    “military cooperation”???
    To do what?
    To fight against various Ethiopian political parties and groups !?!? Just a question, based on freedom of expression.
    Then the question arises: Who is fighting who!? Who is more “ETHIOPIAN” than the OTHER?!
    Ethiopia is facing the longest and deepest CLIFF on the UNIVERSE.
    Can the modern educated scholars, with a piece of paper of 9 by 11 inch size, make a difference in this curricula situation?
    One cant help going back to the memory of past history where gallant Emperors and Generals kept Ethiopia intact and passed it strong and admirable onto the next …… I don’t dare writing it …..generation. THE END


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